Netflix : The List
Netflix went down on Christmas Eve — and customers FREAKED OUT.

Netflix goes down on Christmas Eve: 9 panicked reactions

The company's streaming service temporarily fails, and thousands of horrified Americans have to actually interact with their families

Netflix : Opinion Brief
With Netflix' deal with A&E now kaput, customers who pay for its streaming service won't be able to watch reality shows such as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Can Netflix survive the loss of 800 hours of reality shows and documentaries?

The company's deal with A&E to stream shows like Hoarders and Pawn Stars expires, sparking concerns about Netflix's ability to keep exclusive content

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said it could take his company three years to truly make a comeback after 2011's ill-conceived price hike.

Can Netflix recover from its DVD price-hike fiasco?

The company with the famous red envelopes enraged subscribers last year with a big price bump. But now, Netflix is adding millions of new streaming customers

Netflix : Analysis
As soon as season four of "Arrested Development" debuts on Netflix, fans will be able to consume the entirety of the 10-episode season in a single sitting.

Netflix's Arrested Development strategy: Revolutionary?

When the cult-hit comedy is resurrected for its fanatically anticipated fourth season, the streaming video juggernaut will make all 10 episodes available at once

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reportedly has his sights set on cable TV partnerships that could help the streaming service bring its original shows to your cable box.

Can Netflix be the next HBO?

The online streaming company reportedly wants to make its content library available on your cable box

Netflix : Opinion Brief
DVD rental kiosk giant Redbox is teaming up with Verizon to provide subscription-based digital streaming, which could be bad news for Netflix.

Can Verizon and Redbox conquer Netflix?

The telecom powerhouse and DVD rental kiosk giant are teaming up to offer a movie-streaming and DVD subscription service. Sound familiar?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
"Battleground," Hulu's first original series, follows the staff of a Senate candidate on the campaign trail.

Hulu's original programming push: A threat to Netflix?

The rivalry between the two web streaming sites escalates with Hulu's announcement that it too will begin producing original scripted shows in early 2012

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg: Verizon is reportedly considering buying Netflix instead of creating its own competing online streaming service.

Should Verizon buy Netflix?

Rumors swirl that the telecom giant could acquire the red envelope. But arguably, the deal would be bad for both companies — and worse for customers

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings may have more streaming competition on his hands now that Verizon announced a similar venture.

Verizon: The latest threat to Netflix?

Verizon is planning its own streaming video service to challenge Reed Hastings and Co. Should Netflix be worried?

Netflix : Burning Question
"Arrested Development" is back... exclusively on Netflix, which will try to tap the comedy's cult-like following to attract a stream of new subscribers.

Can Arrested Development save Netflix?

The troubled video-streaming and DVD-by-mail service nabs exclusive rights to new episodes of the Bluth family's misadventures

Netflix : Opinion Brief
While Netflix is losing customers and flip-flopping on corporate decisions, some analysts say it's an ideal time to buy shares of its plunging stock.

Is Netflix's cratering stock actually a smart buy?

Many investors abandoned Netflix after its series of ill-advised moves. But now, some analysts say it's the perfect time to get on the Netflix bandwagon

Netflix : Opinion Brief
In the third quarter, more than 800,000 customers said goodbye to Netflix, and some commentators believe things will only get worse for the floundering company.

Netflix's 800,000-subscriber loss: A 'horrid' outlook?

A startling number of customers abandon the troubled company in the third quarter, prompting investor panic

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix is reportedly paying $250 million a year to offer its customers streaming access to "Gossip Girl" and other CW shows.

Can the CW save Netflix?

The troubled streaming-and-DVD service forks over a ton of cash for hundreds of hours of CW programming. Are Gossip Girl reruns really worth it?

Netflix : Controversy
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Ready to admit that spinning off the company's DVD-by-mail division was a poor decision.

Netflix's Qwikster debacle: Can the damage be undone?

After just three weeks, the company puts the kibosh on a much-loathed plan to separate its streaming and DVD-by-mail services

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix is renaming the DVD rental portion of its business Qwikster,  a confusing and risky endeavor for a company trying to placate its peeved consumer base.

Qwikster: Is Netflix making things worse?

After raising its prices and losing customers, the streaming and DVD-by-mail giant has announced it will split its services into two separate companies

Netflix : By the numbers
Customers (and maybe even some pets) are unhappy with Netflix's price hike, and hundreds of thousands of them are showing it by ditching the movie rental service.

Netflix's price-hike exodus: By the numbers

The movie rental (and streaming) giant anticipates losing 1 million customers after a major increase in monthly fees. Here's how it breaks down

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