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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney's undisclosed tax returns have become a focal point for Democrats who see it as an Achilles heel for the GOP candidate.

5 reasons the Mitt Romney tax controversy won't go away

The GOP candidate's attempts to move on haven't quieted calls for him to release more tax records. Here's why he may have no choice

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks at an Ohio campaign event on July 18: A theory being tossed around to explain why the GOP candidate still refuses to release tax returns before 2010 is that his finances were so hurt after the 2008 economic collapse that he paid no taxes in 2009.

Did Mitt Romney pay any taxes in 2009?

Romney's refusal to release tax returns prior to 2010 has both parties thinking he has something to hide. One theory is that he didn't pay a penny in taxes in 2009

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney is reportedly going on the offensive, dredging up President Obama's druggy past and shining a spotlight on his ties to questionable characters.

Is it a good idea for Mitt Romney to 'take the gloves off'?

The GOP challenger seems ready to fight dirty, with plans to remind voters of Obama's college drug use and his ties to jailed former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney will only release his two most recent tax returns, leading some to speculate the presumptive nominee is hiding his wealth, an exceptionally low tax rate, or worse.

Why Mitt Romney won't release his tax returns: 6 theories

Romney digs in his heels even as some Republicans say it's time for him to give the public a better look at his personal finances

The Romney Campaign
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: Mitt Romney's worst week ever

Bain discrepancies, tax questions, NAACP booing, hanging with the Bushies — it seems like nothing is going right for the GOP presidential standard bearer

The Romney Campaign
Team Romney's new ad closes with the words: "Obama's dishonest campaign: Another reason America has lost confidence in Barack Obama."

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'No Evidence'

Team Romney's new spot calls Obama's attack ads dishonest, just as a flurry of reports suggest the Republican was dishonest about his private-sector record

The Romney Campaign
If the response to Mitt Romney's speech at the NAACP on July 11 is any indication, the GOP nominee is struggling to woo the minority voters he so desperately needs.

Can Mitt Romney win without winning over minority voters?

President Obama's GOP challenger is trying to lure blacks and Hispanics to his side; without them, he could very well lose his bid for the White House

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney needs to get out more and test his ability to respond to unexpected questions or comments, says Jill Lawrence at National Journal. 

5 ways Mitt Romney can rescue his campaign

Romney has hit a bit of a rough patch in his campaign, most recently being booed at an NAACP conference. Here's how he might get back on track

The Romney Campaign
When Mitt Romney vowed to repeal ObamaCare while speaking to a black audience in Houston, the GOP presidential candidate was slammed with a volley of boos.

Mitt Romney gets booed: Was speaking to the NAACP a mistake?

The GOP candidate tries to cozy up to black voters, but gets drowned out by a chorus of hisses and boos

The Romney Campaign
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: The Europe Mitt Romney wants to visit is a figment of his imagination

In the Republican's view, the EU is packed with socialist boondoggles that Obama foolishly wants to emulate. Mitt is about to get a major wake-up call

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney arrives in Idaho on March 1, 2012: After campaigning all across the country, the GOP nominee is reportedly going to venture overseas to prove his foreign policy chops.

Mitt Romney's foreign policy tour: Can he repeat Obama's '08 success?

The GOP presidential candidate is reportedly planning an overseas trip to broaden his appeal. Will he pass the commander-in-chief test?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney's campaign, which scored $100 million in June, also outraised President Obama in May, taking in $77 million compared with $60 million from Team Obama.

Mitt Romney raises $100 million in June: Should Obama be worried?

The presumptive Republican nominee scores a record-obliterating donation haul, out-earning President Obama's increasingly vulnerable campaign

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney has been getting an earful from Beltway conservatives, but polls still show that 78 percent of GOP voters have a favorable view of their presidential candidate.

Is Mitt Romney's honeymoon with conservatives already over?

It's been a brutal week for Romney in the conservative media, suggesting that Republicans are sick of their candidate's vagueness and health care fumbles

The Romney Campaign
Mitt and Ann Romney may have considerable assets the public is unaware of, thanks to offshore funds and profits that don't have to be reported in state and federal ethics filings.

Mitt Romney's offshore assets: Campaign liability?

Two recent journalistic investigations suggest that the GOP presidential hopeful's massive fortune might be even bigger than people think

The Romney Campaign
As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney imposed an individual mandate under his health care law — including a tax penalty — before Obama did.

The ObamaCare ruling: Is Mitt Romney caught in a tax trap?

The GOP candidate is attacking the individual mandate outlined under President Obama's health care law, while defending the one he pushed through in Massachusetts

The Romney Campaign
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) may not be eager to answer questions about whether RomneyCare's individual mandate is effectively a tax, just like ObamaCare's.

Have Republicans abandoned Mitt Romney on health care?

Romney and his party haven't quite gotten their stories straight since the Supreme Court's ObamaCare ruling, splitting over whether the individual mandate is a tax

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