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Natural Disasters : Opinion Brief
Eric Cantor is leading GOP opposition to a bipartisan bill that would extend tax cuts for 99 percent of Americans

Eric Cantor's 'callous' disaster-aid refusal

The House majority leader says any relief money should be offset by spending cuts. Is he right — or is it cruel to talk accounting as a storm crashes in?

Natural Disasters : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on Tropical Storm Irene

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Natural Disasters : The List
Though Tuesday's 5.8-magnitude earthquake did little damage across the East Coast, officials did find small cracks in the top of the Washington Monument, which has since been temporarily closed.

The East Coast's 'historic' earthquake: 6 interesting facts

The rare temblor that rattled Virginia on Tuesday had geologists dusting off their history books — while Californians snickered

Natural Disasters : By the numbers
Survivors of the deadly tornado in Joplin, Mo., hug in front of the wreckage: The severe storms that ripped through the U.S. in April and May inflicted an estimated $14.5 billion in damage.

The costliest year of natural disasters ever: By the numbers

In the first six months of 2011, the damage caused by natural catastrophes is a whopping $265 billion — surpassing the previous yearly record

Natural Disasters : Instant Guide
The sun sets Wednesday as smoke from the Las Conchas wildfire envelopes the hills near the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Could New Mexico's wildfire cause a nuclear catastrophe?

Fire crews are fighting off approaching flames in an effort to protect one of the nation's preeminent nuclear labs

Natural Disasters : Flashback
An officer walks through a field as smoke billows over Arizona's White Mountains: An eastern Arizona wildfire has been raging out of control for nearly two weeks.

Arizona's 'monster' wildfire: How long will it burn?

The second largest wildfire in Arizona's history is raging through the state, and crews only have 5 percent of it contained

Natural Disasters : In-depth briefing
A neighborhood dog swims through the flooded waters of the Mississippi river May 21, 2011: Despite record-breaking water levels, the death toll has been lower than in previous floods.

Taming the Mississippi

The Army Corps of Engineers reduced the impact of recent floods. But there's a cost to controlling such a mighty river

Natural Disasters : Slideshow
Before and after, Jopin, Mo.

The Joplin tornado, and 9 other deadly U.S. storms: A visual history

The residents of Joplin, Mo. endured a devastating tornado this week, and, as these pictures show, they're not the only survivors of Mother Nature's wrath

Natural Disasters : Opinion Brief
A Missouri mother and daughter pick through the wreckage left by a deadly tornado: A recent string of killer storms has environmentalists blaming climate change.

Why so many killer tornadoes?

After a brutal one-two punch of twisters, the debate over a possible link between climate change and deadly weather begins anew

Natural Disasters : Opinion Brief
People walk through a demolished neighborhood the day after a deadly tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., leaving a path of destruction nearly one mile wide.

The 'horrifying' video from inside Missouri's deadly tornado

A YouTube user huddled in a gas station keeps his camera rolling while a monster tornado rips through Joplin, Mo.

Natural Disasters : Fact Sheet
A tornado in Kansas is captured on film: More than 600 twisters were reported this April alone, the nation's deadliest tornado outbreak in 86 years.

Tornadoes: A guide to nature’s most violent storms

Tornadoes, which took an especially high toll on the American heartland this year, are still impossible to predict

Natural Disasters : Slideshow
A Missouri resident look at homes that are already underwater by Saturday: The Mississippi has since risen to near-record flood levels, rivaling the Great Flood of 1927.

The Mississippi River's record-breaking floods: A visual history

Rising waters and thousands of flooded homes in the South are drawing comparisons to the Great Flood of 1927

Natural Disasters : By the numbers
A woman surveys the damage of Thursday's tornados in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where 900 people have been injured and, unofficially, more than 40 people killed.

The South's devastating tornadoes: By the numbers

The death toll climbs above 300 after terrifying storms ravage Alabama and other southern states. Here, a statistical snapshot of the damage

Natural Disasters : Opinion Brief
The funnel of a tornado on the outskirts of a University of Alabama parking lot: Hundreds have died in a series of devastating tornadoes.

The 'terrifyingly clear' videos of the Tuscaloosa tornado

A powerful twister rips through Tuscaloosa, Ala., killing dozens of people and uprooting hundreds of buildings

Natural Disasters : Opinion Brief
Security guards take cover in the St. Louis airport Friday, as a tornado wreaks havoc on one of the terminals, causing chunks of the ceiling to fall.

The 'terrifying' security-cam footage of St. Louis' tornado

A riveting clip shows a monster storm ripping through the city's airport

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