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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
President Obama greets supporters as he arrives to speak at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on June 7: Obama leads GOP challenger Mitt Romney by 12 percentage points among 18- to 24-year-olds, but that demographic faces high rates of unemployment, which could threaten to weaken an important base for Obama.

Will a lousy economy cost Obama the youth vote?

A sobering New York Times report warns of President Obama's enthusiasm problem among out-of-work young voters

The Obama Campaign
Immigration activists gather in front of the White House on June 15 to celebrate the Obama administration's announcement that it will stop deporting young illegal immigrants. A new Bloomberg poll finds that 64 percent of likely voters support the new policy.

6 signs Obama's immigration shift is already paying off

President Obama probably hopes easing up on deporting young immigrants will help him in November. He may not even have to wait that long

The Obama Campaign
President Obama's aggressive attack ads against GOP rival Mitt Romney follow a rich tradition of hitting political opponents below the belt, says Frank Rich at New York.

Why we should applaud brutally negative campaign ads

It's ridiculous for anyone to expect Obama to run a clean, high-minded campaign, says Frank Rich at New York. That would be positively un-American

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The ephemeral boost of Obama's immigration power play

Yes, the president won a few news cycles by muscling through a new deportation rule. Too bad it's still June

The Obama Campaign
President Obama said Thursday that a President Romney would return the country to the same Bush-era policies that drove the U.S. into the Great Recession.

Can Obama's 'blame Bush' strategy still work in 2012?

Many Americans still point fingers at George W. Bush for our economic turmoil, potentially giving Obama a pass on voters' No. 1 issue

The Obama Campaign
The last time President Obama spoke about the economy, he got in trouble by saying that the private sector is "doing fine." This time around, he might need to start pointing fingers at his predecessor or Congress.

Obama's big economic speech: Can he talk his way out of trouble?

The president will give a major speech on the economy Thursday, after weeks of bad campaigning and troubling economic news. But words alone might not be enough

The Obama Campaign
June has not been kind to President Obama, but he might be able to regain the upper hand by offering Republicans a tax deal they'll probably refuse.

6 ways Obama can fix his struggling campaign

The president has endured a terrible, no-good, very bad two weeks — prompting a wave of unsolicited advice from across the political world

The Obama Campaign
Obama's latest campaign ad, "Jobs", encourages voters to start putting more pressure on lawmakers: "Congress refuses to act. Tell Congress we can't wait."

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'Jobs'

Obama slams Congress in a new ad that touts his jobs record — though he doesn't do himself any favors by also declaring that "the private sector is doing fine"

The Obama Campaign
During a press conference Friday, President Obama uttered an arguably true but inarguably regrettable soundbite: "The private sector is doing fine."

'The private sector is doing fine': Did Obama give the GOP a huge gift?

Republicans are gleefully pouncing on a presidential soundbite that is sure to be repeated all the way to Election Day

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks at the Master Lock factory in Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker's recall victory gave Mitt Romney a boost in the traditionally blue state.

3 blue states Obama should be worried about losing

Usually, it's the classic swing states that tip an election one way or the other. But this year, some key Democratic strongholds are looking equally precarious

The Obama Campaign
President Obama made an apparent oral-sex joke at an LGBT fundraiser in Los Angeles (not pictured), suggesting that his wife didn't go "all the way down" during a push-up contest with Ellen.

Obama's gay-fundraiser dirty joke: Inappropriate?

The media is frothing over the president's salty remarks about his wife and oral sex — but it's unclear whether he meant to be crude at all

The Obama Campaign
Oops! First, former President Bill Clinton hailed Mitt Romney's business record as "sterling." Then he seemed to side with the GOP on extending the Bush tax cuts.

Is Bill Clinton undermining Obama's campaign?

The former president seems to break with the Obama line that tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans must end on Jan. 1, 2013. Has the Big Dog gone rogue?

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks during a conference at the White House on May 30: Attacking Mitt Romney may be "the only card the Obama team has to play right now," but the strategy could backfire.

Is going negative the only way Obama can win?

President Obama has taken heat over his attack ads against Mitt Romney, but in today's economy, hammering his opponent might be his only choice

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Obama's awkward embrace of the devil... who wears Prada

As Americans grapple with disastrous unemployment numbers, the Obama campaign releases a video starring blatantly elitist Vogue editor Anna Wintour

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks at a Chicago fundraiser last year: 87 percent of the people who gave Obama $200 through April 2008 did not do the same in 2012.

The startling Obama campaign donor dropoff: 4 theories

Almost 90 percent of the people who contributed at least $200 to Obama's historic 2008 campaign have yet to re-up this cycle. What gives?

The Obama Campaign
Gas prices are falling, from $3.91 in April to $3.64 on Memorial Day. But don't expect Republicans to let President Obama off that easy.

How much will falling gas prices help Obama?

Republicans accuse the president of driving up fuel costs by stifling domestic production — even though a gallon of gas costs less than it did a year ago

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