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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
During a foreign policy speech on Oct. 8, Mitt Romney derided President Obama for having weakened America on the international stage.

Mitt Romney's aggressive foreign policy push: Big mistake?

Team Obama pushes back hard against Romney's speech on international affairs, calling the Republican's tough talk "erratic, unsteady, and irresponsible"

The Romney Campaign
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: Mitt Romney's vapid, misleading foreign policy speech

Obama has made some big international mistakes, but Romney seems incapable of honestly critiquing them

The Romney Campaign
"It is the responsibility of our President to use America's great power to shape history — not to lead from behind," said Mitt Romney during an Oct. 8 speech on foreign policy.

Mitt Romney's 'peace-through-strength' foreign policy speech: 4 takeaways

The GOP presidential nominee says President Obama has projected a weak image abroad. But would Romney do things any differently?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney greets supporters during a rally in Port St. Lucie, Fla., on Oct. 7: The Republican presidential candidate is reveling in a post-debate polling surge.

Will Mitt Romney's post-debate bounce last?

Romney erases President Obama's lead, but over the next four weeks the GOP nominee will have to work hard to keep the momentum going

The Romney Campaign
A video screen grab from the start of the first presidential debate shows Mitt Romney placing a flat, white object, pulled from his pants pocket, onto his podium.

Hankygate: Did Romney use cheat notes in the debate?

The liberal blogosphere latches onto a video showing Mitt Romney putting something flat and white onto his podium before he debates President Obama. A cheat sheet, or just a hanky?

The Romney Campaign
A protester dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street holds a sign that reads "Cut Big Oil Not PBS" as Mitt Romney's motorcade drives through Abingdon, Va., on Oct. 5.

How the 'fire Big Bird' meme could hurt Mitt Romney

Yes, the consensus is that Romney won the debate. But what if all anyone remembers from that night is that he declared war on Sesame Street?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney tries to wipe the slate clean by admitting in an interview with Sean Hannity that his 47 percent insult was "just completely wrong."

Mitt Romney backtracks on the '47 percent': Is he in the clear?

The GOP nominee finally concedes that he was "just completely wrong" to write off half the country as lazy moochers

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney vows to slash income-tax rates for all Americans, but critics say his math just doesn't add up.

What is Mitt Romney's tax plan?

Obama charges that his GOP rival's proposals would benefit the rich, hurt the middle class, and increase the deficit. Nonsense, says Romney. Who's right?

The Romney Campaign
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Why the culture war is crushing Mitt Romney

The GOP nominee has been tasked with espousing a party platform chock full of fringe social issues that are endangering his bid for the White House

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney trails in the polls — but it might not be his fault.

Is the GOP brand dragging down Mitt Romney?

Polls show that many voters aren't buying what Republicans are selling

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney reportedly has some scripted zingers up his sleeve for 2012's first presidential debate, but "viewers are likely to see through the artifice," says one pundit.

Should Mitt Romney avoid zingers at the presidential debate?

The GOP candidate has reportedly memorized a few bon mots for tonight's big debate, but some doubt whether they'll be as devastating as Team Romney hopes

The Romney Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: How Mitt Romney can win the debates

Despite the media's many premature post mortems, the presidential race is actually still quite close

The Romney Campaign
Immigration activists protest outside The Grand America in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Mitt Romney holds a campaign event on Sept. 18.

Is Mitt Romney softening his stance on illegal immigration?

The GOP nominee who once advocated "self-deportation" suggests that he'd let many young illegal immigrants stay in the country for years

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney's latest attack ad against Obama repeatedly employs this image of the president embracing Nancy Pelosi.

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'Already has'

The Romney campaign says Obama has already raised taxes — just a few weeks after Romney said that's the "one thing" Obama hasn't done

The Romney Campaign
In an op-ed, Mitt Romney uses the attack on the American consulate in Libya to allege that President Obama's foreign-policy record is shaky.

Romney pivots to foreign policy ahead of debates

Team Romney sees an opening in Obama's handling of the Libya crisis, but pundits question the wisdom of a renewed focus on international affairs

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks during a rally at Valley Forge Military Academy and College on Sept. 28: Just two days away from his first presidential debate against President Obama, Romney reportedly has memorized some stinging retorts to lob at Obama.

6 ways Mitt Romney can win the first presidential debate

Romney is getting lots of unsolicited advice on how to beat President Obama in the crucial first debate on Wednesday. A look at the most useful tidbits

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