Sports : Opinion Brief
Professional female badminton players wear shorts during a 2011 tournament in Malaysia: The Badminton World Federation will force elite-level women to wear skirts and dresses.

Should female badminton players be forced to wear skirts?

The Badminton World Federation's new dress code is eliciting outrage — and accusations of sexism

Sports : Opinion Brief
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah yelled an anti-gay slur at a fan on Sunday, after a week of prominent sports figures, including Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash, publicly supporting gay rights.

Can the sports world conquer homophobia?

In the last week, three prominent sports figures announced they are gay — even as anti-gay slurs from players on the court made headlines, too

Sports : Analysis
Tyler Hamilton, a longtime teammate and confidant of Lance Armstrong's, says he witnessed the Tour de France winner using performance-enhancing drugs.

The 'damning' Lance Armstrong exposé on 60 Minutes

A former teammate says the seven-time Tour de France champ developed an intricate system to secretly use performance-enhancing drugs

Sports : Essay
In 1964 Cassius Clay, a.k.a. Muhammad Ali, was a 22-year-old underdog, on the verge of becoming a champion, and one writer was there to capture it all.

A different kind of sports hero

When Muhammad Ali burst onto the scene, says Robert Lipsyte, no one knew what to make of him

Sports : Fact Sheet
Professional golfer Michael Sim shows his frustration after a poor shot: The Polara Ultimate Straight "self-correcting" ball promises golfers that their balls will fly straight... but it's outlawed by the U.S.G.A.

The 'miracle' golf ball that won't slice

A new golf ball is specially engineered to fly straight. The only thing wrong with this golfer's dream: It's "completely illegal"

Sports : Opinion Brief
Manny Pacquiao, one of boxing's biggest draws, will fight "Sugar" Shane Mosely Saturday, in a pay-per-view fight that insiders hope will push the sport back into the mainstream.

Pacquiao-Mosley: Can boxing stage a comeback?

The welterweight title is on the line Saturday. And with a "revolutionary" new TV deal, the sport's future could be on the line, too

Sports : Slideshow
Kentucky Derby hopeful Mucho Macho Man takes a practice run around the track at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Ky.; he will join 19 the horses for the coveted title this weekend.

All the pretty horses: A photo guide to the Kentucky Derby lineup

The legendary race runs this weekened. Check out the competition

Sports : Opinion Brief
Uncle Mo is ranked among the fastest of this year's Kentucky Derby horses, which may not be saying much given the field's overall sluggishness.

The slowest Kentucky Derby field in 20 years: 5 theories

Horseracing insiders are wringing their hands over this year's mediocre ponies. What's to blame for this slow-hoofed crew?

Sports : Essay
July 14, 1941: Joe DiMaggio hits in his 53rd straight game, against the Chicago White Sox; his record streak lasted only three more games.

Joe DiMaggio: The end of the streak

Seventy summers ago, Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games. This is the story of the 57th

Sports : Opinion Brief
Dodgers owner Frank McCourt recently took out a $30 million loan to keep his baseball team afloat.

Major League Baseball's 'extraordinary' takeover of the L.A. Dodgers

Citing owner incompetence, commissioner Bud Selig essentially seizes the storied franchise. Is this justified?

Sports : Best Column
Barry Bonds hits his career home run #756 in 2007: Though baseball's home run king is suspected of steroid use, he still belongs in the Hall of Fame, says Alva Noe at NPR.

Why Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall of Fame

When it comes to honoring baseball's best, says Alva Noe at NPR, voters shouldn't focus on suspected steroid use — or any other single data point

Sports : Opinion Brief
Kobe Bryant apologized for using an anti-gay insult, and was fined $100,000 by the NBA. But critics say, as a role model, the basketball superstar should be punished even more for his insensitivity.

Should the NBA have fined Kobe Bryant for using an anti-gay slur?

The Lakers star is hit with a $100,000 penalty for hurling an epithet at a referee

Sports : Opinion Brief
David Beckham says that kicking soccer balls into the three trash cans seen in the distance is easier than just getting one. And if you believe the video, he's right.

Did David Beckham fake his Pepsi ad soccer stunt?

The British sports icon is famous for scoring goals from unlikely positions on the field. But is he this scarily accurate?

Sports : Opinion Brief
Barry Bonds was found guilty of just one count of obstruction of justice on Wednesday, and will likely not serve any jail time.

The Barry Bonds conviction: What does it mean?

Baseball's polarizing home-run king is guilty of obstructing justice during the feds' steroid probe — but beats the rap on more serious perjury charges

Sports : Best Column
Americans are still uncomfortable with powerful, wealthy black men, and the ongoing Barry Bonds prosecution proves it, says William Rhoden at The New York Times.

The role of race in Barry Bonds' prosecution

Why has the government spent millions of dollars in its dogged pursuit of baseball's home run king? In large part, because of his skin color, says William Rhoden at The New York Times

Sports : By the numbers
With at least nine more games to play this season, Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi has already tied the Spanish record of 47 goals scored in a single season.

Lionel Messi, soccer's 23-year-old great: By the numbers

The diminutive Argentine is already considered the best player in the world. Here's a statistical look at just how good he is

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