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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
As if the pressure of a presidential campaign isn't enough, Mitt Romney now faces a blackmail threat from hackers who claim to have stolen the Republican's tax files.

Did hackers really steal Mitt Romney's tax returns?

In an alleged caper right out of Mission: Impossible, thieves claim to have stolen Mitt's well-guarded tax secrets — and demand $1 million to not release them

The Romney Campaign
Clint Eastwood bows after talking to an empty chair at the GOP convention in Florida on Aug. 30: Some pundits suggest the the hubbub surrounding the actor's speech is, somewhat counter-intuitively, a net positive for Mitt Romney.

Did Clint Eastwood's bizarre convention speech actually help Mitt Romney?

Much of the world cringed as Eastwood berated an invisible Obama at the GOP convention. The Right is celebrating Eastwood's talk-to-the-chair speech as a misunderstood triumph

The Romney Campaign
Clint Eastwood stole the show on the final night of the GOP convention — but not in a good way.

Did a rambling Clint Eastwood ruin Mitt Romney's big night?

The GOP learns the hard way that an empty chair, an imaginary President Obama, and an octogenarian Hollywood star may be a recipe for disaster

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney accepts the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30: Romney said of Obama that "you know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him."

Mitt Romney's 'good enough' convention speech: 6 talking points

The former Massachusetts governor accepts the GOP nomination by opening up a bit, laying out his plan a bit, and hitting Obama a lot

The Romney Campaign
In what is likely to be one of his most important speeches of his campaign, Mitt Romney will have to finally get personal and address his Mormon religion.

Mitt Romney's acceptance speech: 5 things he needs to do

Thursday is one of the biggest nights of Mitt's political life — and pundits have been quick to tell him how to maximize his uninterrupted hour in primetime

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney listens as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers the keynote address during the RNC: Romney doesn't agree with his party's hardline stance that abortion should be banned in all case, which could muddy his message in the remainder of his campaign.

GOP convention: Is the party's platform an albatross for Mitt Romney?

The Republican Party adopts conservative planks that its presidential nominee disavows, a split that threatens to undercut Romney's message and drag him down

The Romney Campaign
People stand on the main stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on the abbreviated first day of the Republican National Convention: Tropical Storm Isaac may have put a damper on the first day of GOP festivities, but perhaps the soon-to-be-hurricane could give Republicans a chance to shine.

Has Isaac already ruined the GOP convention?

Even though soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac spared Tampa, the storm is threatening to suck the air out of Mitt Romney's launch party

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney, surrounded here by a sea of white faces on the campaign trail, may need to diversify his appeal before November.

Mitt Romney's zero percent support from blacks: Can he still win?

A new poll shows President Obama clobbering his Republican challenger among minorities, leaving the GOP campaign increasingly reliant on an all-white strategy

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney may have snubbed his party's anti-ObamaCare base when he said on Aug. 26 that he was proud of his health care overhaul in Massachusetts.

Will Mitt Romney regret praising 'RomneyCare'?

The GOP candidate proudly reminds voters of his Massachusetts health-care overhaul... even though conservatives hate any mention of it

The Romney Campaign
A journalist outside the site of the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Aug. 27: Tropical Storm Isaac is likely to steer clear of the big GOP event — but it could hit New Orleans.

Was the GOP dumb to plan its convention in Florida during hurricane season?

Tropical Storm Isaac has upset Mitt Romney's much-hyped coronation, and some critics are berating Republicans for setting themselves up for failure

The Romney Campaign
Workers hang a campaign sign that reads "We Can Do Better" ahead of the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum: Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, will have to worry about several factors overshadowing his acceptance speech, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and supporters of outgoing Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

7 factors that will make or break the GOP convention

Soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac has already forced Republicans to cancel the first day of their national convention. What else could go wrong — or go right?

The Romney Campaign
"No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate [here]," said Mitt Romney during a campaign stop in Commerce, Mich., not far from where he was born.

Mitt Romney's birther joke: Did he cross the line?

The GOP's presidential candidate makes a wisecrack about birth certificates, and President Obama's supporters cry foul

The Romney Campaign
Ann Romney's opening remarks at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 27 won't be aired on network TV, causing the campaign to consider rescheduling her speech.

GOP convention: Are TV networks wrong to ignore Ann Romney's speech?

ABC, NBC, and CBS won't be broadcasting the convention's first night, choosing instead to air re-runs of middling cop dramas

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks at the American Energy Corporation Aug. 14 in Ohio: The GOP candidate plans to push the nation into producing more oil, coal, and natural gas. 

Mitt Romney's energy plan: Can we be energy independent in eight years?

Energy independence has been a dream of every president since Richard Nixon, and Romney thinks he's hit upon a solution

The Romney Campaign
Gawker's Bain files reveal that Mitt Romney invests in Vegas casinos, the National Enquirer, and British toilets, among other not-especially-squeaky-clean things.

Gawker's Bain files: 7 revelations about Mitt Romney's finances

It took a site best known for snarky gossip to lift the lid on Romney's investment portfolio, giving us a peek at how Mitt gets those enviably low tax rates

The Romney Campaign
Tampa will play host to the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum from Aug. 27-30, but brewing Tropical Storm Isaac, which could turn into a hurricane, is threatening to crash the party.

What happens if Tropical Storm Isaac hits the GOP convention?

Republicans are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as a strengthening storm follows a path that could lead to Tampa

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