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The Romney Campaign

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney has roughly $60 million more in the bank than President Obama does.

6 reasons Mitt Romney's big money advantage is a big deal

The Republican's overflowing war chest hasn't helped him overtake Obama yet, but it could make a world of difference when the campaign hits the home stretch

The Romney Campaign
Anti-abortion activists lead a prayer vigil outside the Supreme Court on March 25: The GOP is poised to adopt as part of its platform a vow to ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

The GOP's plan to outlaw all abortions: Does the party agree with Todd Akin?

The party is set to embrace a ban on all abortions — even in cases of rape and incest — suggesting that its views are quite similar to the controversial Senate candidate's

The Romney Campaign
The centerpiece of the GOP convention is this stage, which will display montages of Mitt Romney's family on its 13 overlapping LED screens.

The GOP convention: Will voters finally meet the 'real' Mitt Romney?

In a bid to forge a more personal connection with voters, Team Romney is using the Florida gathering to highlight details of Mitt's Mormon faith and family life

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney said Thursday that he has paid at least a 13 percent tax rate in each of the last 10 years, adding that the fascination with his taxes is "very small-minded compared to the broad issues that we face" in this country.

Mitt Romney's 13 percent tax claim: Did it make matters worse?

Romney finally showed part of his hand in the standoff with Democrats over his tax returns. He might have been better off saying nothing

The Romney Campaign
Whether it's his relative obscurity or his already low favorability rating, Rep. Paul Ryan did little to boost Mitt Romney in the polls.

Why didn't Romney get a poll bounce from his VP pick?

Gallup confirms what other polls have shown: Picking Paul Ryan as his running mate hasn't really helped Mitt Romney... yet

The Romney Campaign
What is Donald Trump up to?

What is Donald Trump's 'big surprise' for the Republican convention? 3 theories

The mouthy magnate says the GOP faithful will love what he's planning for Mitt Romney's big event. What does Trump have up his sleeve?

The Romney Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Mitt Romney picks a fighter

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee chose Paul Ryan as his running mate because the Wisconsin congressman has fought Obama in the past and won

The Romney Campaign
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: How Paul Ryan helps and hurts Mitt Romney

The Wisconsin congressman could force an adult conversation on national debt, but he could also raise fears of a massive deficit for years to come

The Romney Campaign
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) shakes hands with supporters on Aug. 12 in Mooresville, N.C.: Ryan might be able to make his home state more of a toss-up, but he probably won't make it solidly Republican, says Micah Cohen at The New York Times.

Can Paul Ryan win Wisconsin for Mitt Romney?

The conventional wisdom is that vice presidential candidates don't often sway elections, but could Ryan break the mold by winning over his home state?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney's choice of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has riled up both the GOP and the Democrats and his ability to help Romney may depend on which side can win the spin war, respectively lauding or demonizing Ryan's Medicare plan, among other policies.

Romney's veep pick: Was Paul Ryan a smart choice?

By adding the House budget wonk to his ticket, Romney quickly injected new energy into his presidential campaign. But will the move pay off in the long run?

The Romney Campaign
Are Mitt Romney's worsening poll numbers just a temporary glitch during the summer doldrums? 

4 reasons Mitt Romney is slipping

New polls suggest that the president's once-narrow lead over his GOP rival has widened. Are Obama's smears working, or is Romney doing himself in?

The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wave as Ryan is announced as Romney's vice presidential running mate in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin on Aug. 11 in Norfolk, Va. Ryan, a seven term congressman, is chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan

At an early morning event in Virginia, Romney introduces Paul Ryan as his running mate, in what is seen as a risky but bold move that could shake up the presidential campaign

The Romney Campaign
Andrea Saul, Mitt Romney's spokeswoman, voiced what her superiors in the campaign reportedly believe: That the GOP candidate is proud of his health-care record.

Should Mitt Romney fire his spokeswoman?

The Right lashes out at Romney spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, after she publicly touts his Massachusetts health-care law — an unmentionable part of Romney's past

The Romney Campaign
Then-Governor Mitt Romney signs his Massachusetts health-care reform bill on April 12, 2006: After shying away from it the entire campaign the GOP candidate appears to touting his health-care record.

Why Team Romney is suddenly embracing 'RomneyCare'

A spokeswoman, and even Mitt himself, suggest that his health-care reform experience in Massachusetts should win over voters, even though RomneyCare is not unlike ObamaCare

The Romney Campaign
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: What Mitt Romney's Israel fumbles say about his foreign policy

Saying controversial things on his recent trip abroad wasn't just about Romney's foot-in-mouth problem, but also a sign of how he'd work the world stage as president

The Romney Campaign
To turn around his heartless CEO reputation, Mitt Romney should try talking more about his Mormon faith, suggests Michael Gerson at The Washington Post.

Romney's negative image: 5 ways he can fix it

His opponents have successfully characterized him as a greedy capitalist and a foreign-policy bumbler, and Romney is under pressure to cast himself in a positive light

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