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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
Jillian Connolly helps her daughter with math while picketing during a teachers strike in Chicago on Sept. 10.

3 ways the Chicago teachers' strike hurts Obama

With the president's former chief of staff, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, battling a key Dem constituency, the Chicago showdown could be bad news for Obama's campaign

The Obama Campaign
An 8.1 percent unemployment rate is nothing to brag about, which is why President Obama will likely avoid mentioning that figure on the campaign trail.

August's weak jobs report: Does it undermine Obama's campaign message?

Obama leaves Charlotte on a high note after a successful Democratic National Convention — but grim economic news could bring him crashing down to Earth

The Obama Campaign
President Obama formally accepts the Democratic Party's presidential nomination on Sept. 6: Obama said the choice between he and Mitt Romney is a "choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future."

Obama's 'dull and pedestrian' convention speech: Why did he play it safe?

After boffo DNC speeches from Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama, the president's much-hyped address left many viewers feeling rather underwhelmed

The Obama Campaign
President Obama is locked in a dead heat with Mitt Romney — 46.7 percent to 46.7 percent, according to Real Clear Politics' latest numbers. Can his convention speech move the needle?

Obama's convention speech: 5 messages he must convey

The president, no stranger to momentous speeches, is preparing to deliver what might be his most important address yet. What should he say?

The Obama Campaign
President Barack Obama joins former President Bill Clinton onstage after the 43rd president's address at the DNC on Wednesday night. On Thursday, Obama will take the stage to deliver a speech of his own.

Did Bill Clinton's convention speech boost Obama — or upstage him?

The former president shone so bright on Wednesday night that he might unintentionally dim President Obama's headline speech on Thursday

The Obama Campaign
President Obama was originally scheduled to give his Thursday acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium, but weather concerns have apparently driven him inside.

Moving Obama's speech inside: Necessity or panic move?

Citing storm warnings, Dems shift the president's acceptance speech from an outdoor stadium to a smaller convention hall. Were organizers worried about filling seats?

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: President Obama is running scared from the Reagan Metric

"Are you better off than you were four years ago?" seems like a simple question. But for Team Obama, it's clearly terrifying

The Obama Campaign
In a video promoting the livestream of the Democratic convention, Harold & Kumar co-stars John Cho and Kal Penn are interrupted by a phone call from the president.

Obama's Harold & Kumar-inspired campaign video: Chasing the stoner vote?

To promote Kal Penn's upcoming turn as host for Thursday night's DNC livestream, the commander-in-chief places a special call to some super-mellow, pizza-munching pals

The Obama Campaign
When he takes the Democratic National Convention stage Thursday night, President Obama will likely try to convince Americans that the U.S. is in better shape than it was in September 2008. According to one poll, only 31 percent of the country agrees with him.

Can Obama convince voters they're better off than they were in 2008?

Romney wants voters to judge Obama on Reagan's classic "are you better off than you were four years ago?" metric. That's a question Dems may not welcome

The Obama Campaign
In the documentary 2016: Obama's America, conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza suggests the president will deliberately make the U.S. more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

6 right-wing claims about a second Obama term

As Mitt Romney makes his case for a first term, conservatives are muttering darkly about the dangers of Obama 2.0

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks about Hurricane Isaac on Aug. 28: The pressure on Obama to deftly handle the storm is enormous, particularly after George W. Bush botched the Katrina response in 2005.

Hurricane Isaac: 4 ways it could hurt Obama

The massive storm has already put a damper on Mitt Romney's convention. And when Isaac hits Louisiana, it could create political problems for the president, too

The Obama Campaign
In Obama's latest campaign ad, former President Bill Clinton urges voters that when it comes to America's economic rebound, "we need to keep going with [Obama's] plan."

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'Clear Choice'

Obama taps Bill Clinton to convince voters that his plan hasn't failed — it just needs a little more time to succeed

The Obama Campaign
Vice President Biden will try to siphon some attention away from the GOP by campaigning in Tampa on the first day of the party's presidential nominating convention.

Is Obama doing Mitt Romney a favor by sending Joe Biden to Tampa?

The vice president plans to break with tradition and crash the GOP's party with a campaign stop in the city just as the Republican convention opens

The Obama Campaign
Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Aug. 20: Romney out-raised President Obama in July by roughly $25 million.

Mitt Romney's massive money lead: Time for Obama to panic?

Another big month puts the Republican even farther ahead of the president, and some Democrats worry that it's too late for Obama to catch up

The Obama Campaign
President Obama has embraced negative campaigning, and is known to trash-talk his GOP opponents, says Politico's Glenn Thrush.

Trash-talking, back-biting, and turmoil: 4 revelations about the Obama campaign

Politico's Glenn Thrush is out with a juicy e-book about the discord on a political team once celebrated for its lack of drama

The Obama Campaign
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a White House Community Leaders Briefing on July 16: Republicans are calling for the vice president to apologize for saying that the GOP wants to put blacks "back in chains."

Should Joe Biden apologize for his 'back in chains' quip?

The GOP cranks up the heat on the vice president over a controversial remark, but the Obama campaign says the complaints are just a distraction

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