Energy and the Environment

Energy and the Environment : Opinion Brief
Navale Shale Oil reserve drills for natural gas in Colorado: Some researchers believe the fuel is not as eco-friendly as once thought.

Can natural gas really prevent an 'energy nightmare'?

Investors are bullish on the domestically abundant fossil fuel, but they may want to temper their optimism in light of unsettling new revelations

Energy and the Environment : Opinion Brief
A hybrid car is plugged into a charging station in San Francisco, Calif.: Electric cars may have bigger carbon footprints than their gas-guzzling competitors, according to a new study.

Are electric cars actually bad for the environment?

New research suggests that you have to drive an electric car a long, long way for it to be greener than a gas-guzzling vehicle

Energy and the Environment : Energy
A natural gas drilling rig in Pennsylvania: Some researchers believe the fuel is not as eco-friendly as once thought.

Natural gas: As bad for the environment as coal?

Some sources of natural gas don't deserve their green reputation, says a new study. In fact, unearthing gas might actually heat up the planet more than coal emissions

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
Some scientists say we can save time and increase safety by replacing uranium-based reactors (like the Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia, above) with ones focused on thorium.

Could thorium make nuclear power safe?

The world can have cheap nuclear power without Japan-level risks by swapping thorium for uranium, some scientists claim. Is that too good to be true?

Energy and the Environment : Essay
A nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, nearly 25 years after the catastrophic meltdown in the Ukrainian city.

After the apocalypse

Twenty-five years after the meltdown at Chernobyl, says Henry Shukman, an irradiated Eden is coming to life

Energy and the Environment : The List
New York's Indian Point nuclear plant had a faulty steel liner that was meant to keep radiation from leaking in case of an earthquake.

America's nuclear 'near misses': Top 7 screw-ups

A new report reveals regulatory oversights at several U.S. reactors last year, and gives America's nuclear watchdog a poor grade

Energy and the Environment : Opinion Brief
Residents in parts of Wyoming's Green River Basin (pictured) have been urged to restrict outdoor activities due to drastically rising levels of smog.

Why is Wyoming smoggier than L.A.?

The Equality State's booming natural gas industry is polluting its once famously fresh air, say commentators — and not all residents are content to live that way

Energy and the Environment : In-depth briefing
The world's oil consumption is on the rise with China alone using four times what it did in 1985.

The search for oil

Demand for oil is driving exploration in ever more unlikely frontiers. Are the benefits worth the risks?

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