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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
Actress Jane Edith Wilson attends the Janeane From Des Moines premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 7: Wilson stars in the new mockumentary, which features unwitting cameos from 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls.

Janeane from Des Moines: The mockumentary that ensnared Mitt Romney

An actress with Iowa roots returns to meet, greet, and deceive the 2012 presidential candidates before the Iowa caucuses

The Romney Campaign
This campaign mailer sent to some voters in Virginia warns: "It's a disease that begins from a small bug. But Lyme Disease has quickly become the most common vector-borne disease in the United States."

Mitt Romney's strategy to win Virginia: Lyme Disease?

The GOP candidate ignores big-ticket issues in a campaign mailer about ticks

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks during a Veterans for Romney event in Springfield, Virginia, on Sept. 27: One of the candidate's economic advisers expressed some doubt this week that Romney could make good on all of his tax promises.

Will Mitt Romney abandon his tax-cut plan?

The Republican wants to slash tax rates for everyone without increasing deficits. But at least one member of his economic team isn't sure it can be done

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan greet supporters at a NASCAR Technical Institute rally on Aug. 12 in North Carolina: The Republican ticket still has a big lead among white voters.

Will white men save Mitt Romney?

The GOP candidate is lagging behind among women and minorities. His big lead over Obama among middle-class whites, however, is keeping the race close

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney arrives at a campaign rally at SeaGate Convention Center on Sept. 26 in Toledo, Ohio: Romney could see a "media bounce" if the press decides to spice up his story with a comeback, say some political insiders.

Will the media start rooting for a Mitt Romney comeback?

Six weeks is a lot of time to fill with stories about Romney losing. Perhaps a drama-hungry political press will start pushing a Romney-can-win narrative

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign stop in Bedford Heights, Ohio: No Republican nominee has ever won the presidency without taking Ohio.

Can Romney really win without Ohio?

Obama is opening up his lead in the Buckeye State, which no successful Republican presidential candidate has ever lost. Does Romney have a Plan B?

The Romney Campaign
The average national poll has Mitt Romney 3.7 percent behind President Obama, but Republican skeptics say pollsters are skewing results.

Are the polls rigged against Mitt Romney?

Obama has a narrow lead nationally and a widening advantage in key swing states, but GOP skeptics say Romney is doing better than surveys suggest

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally on Sept. 25 in Vandalia, Ohio: Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) need to make their three-day bus tour count.

5 ways Mitt Romney can fix his Ohio problem

Of all the hurdles in Romney's path, none is as daunting — or as alarming to other members of his party — as the Buckeye State

The Romney Campaign
Back in September 2011 there were as many as nine politicians vying for the Republican presidential nomination. Was Mitt Romney really the strongest of the group?

Was Mitt Romney really the GOP's best candidate?

Some Republicans are having doubts as Romney's campaign hits a rough patch, with a few wondering whether another candidate might have had a better shot

The Romney Campaign
Some Romney critics think he's failing to deploy running mate Paul Ryan strategically.

Advice for Mitt Romney: 'Go rogue' and 4 other strategies

In many GOP circles these days, everyone's a Romney critic. But that doesn't mean they don't have good ideas to help his flagging campaign

The Romney Campaign
Supporters cheer for Mitt Romney during a campaign event in Las Vegas, Nev.: If Romney wins every state George Bush did in 2004, including Nevada, he could take the election.

3 paths to electoral victory for Mitt Romney

The Electoral College math currently favors President Obama. But there's hope for GOPers: Romney still has a few plausible winning formulas

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney rips off the Band-Aid and reveals that he paid a 14.1 percent tax rate on investment income of $13.7 million in 2011.

Mitt Romney releases his 2011 tax return: 4 takeaways

The long wait for Mitt Romney's latest filing with the IRS is over. So, what do the documents tell us about the candidate and his finances?

The Romney Campaign
You know it's bad when conservative opinion makers like Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, and William Kristol are bashing Mitt Romney about his 47 percent remarks.

Mitt Romney's 5 toughest Republican critics

Romney is taking tons of friendly fire, with the country's top conservative columnists ridiculing him as incompetent and arrogant

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks with the media after making a stop at the New Hampshire Veterans and Military Families for Mitt event in Concord on Sept. 6. Perhaps personally getting out his message could be just what Romney needs.

Could a 'more Mitt' strategy save Romney's flailing campaign?

Mitt Romney's campaign is signaling yet another reboot, this time putting the candidate himself front and center in an attempt to show voters that he owns his platforms

The Romney Campaign
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: The Mitt Romney we have always known

The political world is shocked — shocked! — by the Republican's glib dismissal of 47 percent of Americans. But these comments were very much in character

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney doesn't need to defend his comments on the 47 percent, says Rush Limbaugh. He just needs to "take the gloves off" and explain how conservatism solves the 47 percent problem.

Mitt Romney's '47 percent disaster': Is it actually a golden opportunity?

Rush Limbaugh thinks so. And he's not alone

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