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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
The president musically targets some key demographics with his Spotify campaign playlist, but neglects to include both rap and Latin beats.

Obama's Spotify playlist: 7 things it says about his campaign

The president has his re-election soundtrack all queued up. What can we learn about Obama's 2012 strategy by analyzing his 28 musical picks?

The Obama Campaign
Many pundits assume that President Obama's contraceptive mandate will hurt him in November, though others argue that the issue hurts Mitt Romney, too.

Obama's birth control mandate: 4 ways it helps his campaign

The Right is accusing the president of trampling religious liberty. But Democratic voters may not see it that way

The Obama Campaign
President Obama has changed his tune on super PACs, and is now encouraging deep-pocketed supporters to give money to the Obama-aligned Priorities USA.

Obama's super PAC flip-flop: 'Hypocrisy or necessity'?

Faced with a potentially massive financial disadvantage, the president reluctantly embraces the same super PACs he once called a "threat to democracy"

The Obama Campaign
The Square credit card reader is a digital payment system that attaches to iPhones and Androids and will be taking donations during Obama's re-election campaign.

Obama’s secret fundraising weapon: What is a Square card reader?

Tiny white payment dongles will soon be hitting the campaign trail. Here's what you should know about this election year's potential "game-changer"

The Obama Campaign
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: Obama is the Reagan of 2012

Newt and Mitt are clambering over each other trying to claim the Gipper's mantle. But it's a Democrat whose situation and rhetoric best mirror Reagan's

The Obama Campaign
President Obama raises funds in Hollywood: His haul to date is far from a rumored (if vigorously denied) $1 billion target.

Obama's 'billion-dollar' campaign: Did the fundraising hype backfire?

Obama raised a "staggering" $250 million in 2011— but did the perception that Obama is on his way to $1 billion dissuade Dems from giving more?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama cheers the passage of health-care reform in 2010: Team Obama is gloating after Republican Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses with less than 25 percent of the vote, the lowest winning percentage in modern Hawkeye State history.

Should Democrats be gloating over Iowa?

Liberals are ecstatic about Mitt Romney's underwhelming win over weak rivals in the Hawkeye State caucuses. Is Team Obama getting cocky?

The Obama Campaign
After Congress' payroll tax fiasco, President Obama plans to boost his re-election bid by continuing his attacks on a massively unpopular legislative branch.

Can Obama win in 2012 by attacking Congress?

Obama plans to frame his re-election bid as a choice between a president fighting for the middle class and a GOP determined to obstruct him

The Obama Campaign
President Barack Obama pauses during an economic speech in Kansas in which he invoked the legacy of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt, who focused relentlessly on the middle class.

Obama's new 'Teddy Roosevelt' populism: Will it help in 2012?

The president tries to find his voice by channeling the progressive politics of an early 20th century GOP president

The Obama Campaign
Two Democratic pollsters offer President Obama some unsolicited advice: Say goodbye to your hopes of a second term, and let Hillary Clinton step in to keep the White House blue.

Should Obama decline to run for re-election?

President Obama is a divider, argue two Democratic pollsters. He ought to step aside and make room for a real uniter... Hillary Clinton

The Obama Campaign
From killing Osama bin Laden to toppling Moammar Gadhafi, President Obama's foreign policy successes may give his re-election effort a much-needed boost.

Obama's tough-guy foreign policy: Will it help in 2012?

It's usually Republicans whom voters trust to keep America safe. But this time around, Democrats may have the edge on national security

The Obama Campaign
If the economy doesn't pick up, President Obama would have an awfully hard time beating Mitt Romney in 2012, according to statistics guru Nate Silver in The New York Times.

Nate Silver's 2012 odds: 'Is Obama toast'?

The New York Times' statistics guru crunches the numbers and finds that President Obama has gone from favorite to underdog

The Obama Campaign
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: Populism is Obama's path to victory

Critics berate the president for taking his inspiring new progressive message to the American people. But it's the critics who ought to be ashamed

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Can Obama take the economy off the table in 2012?

Expect the president, eager to distract voters from his embarrassing record on the economy, to repeatedly tout his foreign policy successes

The Obama Campaign
President Obama may have raised a cool $70 million during the summer for his reelection campaign, but he raised $16 million more the previous quarter.

Obama's 'robust' $70 million campaign haul: A show of strength... or weakness?

The president's campaign and the Democratic Party raise more than expected, but less than they did in the previous quarter

The Obama Campaign
President Obama is being criticized by some on the Right for his criticism of Rick Perry's climate change skepticism.

Obama mocks Perry: Was his climate change dig 'outrageous'?

The president questions how the GOP frontrunner can possibly deny human-caused climate change while unusually vast fires plague Perry's state

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