Dick Cheney : Opinion Brief
Dick Cheney's memoir has reignited an old feud, with Colin Powell and the former VP engaged in some very public name-calling over the book's details.

Dick Cheney's memoir: Full of 'cheap shots'?

Colin Powell accuses the former vice president of trashing his Bush administration colleagues to sell more books

Dick Cheney : The List
In his upcoming autobiography, Dick Cheney reveals many new details about his eight years as George W. Bush's No. 2, including his push to bomb Syria.

Dick Cheney's 'head-exploding' memoir: 6 revelations

The man who was arguably the most powerful vice president in U.S. history shakes up Washington with a pugnacious, unapologetic look back

Dick Cheney : Wit
HBO is developing a miniseries about former Vice President Dick Cheney: Some commentators expect it to exhibit a harsh liberal bias.

HBO's Dick Cheney miniseries: The wisecracks

The premium channel is developing a series about the charisma-challenged former vice president. Commentators are amused

Dick Cheney : Opinion Brief
Did Dick Cheney have treasonous intentions?

Dick Cheney's military 'coup'

Disgraced former congressman Eric Massa sees "treason" in Cheney's alleged lobbying of Gen. David Petraeus to take on Obama in 2012

Dick Cheney : Analysis
Cheney had his first heart attack during the Carter administration.

Cheney's 5 heart attacks: How rare?

Dick Cheney is lucky to be alive after his fifth heart attack, but he's not  the only person to survive that many (or more)

Dick Cheney : Opinion Brief
Cheney vs. Biden: Who came out on top?

Dick Cheney vs. Joe Biden

Who won the battle of the vice presidents on the Sunday talk shows?

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