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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney clung to the conservative media's Benghazi critique that President Obama delayed calling it an "act of terror."

Mitt Romney's Benghazi flub: Is the conservative media to blame?

Conservative outlets have ignored some of President Obama's statements about Benghazi, possibly laying a trap for the GOP candidate

The Romney Campaign
Among Mitt Romney's debating errors, according to MSNBC's resident conservative, Joe Scarborough: "You don't run over the president of the United States, whether that president's a Republican or whether that president is a Democrat."

The second presidential debate: 3 stylistic tics that hurt Mitt Romney

Squabbling about the rules rarely wins points from the punditry

The Romney Campaign
When filling cabinet jobs as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney considered not just one woman, but "binders full of women."

Mitt Romney's 'binders full of women': The fallout

The internet is giddy over Romney's rather odd phrase about his record on gender equality in the workplace. Will it harm his campaign?

The Romney Campaign
"The plan that is central to Romney’s candidacy on the most important issue of this election — jobs — is a complete sham," argues The Washington Post's Greg Sargent.

Is Mitt Romney's jobs plan a sham?

Critics say the 12 million jobs Romney promises to create may well appear regardless of whether he or President Obama wins in November

The Romney Campaign
Supporters of Mitt Romney cheer during a rally in Port St. Lucie, Fla. on Oct. 7.

Why women are warming up to Mitt Romney

The gender gap was supposed to be one of Obama's big advantages, but a new poll says Romney has pulled even among female voters in swing states

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks at a town square rally in Lancaster, Ohio, on Oct. 12: Romney has held dozens of town hall events during his long campaign for the presidency.

5 ways Mitt Romney can win Tuesday's debate

Romney handily won Round 1 against President Obama, but he can't simply rest on his laurels to be victorious the second time around

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign in Lancaster, Ohio, on Oct. 12: It's possible that the Republican nominee could win the White House without Ohio, but key pieces would need to fall into place.

How Mitt Romney can win without Ohio

No GOP candidate has won the presidency without the Buckeye State. Could Romney be the first?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney is flooding the airwaves in states like Ohio with TV ads that come in rapid succession, at all hours, and cover everything from jobs to trust.

Will Mitt Romney's latest ad blitz bury Obama?

Team Romney is flooding the airwaves in battleground states in a last-minute push to overtake the incumbent

The Romney Campaign
The rallying cry used by the Dillon Panthers in Friday Night Lights has been co-opted in photos on Mitt Romney's Facebook page.

Is Mitt Romney plagiarizing Friday Night Lights?

The author of the popular book endorses the GOP presidential nominee. The TV show's creator subsequently filets Mitt as an unethical slogan thief

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney and his wife Ann campaign in Apopka, Fla., on Oct. 6: According to new polling data, Romney is a mere one point behind Obama in the Sunshine State.

Is Mitt Romney taking over in key swing states?

Fresh polls show a post-debate bounce in several battlegrounds, mirroring Mitt's impressive improvement nationwide

The Romney Campaign
Supporters of President Obama are tagging Mitt Romney as a liar, but don't most candidates bend the truth?

The Obama campaign calls Mitt Romney a liar: Out of line?

Obama's top advisers have busted out the L-word several times since the presidential debate

The Romney Campaign
In Van Meter, Iowa, Mitt Romney tells the story of having met former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty at a Christmas party. Doherty was killed in the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi.

Is Mitt Romney exploiting the death of a former Navy SEAL?

The mother of an American killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi objects when the Republican tells the story of how he once met her son

The Romney Campaign
A screen-grab from Mitt Romney's Favorite Things Auto-Tuned, which makes hay of the candidate's professed ardor for "lakes."

The best Mitt Romney parody videos

Tweaking his hair, his horse, even his children, parodists have found plenty of ways to poke fun at Romney during the 2012 election season

The Romney Campaign
"There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda," Mitt Romney said this week.

Did Mitt Romney flip his stance on abortion — again?

The GOP candidate tells The Des Moines Register that limiting abortion would not be part of his agenda, which seems to contradict his past statements

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks during a victory rally at Pier Park on Oct. 5 in St Petersburg, Fla.: Republicans are cheering Romney's move to the center, not because they necessarily agree with his views, but probably because he seems to be gaining an edge over Obama.

5 reasons why conservatives are cheering for 'Moderate Mitt'

After years of purging RINOs and enforcing conservative purity pledges, why has the Right embraced Mitt Romney's dash toward the political center?

The Romney Campaign
With the help of a much-praised debate performance, Mitt Romney may have finally found his winning stride, taking the lead in multiple national polls.

Will Mitt Romney take the lead in Ohio, too?

The GOP nominee leaps ahead in Pew's latest national poll. But it could be all for naught if he can't seal the deal in the Buckeye State

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