Cats : By the numbers
Cold-blooded killer.

The billions of animals killed by cats every year: By the numbers

The typical house cat murders between 4 and 18 birds every year, researchers say

Cats : Instant Guide
A house cat and its prize: Researchers found domestic felines kill an average of 2.1 critters per week, seemingly just for the fun of it. 

Is your cat a mass murderer?

Kitties can be cute, but they're also serious predators to all kinds of smaller creatures — consuming an average of 2.1 a week

Cats : Analysis
Meet Pet Fit Club contestant Fifi, a wily 21-pound cat who charms an unknowing elderly neighbor into feeding her extra treats.

'Pet Fit Club': The Biggest Loser for fat pets?

In the U.K., 18 morbidly obese animals compete in a reality-TV-like weight-loss competition

Cats : Best Video
Legally, this cat is ineligible to serve in the Senate. But that's not stopping Hank's owner from launching a tongue-in-cheek political campaign.

Hank: The tie-wearing cat running for U.S. Senate

The claws are coming out in Virginia, as a feline contender leaps into a tight race

Cats : Fact Sheet
A parasite sometimes found in cat feces can infiltrate the human brain, possibly making those infected behave more recklessly.

Can cats make their owners schizophrenic?

A brain-infecting parasite residing in some litter boxes could put cat owners at risk of mental disorders

Cats : The List
Jack the Cat became a media sensation after surviving the perils of New York's JFK airport and even Hurricane Irene before being reunited with his owner and then dying just weeks later.

7 'incredible' tales of feline survival

Loyalty is for dogs. Mercurial cats, on the other hand, tap into their cunning nature to beat the odds

Cats : Irony Alert
Mickey and Minnie may rule Disneyland during the daytime but hundreds of feral cats take the night shift, patrolling the park for real mice at play.

Irony alert: Disneyland's no-mouse policy

Hundreds of feral cats take over the amusement park each night, patrolling the grounds for mice and serving as de facto exterminators

Cats : Burning Question
Though it would surely make any kitten scream out in pain, piercing felines was part of one Pennsylvania's woman's strategy to earn some extra cash.

Pierced 'goth' kittens: Animal cruelty?

A Pennsylvania woman gives her cats painful, hardcore piercings — then tries to sell them on eBay for $100 each

Cats : Controversy
Jan Van Dusen won a tax court trial over some $12,000 in deductions for her cat rescue work.

The 'cat lady' who beat the IRS

It turns out you can write off the thousands of dollars you spent caring for dozens of feral cats... and other charitable expenses

Cats : Only in America
They may take up more space, but even fat cats need a home. And one Ohio shelter is keen to make that happen, by encouraging adoption with discounted prices.

Only in America: Buy an obese cat, save $55

An Ohio animal shelter is having an unusual sale, in an effort to find new homes for some of its fattest cats

Cats : Opinion Brief
Max the cat who survived an arrow through his head is, surprisingly, not the first feline to experience such a brush with death.

The cat who took an arrow to the head... and lived

A California feline returns home after a mysterious two-day absence — and may be out one of his nine lives

Cats : Opinion Brief
Smokey does not subscribe to the philosophy that "cats should be seen and not heard."

The world's loudest cat

Smokey, an otherwise charming gray housecat from the U.K., has a purr as loud as a lawnmower

Cats : Opinion Brief
Dusty, or "Klepto" as he is known in the neighborhood, has stolen about 600 items from nearby homes.

The cat burglar who's actually a cat

A klepto kitty named Dusty has stolen hundreds of items from his California neighbors over the last three years

Cats : Burning Question
Being friendly may finally be paying off for dogs in the pet war that is dogs vs. cats.

Are dogs really smarter than cats?

Scientists at Oxford say socially active dogs have developed bigger brains than standoffish felines. Pet lovers, take sides!

Cats : Opinion Brief
Beloved pet or gustatory delicacy? Depends on who you ask.

Why not eat cat stew?

Italian TV chef Beppe Bigazzi waxed poetic about the pleasures of eating cat — and lost his job because of it. Is cat meat so sacred?

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