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Planned Parenthood Under Fire

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Teens are seeking out free birth control, counseling, and STD screening at a Planned Parenthood clinic on campus at a Los Angeles high school.

Should Planned Parenthood be allowed in schools?

The family planning organization opens a first-of-its-kind clinic at a Los Angeles high school, and anti-abortion activists are furious

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Instant Guide
Bob Dold speaks at a rally for Illinois Republicans in October 2010: Dold, who has introduced a bill to make sure that Planned Parenthood keeps its funding, has been called something of a "unicorn" in the GOP.

The Republican trying to save Planned Parenthood

Meet Rep. Bob Dold, an Illinois Republican who wants to keep taxpayer dollars trickling to the women's health organization the GOP loves to hate. Is he for real?

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Burning Question
A Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul, Minn.: A series of unusually similar visits to clinics in at least 11 states has the organization concerned that an anti-abortion sting is afoot.

Are anti-abortion activists framing Planned Parenthood?

Clinics in about a dozen states are being visited by suspiciously similar women seeking an oddly specific type of abortion. Is there a "gotcha" coming?

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Controversy
In April 2011, a college student protests in Washington, D.C.: In Texas, more than a dozen Planned Parenthood clinics closed last year.

Does defunding Planned Parenthood hurt women's health?

Texas Republicans say they're working to stop abortions — but they also may be forcing the closure of clinics that low-income women count on

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Fact Sheet
The "Here's Hope Breast Cancer Bible" sold at Walmart and other stores was pulled by its publisher as complaints over the foundation's connection to Planned Parenthood surfaced.

Planned Parenthood and the pink Bibles controversy

A Christian publisher pulls its Breast Cancer Awareness Bible after anti-abortion bloggers complained about where the money raised by the project was going

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Planned Parenthood supporters rally outside a clinic: While many states have tried to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding, Indiana is the first state to actually do so.

Indiana's controversial defunding of Planned Parenthood

The state becomes the first to deny Medicaid money for family planning services to any group that offers abortions. Will the new law hold up in court?

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on 'Planned Parenthood'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Analysis
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) erased his exaggerated comments about Planned Parenthood from the congressional record, but that doesn't mean they'll be forgotten anytime soon.

Should Jon Kyl get to erase his 'Planned Parenthood lies'?

The Arizona Republican wildly exaggerated the family planning group's abortion record. Now he's striking his statement from the congressional record

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Planned Parenthood supporters rally for federal funding on Capitol Hill Thursday: Democrats say the GOP's insistence that Planned Parenthood lose its federal funding has stalled budget talks.

Will Republicans shut down the government over Planned Parenthood?

Harry Reid says budget talks are stuck on the GOP's stubborn insistence that federal funding for Planned Parenthood be scrapped

Planned Parenthood Under Fire : Burning Question
Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) says he will not support House Republicans' plan to strip all of Planned Parenthood's federal funding.

Can Republican Scott Brown save Planned Parenthood?

The Massachusetts senator joins two GOP colleagues in opposing a House bid to strip federal funding from the family-planning group

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