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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
As the president delivers a speech Aug. 9 at the Palace of Agriculture on the Colorado State Fairgrounds, a member of the audience holds up a sign which reads, "Estamos Unidos Latinos for Obama."

Can Obama hold on to the Latino vote?

In 2008, Hispanic voters helped make Barack Obama president. Will they now save his re-election campaign?

The Obama Campaign
For better or worse, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will stick this election out, conservative naysayers be damned.

3 reasons Obama won't dump Joe Biden

Some conservatives are slyly predicting that the president will jettison the vice president and put Hillary Clinton on his ticket. Here's why they're wrong

The Obama Campaign
President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden take a walk in the Rose Garden in 2009: The second-in-command's garrulous nature is both a plus and a minus. 

Is Joe Biden hurting Obama's re-election odds?

After Biden's "chains" gaffe created an uproar, even some Democrats are seeing the notoriously loose-lipped VP as a campaign liability

The Obama Campaign
Barack Obama, shown lecturing at the University of Chicago Law school after graduating from Harvard Law School.

Why fringe conservatives are obsessed with Obama's college grades: 4 theories

Birthers are so 2011 — meet the "transcripters," who fervently believe Obama was a lousy student and vow not to rest until you know how he did in school 30 years ago

The Obama Campaign
Even if President Obama isn't encouraging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to go after Mitt Romney over his taxes, some commentators speculate that Obama isn't exactly telling Reid to stop the attacks, either.

The tax spat between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney: Does it hurt Obama?

Republicans are trying to rope President Obama into the increasingly bitter battle over Romney's hidden tax returns — with good reason

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks at a campaign event in Ohio in July: Voters in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida are leaning toward Obama over Mitt Romney, according to new polls.

What's behind President Obama's swing-state surge? 6 theories

New polls show Obama comfortably leading his GOP challenger in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania — even though the economy is still stuck in neutral

The Obama Campaign
Bill Clinton will give a primetime speech and formally renominate President Obama at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, nabbing a role that traditionally goes to the VP.

Bill Clinton to star at the DNC: Is Obama desperate?

One of the president's best frenemies scores a primetime speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention — and may wind up stealing the show

The Obama Campaign
Mitt Romney holds a round table discussion with small business owners.

Can Obama defuse the 'you didn't build that' attacks?

After facing steady attacks over something he said two weeks ago, the president and his fellow Democrats finally mount a counterattack

The Obama Campaign
President Obama pauses while speaking about the Colorado shooting July 20: In the wake of the theater massacre, Team Obama said the president's focus was to protect Second Amendment rights.

Has Obama sold out his gun-control principles?

President Obama started his political career calling for much tougher gun laws, but in the wake of the Aurora massacre he's promising to defend gun rights. What happened?

The Obama Campaign
Staff are seen at President Obama's re-election campaign headquarters in Chicago: The president employs twice as many employees as Mitt Romney's campaign.

Is Obama spending his campaign money too fast?

Team Obama is burning through cash at an unsustainable pace, some Democrats say, that may leave him struggling financially in the final stretch of the campaign

The Obama Campaign
President Obama has lost his slim gain in the polls, which some have interpreted as evidence that Mitt Romney has survived Team Obama's attacks on his tenure at Bain.

Obama's poor polls: Proof that the Bain attacks aren't working?

Recent poll numbers have Obama and Mitt Romney tied, despite an aggressive effort by the Obama campaign to bash the GOP candidate's record at Bain

The Obama Campaign
Team Obama has used a barrage of attack ads to keep the media focused on Mitt Romhey's taxes and tenure at Bain Capital.

Do voters care whether Obama's campaign is nasty?

The Democrat who ran on hope and change in 2008 is pummeling Mitt Romney with cold-blooded ruthlessness

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Why President Obama's tax attack on Mitt Romney will backfire

The Obama campaign is blasting the Republican's tax-reform proposal, even though the president's own advisors have long backed the very same policy

The Obama Campaign
A supporter of President Obama holds a sign as Michelle Obama speaks in Florida on July 10: The First Lady isn't the only surrogate speaking to the president's supporters. Some complained this week that Obama sent Vice President Joe Biden to speak at the NAACP instead of going himself.

Was it a mistake for Obama to skip the NAACP conference?

The president passes up a chance to address a friendly crowd of black voters, potentially snubbing a key part of the Democratic base

The Obama Campaign
Republicans accuse President Obama of spending Americans' stimulus dollars overseas instead of at home.

Is Obama the real 'outsourcer-in-chief'?

Republicans hit Obama with the same attack he leveled at Mitt Romney. Is the GOP just trying to confuse the issue, or does the Right have a legit point?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama's push to extend the Bush tax cuts for middle-class families but not the wealthiest Americans may put Mitt Romney in the uncomfortable position of defending the rich.

Obama's battle against wealthy taxpayers: Smart politics?

The president says he will not extend the Bush tax cuts on yearly incomes above $250,000, setting up a fierce election-year debate over taxes

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