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Gay in America

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Darnell Young (not pictured), a 17-year-old gay high school student, was allegedly bullied numerous times before he resorted to using a stun gun to protect himself.

The mom who sent her gay son to school with a stun gun

An Indianapolis high school expels a gay junior after he pulls a stun gun on six bullies. Did Mom make the right call by arming her son?

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Despite the backlash pastor Sean Harris comments have triggered, he maintains that effeminate behavior in boys in "ungodly."

'Beat the gay away': One pastor's advice for parents

Gay rights proponents condemn a North Carolina preacher for suggesting that parents punch effeminate sons — words he now claims were a failed joke

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Dharun Ravi is escorted out of the courthouse Friday after being found guilty of committing hate crimes against his late roommate, Tyler Clementi.

Rutgers' webcam spying case: Was the jury right to call it a hate crime?

Dharun Ravi is found guilty and faces 10 years in prison for tormenting gay roommate Tyler Clementi, who killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge

Gay in America : Analysis
"If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!" Roland Martin tweeted on Sunday, leading CNN to suspend him.

Did CNN's Roland Martin deserve a suspension for 'homophobic' tweeting?

CNN yanks an in-house political analyst off the air, but some argue that the punishment doesn't fit the tweet

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Cynthia Nixon attends a gay marriage panel in New York in 2010: The actress recently clarified her position on whether being gay is a choice.

Cynthia Nixon's 'gay by choice' backtracking

The actress says that, while sexual orientation isn't a choice, as a bisexual, she did have to decide whether to be with a man or a woman

Gay in America : Instant Guide
Employees of Georgia's Shorter University must pledge to reject homosexuality, premarital sex, and adultery, or risk losing their jobs at the religious college.

One university's ultimatum: Reject homosexuality or get fired

A fundamentalist Christian school is making employees sign a pledge not to stray from what the college says the Bible teaches. Is that legal?

Gay in America : Controversy
Linda Wall, Virginia House of Delegates hopeful, admitted to sexual relations with a minor when she was a junior high school gym teacher 30 years ago.

Linda Wall: The anti-gay activist who molested an underage girl

A conservative crusader seeking office in Virginia admits that she had sex with a middle-school girl who was her student in the 1970s

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
While there are plenty of openly gay actors, Zachary Quinto has the potential to be the first gay A-list movie star, say bloggers.

Zachary Quinto: Does it still matter when a celebrity comes out?

The actor, who played Mr. Spock in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek, has revealed he's gay — reigniting debate about the significance of an actor's sexuality

Gay in America : Fact Sheet
A new study suggests that job applicants whose resumes suggest that they're gay are much less likely than straight applicants to be called in for an interview, especially in certain Southern and Midwestern states.

Why gay men don't get job interviews

A new study suggests that men with "gay résumés" are 40 percent less likely to get called in for a white-collar job interview. What gives?

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Elmhurst College, a small Chicago-area liberal arts school, is the first university in the U.S. to ask its applicants about their sexuality.

Should colleges question applicants about their sexuality?

A small liberal arts school tries to support LGBT students by becoming the first American college to question teens about their sexual preferences

Gay in America : Best Video
Virginia high school senior Jake Boyer, who just came out to friends and family this year, holds his prom queen crown.

Real-life Glee: The boy who was crowned prom queen

Echoing a plot point from the FOX series, an openly gay high school student bucks tradition to earn the coveted tiara

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
A bill passed by the Tennessee state Senate would prevent educators from discussing homosexuality with young students - at least until high school.

Tennessee's 'malevolent' 'don't say gay' bill

The state Senate approves a measure that would prevent teachers and counselors from talking about homosexuality until kids reach high school

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
In this Budweiser commercial, a homecoming soldier hugs a (special?) friend, leading some to believe that the beer company is flirting with progressive messages.

Budweiser's 'gay soldier' ad

A new beer commercial depicts a military man coming home to his... boyfriend?

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
Jonathan Williams and his date were kicked out of a London pub for kissing last week, and a group of 300 people staged a "kiss-in" protest in response.

London's 'gay kiss-in'

After two men are kicked out of a London pub for sharing a kiss, hundreds of protesters express their disapproval by making out in front of the bar

Gay in America : Burning Question
California may soon be the first state to include LGBT history in its high-school textbooks, a move that advocates say could help combat bullying.

Should schools be required to teach gay history?

California may become the first state to mandate that high-school history textbooks include lessons on LGBT pioneers

Gay in America : Opinion Brief
The fast food chain is under scrutiny after a Pennsylvania location provided free lunch to a seminar hosted by an anti-gay rights group.

Gay activists vs. Chick-fil-A

The restaurant chain is under fire for a connection to a group that opposes gay marriage. Is the company being dragged into a fight where it doesn't belong, or do its policies make it fair game?

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