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Gay in America

Gay in America : Analysis
Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield has been trying to push his anti-gay laws for several years.

Will Tennessee teachers have to out gay students?

A pending "don't say gay" bill could force K-12 educators to inform parents if their child is — or may be — gay

Gay in America : The List
A massive gathering of Boy Scouts in a New Jersey field in May 2011.

5 reasons the Boy Scouts might end its ban on gays

The iconic youth organization is seriously contemplating a huge about-face in its policy on gay scouts and troop leaders. Why now?

Gay in America : Instant Guide
"I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst," Charlie Rogers wrote on her Facebook page four days before allegedly faking her own hate crime.

The lesbian who allegedly faked her own hate crime

Charlie Rogers told Nebraska police that three men stripped her naked and carved anti-gay slurs into her body. But the cops say she's lying — and arrested her

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Legendary astronaut Sally Ride, pictured in 1983, revealed in her obituary that she was a lesbian, the ultimate example, some say, of the new trend toward coming out quietly.

Was Sally Ride an 'absent heroine' of the gay rights movement?

The recently departed astronaut was the first American woman in space — but her obituary reveals that she was its first known gay one as well

Gay in America : Controversy
Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy openly admitted that the chain, which has maintained a conservative profile for 66 years, does not support gay marriage.

Chick-fil-A's anti-gay-marriage confession: Bad for business?

The fast-food chain's leader takes a stand for the "biblical definition" of marriage, and is rewarded with boycott threats

Gay in America : The List
Members of the Boy Scouts of America in Washington state: The organization has reaffirmed its policy of excluding gay members.

4 reasons the Boy Scouts may regret banning gays

One of the nation's best-known youth organizations reaffirms its don't-ask-don't-tell policy, inciting a chorus of boos from gay-rights activists

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Frank Ocean performs at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California: The up-and-coming R&B star's quiet coming out could be more significant because he's part of the often homophobic hip hop and R&B communities.

Singer Frank Ocean comes out: A bigger deal than Anderson Cooper?

Rising R&B star Frank Ocean isn't nearly as well known as CNN's Silver Fox, but his self-outing could touch more lives

Gay in America : Analysis
"In a perfect world, I don't think it's anyone else's business," CNN anchor Anderson Cooper says of the fact that he is gay. But there is "value in standing up and being counted."

Why Anderson Cooper came out as gay: 3 theories

After refusing to comment publicly on the matter for nearly two decades, the CNN newsman officially comes out to The Daily Beast. Why now?

Gay in America : Burning Question
Oreo released an image of this rainbow-cream-filled cookie on its Facebook page in support of Gay Pride month, but has no plans to offer these politically tinged treats in stores.

The Oreo gay-pride cookie: Good for business?

The iconic cookie gets a stunt makeover for Gay Pride month. Liberal customers are thrilled. Conservative consumers, not so much

Gay in America : Timeline
The Salvation Army may do wonders for the needy, but the Christian charity also has a troubled history of discriminating against gays.

Gays 'should die': A timeline of the Salvation Army's anti-gay flare-ups

An Australian Salvation Army major outrages gay-rights supporters — again — by agreeing that the bell-ringing-Santa charity thinks gays deserve to die

Gay in America : Photos
LGBT pride month: The global celebrations in pictures

LGBT pride month: The global celebrations in pictures

People around the world participated in LGBT pride parades in June. Here are some of the most remarkable visual highlights

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Real-life gay dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith play with their kids in a Father's Day ad for JCPenney.

Father's Day: JC Penney's gay-dads ad

The struggling retailer doubles down on its support of same-sex couples, despite a boycott from the conservative One Million Moms project

Gay in America : Instant Guide
Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) will have the final say as to whether a state Senate bill that bans the practice of gay-conversion therapy becomes law.

California's historic ban on 'gay therapy' for kids

The Golden State is well on its way to prohibiting the foisting of straight-to-gay "therapy" on kids 18 and younger

Gay in America : Timeline
Jim Parsons, who won an Emmy last year for his role on the hit sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," came out of the closet in what amounts to a postscript to a New York Times article.

Gay celebrities and the decline of the 'mega-outing'

Forget shocking magazine covers and nationally televised interviews. These days, gay celebrities disclose their sexuality far more casually and matter-of-factly

Gay in America : Slideshow
The surprising rise of gay comic book characters: A visual history

The surprising rise of gay comic book characters: A visual history

X-Men mutant Northstar became the first openly gay superhero in 1992. Now, DC Comics will out one of its 'major iconic characters.' (Is it you, Aquaman?)

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Dharun Ravi wipes away tears during his sentencing Monday: While the judge could have made an example of the former Rutgers student, Ravi will instead serve only 30 days in jail.

Tyler Clementi case: Is Dharun Ravi's jail sentence too lenient?

After being convicted of a "bias crime" for spying on his gay roommate Clementi, who committed suicide in 2010, Ravi is sentenced to only 30 days in prison

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