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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
President Barack Obama at the first presidential debate last week in Denver: Andrew Sullivan argues that Obama's disastrous performance may have cost him the election.

Are liberal critics to blame for Obama's fall in the polls?

Many Democrats have been unsparing in their criticism of the president's debate performance. And some say the bad vibes are weighing Obama down

The Obama Campaign
President Obama's latest campaign ad pokes fun at the GOP nominee's focus on PBS and Big Bird: "According to Mitt Romney, it's not Wall Street you have to worry about, it's Sesame Street."

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'Big Bird'

The Obama campaign releases a goofy ad that mocks Mitt Romney's threats to PBS funding. But it may be the president who comes off looking petty

The Obama Campaign
Obama speaks at a campaign event in Los Angeles on Oct. 7: If the president isn't tired of his job, as some political analysts believe, he has to do a better job of showing he wants a second term.

Does Obama even want a second term?

Obama supporters and political reporters are still trying to explain Obama's listless debate showing, and some suggest that his heart just isn't in the race

The Obama Campaign
Obama speaks during the presidential debate on Oct. 3: In the next two debates, the president would likely benefit from calling Mitt Romney out on his flip-flopping and demanding specifics to the GOP challenger's proposed plans.

7 ways Obama should change his strategy in the next debate

President Obama didn't turn in the greatest debate performance this week. Luckily for him, he has two more chances to show up Mitt Romney

The Obama Campaign
In the first general election debate of 2012, President Obama played it awfully safe — and was resoundingly declared the night's biggest loser.

Why Obama's debate performance was so mediocre: 4 theories

Armchair analysts agree: A surprisingly listless Obama failed to meet the challenge of an aggressive Mitt Romney in Wednesday's debate. What happened?

The Obama Campaign
In a speech to a predominantly black audience, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama says the people of New Orleans were shortchanged by the government after Katrina.

Is the Right's Obama 'race' video a bombshell or a dud?

Matt Drudge, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity promised a new video that would rock President Obama's campaign, but it might have fallen flat

The Obama Campaign
While campaigning in Charlotte, N.C., Vice President Joe Biden accidentally gave the Romney campaign a potentially great talking point — the day before a big debate.

Joe Biden's 'buried' gaffe: Will it hurt the Obama campaign?

The VP says the middle class has been "buried the last four years"... which happens to be about the same amount of time Obama and Biden have been in charge

The Obama Campaign
Obama speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio, on Sept. 17: The president should be "no drama Obama" when he's onstage in Denver with Mitt Romney tomorrow night — though he shouldn't play it too safe.

6 ways President Obama can win the first presidential debate

Mitt Romney may be under intense pressure to win Wednesday night's debate, but that doesn't mean Obama can afford to lose

The Obama Campaign
Hitting it out of the park? Should President Obama reveal too much hubris during the upcoming debates he could risk losing his likable edge over Mitt Romney.

The presidential debate: Is Obama his own worst enemy?

Obama claims that he's just "okay" at debating, but despite his shows of modesty, his biggest problem may be overconfidence, says Glenn Thrush at Politico

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks at a campaign event at the Florida Institute of Technology on Sept. 9.

Is President Obama heading for a landslide victory?

Obama is consistently and handily outpacing Romney in crucial battleground states, sparking talk of a possible blowout victory on Election Day. Too early to say?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama walks from the Oval Office to a waiting Marine One helicopter on Sept. 24: Because of Mitt Romney's recent stumbles, the Obama campaign seems pretty hopeful, and maybe too much so considering there are still six weeks and three debates to go.

Is Team Obama getting overconfident?

Some Democrats are already breaking out the bubbly for a presidential race well fought. As the saying goes, don't count your chickens...

The Obama Campaign
President Obama's latest campaign ad, "No Taxes," focuses in on Mitt Romney's comments about the "47 percent" of Americans who don't pay income taxes and whom Romney said he doesn't have to worry about.

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'No taxes'

Team Obama slams Mitt Romney's "47 percent" remarks, and brutally spins the ongoing tax narrative that has plagued the GOP candidate's campaign

The Obama Campaign
Despite Mitt Romney's blunders, President Obama is ahead by only one percentage point, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Is Obama's post-convention bounce over?

The latest tracking polls show the presidential race tightening again, although some surveys actually show Obama ahead by several points. Something's up

The Obama Campaign
Campaign-trail tippling: President Obama enjoys a brew with workers from the Iowa State Fair.

Is beer Obama's secret campaign weapon?

Mitt Romney doesn't drink, but the president is knocking back cold ones on campaign stops to burnish his every-man cred — and win over middle-class voters

The Obama Campaign
President Obama leads Mitt Romney nationally by one point, but plenty of candidates with the same poll numbers have lost the race.

President Obama's convention bounce: A mirage?

Polls suggest that the Democratic convention jumped Obama's poll numbers. But did it really improve his standing with the people who will actually cast votes?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama visits a campaign field office in Florida: More than 1.1. million people reportedly donated to the Obama campaign in August, bringing the fundraising effort's total number of donors to over 3 million.

What's behind Obama's fundraising surge? 3 theories

The president's re-election team had a banner month in August — posting $114 million in donations and narrowly beating out the Romney camp

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