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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
President Obama... devising the perfect one-word subject line?

Why President Obama's annoying campaign emails worked

The campaign's irritatingly casual subject lines got under the skin of even his most ardent supporters — but they still raised a whole lot of cash

The Obama Campaign
After being re-elected for a second term, U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his victory speech in Chicago.

How Obama won re-election

For Barack Obama, says David Maraniss, the path to victory has been marked by fierce drive and a little luck

The Obama Campaign
President Obama got a little weepy as he thanked his young campaign staff in Chicago: "I'm really proud of all of you."

WATCH: President Obama's tearful thank-you to his volunteers

In a rare display of his emotional side, the president wells up as he expresses gratitude to his young campaign troops the morning after his re-election victory

The Obama Campaign
President Obama won well more than 300 electoral votes on Tuesday, but with nearly half the country against him, he doesn't necessarily have a broad mandate to implement his agenda.

Did President Obama win a mandate?

The incumbent scored a heady electoral victory and a narrow popular-vote win. How much political capital does that give him?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama has won a second term, thanks largely to the overwhelming support of liberal whites, blacks, Latinos, young voters, and moderate white women.


With victories in Ohio and Iowa, Obama secures a second term

The Obama Campaign
President Obama has 431 paths to electoral victory, versus just 76 for Mitt Romney, according to The New York Times.

Everything you need to know about Obama's paths to electoral victory

President Obama has more routes to victory than Mitt Romney. But that doesn't mean he's got an open road to re-election

The Obama Campaign
President Obama's first term was hardly perfect, argues The Washington Post, but he is still by far the superior choice.

The case for Barack Obama

Why voters should choose the Democratic ticket

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks in Green Bay, Wis., on Thursday: The president's campaign could suffer a last-minute blow if the feds announce Friday that the unemployment rate rose in October.

Could Friday's jobs report ruin Obama's post-Sandy high?

With mere days remaining before the election, voters will get one last snapshot of the still-recovering economy

The Obama Campaign
Newt Gingrich has joined a small chorus of conservatives comparing President Obama's quick reaction to Hurricane Sandy to his slow response to the Benghazi attacks.

3 Republicans inadvertently giving Obama a post-Sandy boost

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, some of the president's GOP critics might be accidentally making him look good

The Obama Campaign
Bill Clinton is subbing in for President Obama, who won't campaign again until Thursday at the earliest.

With Obama sidelined by Hurricane Sandy, will Bill Clinton save the day?

The former president is filling in for the current president on the campaign trail while Obama confronts the mess left behind by Hurricane Sandy

The Obama Campaign
President Obama talks to workers after a briefing on Hurricane Sandy at the FEMA headquarters on Oct. 28.

Hurricane Sandy: President Obama's tricky path forward

Gov. Chris Christie, a Mitt Romney supporter, has nothing but praise for the president's storm response, but the bipartisan glow may fade in Sandy's aftermath

The Obama Campaign
HBO star Lena Dunham says your first time voting should be with someone "who brought the troops out of Iraq."

Lena Dunham's 'your first time' Obama ad: Too racy?

President Obama's campaign puts out an ad with the young HBO star implicitly comparing voting to sex. Obama critics aren't amused

The Obama Campaign
Former President Bill Clinton speaks at a campaign stop at the University of New Hampshire, on Oct. 3.

Will Bill Clinton save Obama, or sink him?

The former president is joining President Obama in one final campaign push. How much of an asset will he be?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama recently flouted the commitment to euphemism that politicians usually follow by evoking bull feces.

Rolling Stone: President Obama calls Mitt Romney a 'bullsh*tter'

Conservatives, unsurprisingly, aren't very happy about the president's choice of words

The Obama Campaign
To win over the undecided stragglers, President Obama needs to convince the nation that he brought the country back from the brink of collapse.

The final push: What President Obama needs to do before Election Day

Voters head to the polls in less than two weeks. Here, a guide to Obama's endgame

The Obama Campaign
President Obama greets voters after speaking at a campaign rally in Delray Beach, Fla., on Oct. 23: The incumbent's campaign that it has the most sophisticated get-out-the-vote operation in U.S. history.

How good is President Obama's ground game?

The Obama campaign insists that its get-out-the-vote operation gives it an edge over Mitt Romney. Skeptics aren't so sure

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