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Alan Moore may not be your typical college football player, but still, the 61-year-old impressed his young Faulkner University teammates by kicking an extra point during a game Saturday.

The 61-year-old college football player

A Vietnam vet and grandfather of five is kicking — and scoring — for the Faulkner University Eagles

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Serena Williams may be the brightest star of women's tennis, but the sport needs the adrenalin injection of a new star soon, says Megan Greenwell in Good.

Why tennis needs another Serena Williams

The Williams sisters have their detractors, says Megan Greenwell in GOOD, but female athletes everywhere owe them a debt of gratitude — and need a successor quick

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Tennis superstar Venus Williams dropped out of the U.S. Open this week due to an autoimmune disease that affects four million Americans.

Venus Williams: What is Sjögren's syndrome?

A concise guide to the incurable autoimmune disease that afflicts the tennis superstar — and some 4 million other Americans

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Members of the Los Angeles Dodgers high five after a winning game this summer: A fellow Dodgers player invented the congratulatory gesture 34 years ago.

The birth of the high five

Who invented the celebratory gesture? A baseball player who was later shunned by the sport, says Jon Mooallem

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Two daredevils cling to the side of a train in Mumbai as it speeds out of the station, letting their feet glide along the cement as if they're riding a wave.

'Train surfing': India's 'perilous' new sport

A group of adrenaline junkies in Mumbai amazes the world with some dangerous high-speed acrobatics

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NASCAR driver Kyle Busch's license was suspended, but that doesn't mean he has to stop racing.

Irony alert: NASCAR driver's license suspended for speeding  

But at least he can still get behind the wheel of his race car… wait, what?  

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University of Tennessee Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt during a 2009 game: The revered basketball coach announced her dementia diagnosis Tuesday, but insisted that she won't leave the bench.

Pat Summitt's dementia: How will it affect the Lady Vols?

Despite her startling diagnosis, the legendary coach promises to stick with the Tennessee basketball squad she's led into the history books

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Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers do the wave without censure: Rangers fans aren't so lucky.

The Texas Rangers' 'eye-rollingly silly' movement to ban the Wave

Signs posted around the baseball team's ballpark read, "Any children doing the Wave will be sold to the circus" — what's going on here?              

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The U.S. Women's soccer team goalie, Hope Solo, kicked some major butt during the Women's World Cup and now she might be showing off some butt as well.

Should Hope Solo pose nude?

The U.S. Women's Team star goalkeeper will reportedly appear nude in ESPN the Magazine's 'Body Issue.' Will her naked assets detract from her prowess on the pitch?

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A player celebrates after stealing second base during last year's Little League World Series Championship game: But too often, the stress of the game is too much for these prepubescents, says Bill Plaschke at the Los Angeles Times.

Little League on TV: 'The worst sort of reality television'

Televising the Little League World Series exploits the emotional fragility of the game's pubescent athletes, says Bill Plaschke at The Los Angeles Times

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Leonel Angel Coira, 7, has a one-year renewable contract with the prestigious Real Madrid soccer club.

A 7-year-old soccer phenom: Too young for a professional contract?

Many sports fans are horrified as pro teams sign up ever-younger child stars

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Julio Lugo (left) of the Atlanta Braves scores the controversial game-winning run in the 19th inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates Tuesday night.

The worst call in baseball history?

A marathon Atlanta Braves–Pittsburgh Pirates game ended controversially after 19 innings of play — and an umpire's seriously questionable call

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Shannon Boxx of the United States sprints past Kozue Ando of Japan during the Women's World Cup final: Though the American squad lost, their gutsy performance still triggered American pride.

5 lessons from the U.S. women's 'inspiring' World Cup run

The American squad faltered with a loss in Sunday's final, but their performance also proved just how far women's soccer has come

Sports : Opinion Brief
Abby Wambach of the U.S. women's soccer team after their World Cup loss to Japan: The American squad's dramatic tournament run ended in heartbreak Sunday.

The U.S. women's 'heartbreaking' World Cup collapse

Team USA dominated soccer's World Cup final, but not enough to beat a resilient Japan. Just how bad was this disappointing loss?

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Roger Clemens signs a baseball outside the courthouse, after his case was declared a mistrial Thursday.

The Roger Clemens mistrial: What happened?

One of baseball's greatest pitchers was accused of lying to Congress about performance-enhancing drugs, but prosecutors botched the trial after just two days

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Abby Wambach celebrates after her goal Wednesday against France: The team captain is tough and fearless, and was a big part of the American team making it to the World Cup finals.

Why the U.S. women's soccer team is so good: 7 theories

The national squad has made it to the World Cup finals, thanks to Pia Sundhage, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, and a "never-say-die" attitude 

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