Netflix : Opinion Brief
DVD drives: Too clunky, noisy, and power-sapping to survive?

Is the DVD on its deathbed?

With Netflix and Apple seemingly intent on phasing out the venerable optical storage disc, its future looks less than shiny

Netflix : Winners and Losers
A Netflix video streams on a TV: The popular service is separating its streaming subscriptions from its DVD-by-mail business. If you want both, it'll cost you 60 percent more than it does now.

Netflix's 'bonehead' price hike: Winners and losers

The popular movie rental and streaming service raises the cost of membership by 60 percent, upsetting customers — and possibly the U.S. Postal Service

Netflix : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on 'Netflix'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Netflix : Opinion Brief
MoviePass would allow subscribers to watch an unlimited number of films in theaters for $50 a month.

MoviePass: Will a 'real life' Netflix ever happen?

Moviegoers get excited over a service that offers an unlimited multiplex pass for a monthly fee — until it hits a major snag

Netflix : The List
As more people turn to internet streaming and their iPads, big cable companies consider some major changes to their product.

Saving cable TV: 3 'crucial' strategies

In a world of Netflix and broadband streaming, how can cable TV providers keep their industry alive?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix's redesign features clickless scrolling... and users are not happy.

The 'blind rage' over Netflix's 'horrible' redesign

The popular movie rental and streaming site launches a new interface that exasperates many devoted customers. Just how bad is it?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix is reportedly in negotiations to produce "House of Cards," a TV series featuring Kevin Spacey.

Is Netflix the next HBO?

Netflix may be on the verge of acquiring its own (expensive) TV series in its first stab at original programming. How worried should traditional networks be?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
You're already on Facebook most of the day, and now the social media site (along with Warner Bros.) hopes you'll use it to rent your movies, too.

Could Facebook replace Netflix?

The social network is partnering with Warner Bros. to allow Facebookers to rent movies. Is this the beginning of the end for Netflix?

Netflix : Burning Question
During prime time TV watching hours, Netflix streaming movies and TV shows reportedly account for one-fifth of the internet bandwidth.

Will Netflix choke the internet?

By luring consumers toward streaming video, Netflix risks slowing the internet to a crawl. Can internet providers speed it up — and at what cost?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the company spends in excess of $600 million per year to mail those little red envelopes.

Is Netflix sentencing DVDs to death?

The video rental powerhouse introduces a streaming-only plan for videos. Could this spell the end of the shiny plastic disc?

Netflix : Opinion Brief
Would you rent movies from Walmart?

Walmart vs. Netflix

Reportedly, Walmart is trying (again) to battle Netflix by buying video-streaming service Vudu. Will the mega-retailer win this time?

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