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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Critics say Texas has plenty of reasons to end capital punishment.

Will Texas kill the death penalty?

In the state that leads the nation in executions, a judge may rule capital punishment unconstitutional. Is it time for Texas — and other states — to make this decision?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens reinstated capital punishment in 1976 but now says the death penalty is unconstitutional.

Justice Stevens vs. the death penalty

The recently retired John Paul Stevens offers rare criticism of former Supreme Court colleagues. Will his argument change the debate over capital punishment?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Judges in Missouri will now be informed of the cost of various penal options when sentencing a criminal.

Should judges be told the cost of sentencing a prisoner?

Missouri is providing judges with figures on the relative costs of prison, probation, and other forms of punishment. Budget-minded or foolhardy?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Police departments can experiment with new ways of policing crime thanks to funds from the 2009 stimulus package.

Why is crime falling during a recession? 5 theories

Violent crime dropped by over 5 percent in 2009, says the F.B.I, even though far more people were out of work. What gives?

Crime and Punishment : Controversy
The laser weapon penetrates the skin up to 1/64 of an inch, stimulating nerves and causing instant pain.

An L.A. jail's 'excruciating' new laser weapon

A Los Angeles jail recently announced it will be using a laser device that can induce intense pain to control unruly inmates. Yikes?

Crime and Punishment : In-depth briefing
Off the streets.

The mystery of falling crime rates

Despite widespread economic hardship, the nation’s crime rate has continued to fall. Why?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Is a firing squad more humane?

Is a firing squad more humane than lethal injection?

Ronnie Lee Gardner, a convicted murderer from Utah, last night became only the third man to be shot to death by the state since 1976. Here's a quick guide to this now-rare execution method

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Suzanne Corona.

Suzanne Corona: Jail for adultery?

In an all too public scandal, a mother-of-three cheated on her husband. Now, a rarely-invoked New York law could send her to prison for her indiscretions

Crime and Punishment : U.S.
Ronnie Lee Gardner is the first inmate to ask for death by firing squad since 1996. Is this "cruel and inhumane" punishment?

Death by firing squad: Cruel and unusual?

A convicted killer in Utah is scheduled to die in June. He would be the first U.S. prisoner executed by firing squad since 1996

Crime and Punishment : Essay
Author Piper Kerman writes about life in a women's prison.

My year in a women's prison

Author Piper Kerman learned to make friends fast when she was locked up on a decade-old drug offense.

Crime and Punishment : Instant Guide
Could futuristic software determine criminal tendencies?

Florida's 'Minority Report' crime prediction software

Florida has adopted forecasting software, produced by IBM, to target high-risk youths. Is this the beginning of a "Minority Report" future?

Crime and Punishment : Opinion Brief
Could a miscarriage be "criminal"?

Utah: Making miscarriages a crime?

Utah lawmakers have passed a bill that would make intentional or 'reckless' miscarriages punishable by life in prison

Crime and Punishment : In-depth briefing
Off the streets.

The prison nation

The U.S. has more people behind bars than any other nation, and its prisons are now bursting at the seams. Why?

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