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The Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: How hope and change became fear and inertia

In 2008, Barack Obama ran against the hated establishment. In 2012, he is the hated establishment

The Obama Campaign
A campaign rally in Virginia: Between the questionable attacks on Bain and a wobbly performance in the fundraising race, Team Obama may be off to a rough start.

Is Obama's reelection campaign already stumbling?

Politico says Obama's vaunted political operation has committed some uncharacteristic blunders, giving the early advantage to Romney

The Obama Campaign
If you ever get the feeling that President Obama and his fundraising cohorts are all too eager to dine with you, you're not alone.

15 desperate emails and texts from the Obama campaign

Did you hear you can win an evening with President Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anna Wintour? If you're on Obama's mailing list, there's no escaping the news

The Obama Campaign
A White House press briefing in 2010: President Obama wouldn't risk switching vice presidents to potentially improve his chances of re-election because the move could alienate voters, who typically don't respond well to overt political plays.

5 reasons the Clinton-Biden switcheroo will never happen

The rumor that President Obama will dump Joe Biden from his ticket for Hillary Clinton just won't die. Here's why it should

The Obama Campaign
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The Catholic mega-lawsuit is a 2012 nightmare for Obama

Dozens of religious organizations sue the administration over a contraception mandate. Not exactly what the president was hoping for heading into November

The Obama Campaign
Hawaii has received so many requests for President Obama's birth certificate that it passed a law in 2010 essentially exempting Obama from the state's public-records rules.

Will Arizona keep President Obama off the 2012 ballot?

Arizona's secretary of state insists that he's not a birther... while simultaneously threatening to bar Obama from the November ballot over birth certificate suspicions

The Obama Campaign
The proposed attack against President Obama's old ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright are "ridiculous," says TIME, because after three-and-half years of Obama's term, we know that he "isn't much of a churchgoer," and therefore probably didn't hear Wright's incendiary sermons.

5 reasons a Jeremiah Wright attack on Obama would fail

President Obama's connection to the Rev. Wright was toxic in 2008. A look at why, four years later, it's not such a big deal anymore

The Obama Campaign
President Obama sits with "The View" ladies, sharing stories of his family life, vices, and pop culture knowledge.

Barack Obama's 'anodyne' The View appearance: 6 takeaways

The president makes another play for the female vote, chatting with Whoopi and the gang about gay marriage, Title IX, and pop culture

The Obama Campaign
President Obama talks with ABC's Robin Roberts about his "evolving" gay-marriage stance: Critics argue that Obama is focusing on social issues in order to avoid talking about the sputtering recovery.

Is Obama using the culture wars to distract from the economy?

The president made big headlines by announcing his support for gay marriage, and critics say he's using the issue to hide his biggest weakness

The Obama Campaign
A May Day activist dressed as President Obama marches through downtown Los Angeles marking the International Worker's Day on May 1: JPMorgan's huge loss brings the economy back into the spotlight of the presidential campaign, and that's not good for Obama.

The JPMorgan mess: 4 ways it hurts Obama

JPMorgan's $2 billion blunder is a huge embarrassment for CEO Jamie Dimon, and it's turning into a headache for the nation's chief executive, too

The Obama Campaign
Obama speaks at a conference in Washington on April 30: Andrew Sullivan's label is much like what Toni Morrison meant when she called Bill Clinton the "first black president" in 1998: He just gets it.

'The first gay president': Should Obama embrace Newsweek's label?

Writer Andrew Sullivan bestows the designation as a compliment. But is being hailed as "the first gay president" what kept Obama from "evolving" in the first place?

The Obama Campaign
Then-Sen. Obama and George Clooney arrive at a 2006 news conference about Clooney's visit to the Darfur region of Sudan: The pair have apparently been friends ever since.

How George Clooney helped raise $15 million for Obama: A guide

The Oscar-winner hosts a dinner party in his backyard, the president hobnobs with A-list guests, and a record is set for the largest one-night campaign haul ever

The Obama Campaign
President Obama speaks at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio on April 18: His support of same-sex marriage could spell trouble for him with the state's undecided voters.

Obama's gay marriage stance: 4 swing states that may punish him

The president's risky move to come out in favor of same-sex marriage could make it tougher for him to win several crucial electoral battlegrounds

The Obama Campaign
Obama's five-point plan "is about the size of a post-it," and contains bullets about new tax credits for small businesses, and homeowner assistance.

Will Obama's cheeky economic to-do list backfire?

The president unveils a five-point checklist of initiatives that he thinks Congress should get around to, but his sarcastic tone could turn lawmakers off

The Obama Campaign
Keith Judd at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas in 2008: Somewhat incredibly, the inmate scored more than two-fifths of the votes in West Virginia's Democratic primary.

The inmate who nearly defeated Obama in the West Virginia primary

Inmate No. 11593-051 scored 41 percent in the Mountain State Democratic primary, revealing just how unpopular the president is in parts of the country

The Obama Campaign
President Obama hosts a reception at the White House on May 3: Some members of Obama's cabinet have come out in support of same-sex marriage, an issue that Obama has stayed away from.

Would backing gay marriage help Obama — or hurt him?

Members of President Obama's Cabinet are jumping on the same-sex-marriage train, leaving many to question why Obama's keeping quiet

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