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Crime and Punishment : The List
Within hours of the release of Dorner's manifesto, Facebook fan sites like this one popped up.

The Christopher Dorner apologists: A guide

The (apparently dead) alleged cop killer has his fans, and some people who just think he was misunderstood. Some of these folks are on TV

Crime and Punishment : Best Video
Gun fight

WATCH: Footage of alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner's firefight

CBS News captured exclusive video of the gun battle that preceded the apparent death of the suspected murderer

Crime and Punishment : U.S.
Alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner engaged in shootout

WATCH LIVE: Alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner engaged in shootout

CBS has a live feed of the continued manhunt unfolding in California

Crime and Punishment : Best Column
This surveillance video image shows Christopher Dorner on Jan. 28 at an Orange County, Calif., hotel.

Christopher Dorner, drones, and the death of due process

The fugitive California ex-cop and al Qaeda's Anwar al-Awlaki both deserve better, says Matt Pressberg at Neon Tommy. And so do we.

Crime and Punishment : Best Column
San Bernadino County sheriffs search a home for Christopher Dorner on Feb. 10.

Should the LAPD use drones to take out alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner?

The former LAPD officer and Navy vet is a highly trained killer who's considered armed and extremely dangerous

Crime and Punishment : The List
The official military photo of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who is suspected in multiple fatal shootings.

Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner's rambling manifesto: The most chilling and bizarre statements

The ex-LAPD officer left behind an 11-page rant warning police that there will be blood

Crime and Punishment : Analysis
Courtni Webb speaks during an interview after being suspended for the poem about the Connecticut massacre.

Sandy Hook controversy: Is it wrong to sympathize with a killer?

A high school student is suspended for writing a poem in which she says she "understands" why Newtown gunman Adam Lanza committed murder

Crime and Punishment : The List
Kenneth Nolan says the state of Florida is to blame for his motorcycle collision with a panther.

America's 9 craziest lawsuits of 2012

From an errant Little-League ball to the pink shade of a backyard playhouse, some people will sue over just about anything

Crime and Punishment : U.S.
Parents pick up their children outside Sandy Hook Elementary after a deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Massacre in Connecticut: 8 disturbing eyewitness accounts [Updated]

"We all heard these booming noises, and we started crying"

Crime and Punishment : Photos
A woman waits to find out if her sister, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary is safe.

7 heartbreaking images from Connecticut's devastating school shooting [Updated]

These pictures speak louder than words

Crime and Punishment : Live Feed
WATCH LIVE: NBC's TV coverage of the deadly Connecticut school shootings

WATCH LIVE: NBC's TV coverage of the deadly Connecticut school shootings

A massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., has reportedly left dozens of people dead, including many children

Crime and Punishment : U.S.
Police patrol the streets outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The tragic Connecticut school shootings: Live updates

A Newtown, Conn., elementary school is devastated by one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history

Crime and Punishment : Fact Sheet
After charging $2,500 to his victim's credit card, one suspected burglar reportedly sent a bouquet of flowers and a note of thanks.

8 curiously thoughtful thieves

Returning what they stole? Paying for what they broke? Some people are just not cut out for robbery

Crime and Punishment : The List
An FBI-led crew probes the ground in search of Jimmy Hoffa's body near a demolished barn on a horse farm in Milford Township, Mich., on May 24, 2006.

The search for Jimmy Hoffa's body: 6 rumored burial grounds

Police in a Detroit suburb are digging around for the legendary Teamster chief's elusive remains... again

Crime and Punishment : Slideshow
8 U.S. mayors with criminal records: A slideshow

8 U.S. mayors charged with crimes: A slideshow

These current and former city leaders — accused of bribery, assault, or affairs — reveal how power corrupts

Crime and Punishment : Instant Guide
The FBI's new facial recognition technology could one day match your driver's license photo to security-camera footage of you walking through a public square.

The FBI's new facial recognition program: 'Big Brother' in action?

Fingerprints are so 20th century. Soon, the FBI will be able to use biometrics to spot bad guys in a crowd

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