Warren Buffett : Analysis
Warren Buffett, already wearing Heinz's signature color.

Warren Buffett buys Heinz: Another big win for the Oracle of Omaha?

The billionaire investor's latest acquisition is a 144-year-old company whose stock has risen 17 percent in the last year

Warren Buffett : Best Video
Jay-Z congratulates a group of young entrepreneurs on their business decisions in an episode of Warren Buffett's web series "The Secret Millionaires Club."

Warren Buffett and Jay-Z's 'awesomely dorky' financial literacy cartoon

Buffett plays financial guru to entrepreneurial kids in the animated web series The Secret Millionaires Club — with a cameo from the hip-hop mogul

Warren Buffett : Opinion Brief
Warren Buffett says its time to start taxing the uber-rich, starting with him, to even out the "shared sacrifice" our leaders have asked of the American people.

Warren Buffett's divisive plea: 'Raise my taxes'

The world's third-richest man argues for tax increases for the wealthiest Americans in a New York Times op-ed titled, "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich"

Warren Buffett : Opinion Brief
Warren Buffet has maintained an "aura of integrity" that may be forever lost after insider trader allegations against his former lieutenant.

Is Warren Buffett's reputation 'tarnished'?

The Oracle of Omaha admits a "big mistake" in how he dealt with an ex-deputy snared in an insider trading scandal. Is Buffett's legacy forever changed?

Warren Buffett : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on 'Warren Buffett'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Warren Buffett : Forecast
Insider trading may have happened right under Warren Buffet's nose, and now his shareholders may want some answers from the octogenarian Oracle of Omaha.

Will shareholders turn on Warren Buffett?

The Oracle of Omaha's rock-solid reputation is shaken after his protege, David Sokol, resigns under a cloud of suspicion

Warren Buffett : Opinion Brief
In a New York Times op-ed piece this Wednesday, Warren Buffet says the bailouts were "remarkably effective."

Warren Buffett's 'bizarre' thank-you note to Uncle Sam

According to the investment guru, Americans owe the government gratitude for the bailouts. Has Buffett failed to notice the jobless rate?

Warren Buffett : Instant Guide
Warren Buffet has hired 39-year-old Todd Combs, who is credited with avoiding Lehman Brothers and other financial "land mines."

Todd Combs: Has Warren Buffett found his heir?

The legendary Buffett has hired an obscure Connecticut hedge fund manager. Can the new guy ever really replace the Oracle of Omaha?

Warren Buffett : By the numbers
Warren Buffett: Giving away a sizable chunk of his fortune.

Warren Buffett's billionaire donors club: By the numbers

Buffett has teamed up with Bill Gates to convince 40 billionaires (so far) to give half their fortunes away to charity. A look at the numbers behind the "Giving Pledge"

Warren Buffett : Fact Sheet
Warren Buffett wants other billionaires to spread the wealth.

Pay up, billionaires: Buffett and Gates' charity pressure tactics

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are challenging their fellow billionaires to commit to giving away half their money. Will anybody go along?

Warren Buffett : Opinion Brief
Warren Buffett takes the term "rock star investor" literally

Is Warren Buffett's 'Geico' ad funny or pathetic?

Legendary investment guru Warren Buffett, 79, rocks out in a new Geico commercial — for better or worse

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