London Riots : Opinion Brief
Police arrest suspects associated with last week's London riots: Two men have already been sentenced to four years in prison each for promoting would-be looting sessions on Facebook.

Using Facebook to incite London riots: Is a 4-year sentence too harsh?

Two Facebook users in their 20s used the network to promote debauchery as if it were a social event — and they're paying a surprisingly steep price

London Riots : Opinion Brief
British police detain a man during last week's riots: British Prime Minister David Cameron is considering a curfew among other restrictions in order to prevent further unrest.

Punishing London's looters: Will tough love work?

In the wake of last week's riots, Prime Minister David Cameron is promising a crackdown to restore law and order. But will that only fuel the unrest?

London Riots : Forecast
Riot police during London's upheaval: Britain's struggling economy and troublesome unemployment rate are similar to American problems, which leads some to worry that an uprising could happen here, too.

London riots: Could they happen in the U.S.?

As Britain grapples with days of violent looting, Americans worry that riot fever could soon cross the pond

London Riots : The List
A London man talks on his iPhone while assessing the damage to his looted shop: Twitter and other social media have aided the city during the cleanup.

5 ways technology shaped the London riots

Looters organized using BlackBerry Messenger, while cleanup efforts have come together on Twitter

London Riots : Fact Sheet
Rioters in London: As senior citizens were beaten, other citizens have been deliberately run over or forced to strip naked.

London riots: 6 shocking stories

As Britain's capital burned, these outrageous — often tragic — crimes stunned its citizens

London Riots : Slideshow
Unrest in London: A visual history

Unrest in London: A visual history

The London riots may be the most violent in recent memory, but the city has a long and rocky history of upheaval 

London Riots : Best Video
A masked man walks past a burning car in London: "Good fun"?

British teens' 'unsettling' riot interview

As their neighborhood burns, two chortling young rioters glibly tell a BBC interviewer that they're "showing the rich we do what we want"

London Riots : Opinion Brief
A man looks into a looted flower shop in west London: While the riots were triggered by the police killing of a 29-year-old black man, many Britons see other causes behind the widespread unrest.

What caused the London riots? 5 theories

Mob violence and rampant looting in Britain have led to more than 1,000 arrests this week, as a rattled nation searches for answers

London Riots : Opinion Brief
British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with an officer in south London: Riots that began on Saturday are still raging across the city.

London's 'terrifying' riots: Can David Cameron restore order?

The British prime minister comes home early from his vacation, after days of violent rioting sparked by a police shooting

London Riots : Twitter Take
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