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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment : Irony Alert
Patrick J. Sullivan, a former Colorado sheriff, once hailed as a national hero, is now behind bars in a detention center that was named after him in 2002.

Irony alert: The inmate imprisoned in a jail named after him

After being arrested in a drugs-for-sex sting, a once-revered Colorado lawman ends up in a detention center bearing his name

Crime and Punishment : The List
Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was found guilty Monday of involuntary manslaughter, a verdict that came as no surprise to legal experts impressed by the prosecution's performance.

The Conrad Murray verdict: 5 takeaways

Michael Jackson's doctor is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the musician's drug-induced death. What can we learn from the highly publicized trial?

Crime and Punishment : In-depth briefing
Every year, more than 75,000 eyewitnesses identify criminal suspects, but as often as one-third of the time, the witnesses are wrong.

Is eyewitness testimony too unreliable to trust?

Courts are reconsidering the value of eyewitness testimony, which has put many innocent people in jail

Crime and Punishment : In-depth briefing
Public approval in the U.S. for the death penalty has reportedly dropped and more states are scrapping it altogether.

The death penalty in decline

The number of countries that execute criminals is dropping. Is capital punishment on the way out?

Crime and Punishment : Fact Sheet
To meet arrest quotas some NYPD officers planted drugs on innocent people, says an ex-cop.

Planting drugs on innocent people: NYPD's 'shocking' scandal

An ex-detective testifies that he and his colleagues frequently fabricated drug cases to meet arrest quotas

Crime and Punishment : Instant Guide
Due to budget cuts, domestic violence cases may no longer be prosecuted in Topeka, Kan., potentially sending a "terrible message" to victims of domestic battery.

Legalizing domestic violence: Topeka's 'terrible' plan to save money

Just in time for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Kansas' capital city is on the verge of decriminalizing domestic battery as part of a budget standoff

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
A lethal injection chamber: After Troy Davis was executed on Wednesday, despite growing doubts about his guilt, calls to ditch the death penalty have become louder and louder.

Troy Davis' death: The end of capital punishment?

The state of Georgia executed Davis despite widespread doubts over whether he really killed a cop in 1989. Is that enough to turn public opinion?

Crime and Punishment : Controversy
A growing group of supporters is rallying to stop the Wednesday execution of Troy Davis, convicted in 1991 for killing an off-duty cop.

Troy Davis: Is Georgia executing an innocent man?

Davis will receive a lethal injection Wednesday night for the 1989 murder of a Georgia cop — even after most witnesses recanted their testimony

Crime and Punishment : Burning Question
In the futuristic film "Minority Report," Tom Cruise's character arrests perpetrators before they commit crimes, now a Santa Cruz police force is doing something similar.

Santa Cruz's Minority Report-like experiment: Stopping tomorrow's crime?

A predictive computer program is piling up an impressive track record of preventing burglaries in California

Crime and Punishment : Instant Guide
Arkansas death row inmate Damien Echols and two others who were convicted in 1994 for a triple murder of Boy Scouts were released Friday.

The 'dramatic' release of the West Memphis Three: An instant guide

After serving 18 years in prison for allegedly killing three Boy Scouts, three Arkansas men are unexpectedly granted freedom Friday during a surprise hearing

Crime and Punishment : Analysis
Members of the Crips and Bloods gangs rally in New York: Gang members tend to wear bright colors that draw attention, but also establish group solidarity.

The strange scientific logic of gang colors

Why would a career criminal advertise his gang affiliation to police?

Crime and Punishment : Instant Guide
A gay man was the victim of a hate crime at New York City's historic Stonewall Inn in 2010, a year that saw a 13 percent increase in violent crimes committed against the LGBT community.

The 'astounding' rise in LGBT hate crimes

Just as same-sex marriage is legalized in New York, a new report shows a sharp increase in violent attacks on members of the gay community

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
It was Elvis' fictionalized punishment in "Jailhouse Rock," but flogging could actually be a solution to our crowded prisons, says one academic.

Should flogging replace prison time?

One academic wants to empty America's prisons by resurrecting an old and controversial way of punishing convicts

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Some commentators are asking why Jack Kevorkian, who died of natural causes, did not use his notorious "suicide machine" on himself.

Jack Kevorkian: Hero or murderer?

The nation's most controversial advocate of legalizing euthanasia dies — in a hospital, of natural causes. What will his legacy be?

Crime and Punishment : The List
Despite financial strains, violent crime rates dipped to their lowest in 40 years, with some suggesting that the internet is helping people avoid crime-ridden areas.

America's lowest crime rate in decades: 4 theories

The recession was expected to cause a spike in robbery and murder, but the FBI says violent crimes actually dropped last year. Why the decline?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Inmates packed into the California state prison in Los Angeles County: On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the release of more than 30,000 California inmates, to relieve overcrowding.

The 'staggering' court order to release 32,000 California prisoners

The Supreme Court orders the Golden State to free inmates from its overcrowded prisons. Justice Scalia dissents, warning that "terrible things are sure to happen." Is he right?

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