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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney's Jeep ad: "Brazenly false," says Politifact.

Was Mitt Romney's Jeep ad really the 'lie of the year'?

Politifact shames the "brazenly false" commercial as 2012's biggest whopper

The Romney Campaign
The day after Thanksgiving, Mitt Romney looked loving, yet surprisingly disheveled, in a photo he posted of himself and his wife Ann on his Facebook page.

Ann Romney's tears and other revelations from Mitt Romney's post-election life

The defeated Republican candidate is reportedly not bitter, but some accounts suggest that he and his wife are struggling with defeat

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney gives a (hastily prepared) concession speech on election night.

The embarrassing internal GOP polling that showed Mitt Romney winning the election

The former governor could be forgiven for assuming the presidency was in his grasp — his own polling was way off the mark

The Romney Campaign
Political Wire's Taegan Goddard captured screenshots of Mitt Romney's presidential transition website before it disappeared from the internet.

Uncovered: Mitt Romney's presidential transition website

Someone goofed up and briefly displayed the official website of President-elect Mitt Romney. What does this peek tell us about a presidency that will never be?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney has now suffered through two failed presidential campaigns. Maybe it's time for a break from public life.

What should Mitt Romney do next?

Tuesday's big loss was almost surely Mitt Romney's last shot at elected office. So... what now?

The Romney Campaign
Had Mitt Romney chosen Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as his running mate, he might have had a better chance of winning the coveted Buckeye State, according to some armchair quarterbacks.

Second-guessing Mitt Romney: 7 things he should have done differently

Romney must now undergo the cruel ritual that befalls every losing presidential candidate — pundits lecturing you about where you went astray

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney could be the first Republican to win the White House without winning Ohio — if he can flip Pennsylvania.

Everything you need to know about Mitt Romney's paths to electoral victory

Romney has 76 distinct ways to win the presidency, according to The New York Times. A look at what you should watch for Tuesday as the results come in

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney will reconcile our divided Congress and "employ a results-oriented approach" to creating jobs and taming big government, argues the Detroit News.

The case for Mitt Romney

Why voters should choose the Republican ticket

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney is making one last play for Pennsylvania, a state that has been relatively free of the torrent of election advertising.

Why Mitt Romney thinks he can win true-blue Pennsylvania

The GOP candidate is making a late push into a state that has gone Democratic in every presidential election of the past 20 years

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Fla.: After the long campaign, voters still haven't gotten a full look at Romney's tax returns.

Did Mitt Romney get away with keeping his tax returns secret?

The campaign is almost over and the public still knows next to nothing about the GOP candidate's immense fortune

The Romney Campaign
President Obama is greeted by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in October 2012, as the president traveled through the Sandy-ravaged state.

Did Chris Christie destroy Mitt Romney's new message of bipartisanship?

In the final days of the race, Romney is stressing his bipartisan credentials. But Christie's embrace of President Obama is proof that Obama can work across the aisle

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks in Tampa, Fla.: Romney is airing new radio ads claiming President Obama's auto bailout sent jobs overseas to China.

Will Mitt Romney's grossly misleading Jeep-to-China ads help him win?

Critics have slammed Romney for claiming the bailout destroyed U.S. jobs and created employment overseas. So why is he sticking to the claim?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney campaigns in Pennsylvania on July 17: The Republican nominee is making one last push in the traditionally blue state.

Is Mitt Romney making inroads into blue states?

Team Romney is buying ads in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Mexico — states President Obama is counting on for re-election

The Romney Campaign
"If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics," says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, "then you don't know me."

Hurricane Sandy: Is Chris Christie throwing Mitt Romney under the bus?

The Republican governor of New Jersey has been a high-profile Romney backer on the campaign trail, but he's full of praise for Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

The Romney Campaign
If Mitt Romney wins, says David Brooks at The New York Times, he'll govern like a moderate, win the support of Senate Democrats and House Republicans, and — voila! — achieve bipartisanship.

Mitt Romney's flip-flopping: The key to a bipartisan D.C.?

The Obama campaign says the GOP candidate lacks core convictions. But that may be Romney's biggest asset, says David Brooks at The New York Times

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney sits on his campaign bus on Oct. 29 en route to a rally in Avon Lake, Ohio: The Republican presidential nominee canceled his campaign events Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandy.

3 ways Hurricane Sandy complicates Mitt Romney's path to victory

Mitt Romney is rewriting his itinerary for the final days of the campaign thanks to the storm's rampage. Will that hurt his chances?

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