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Health Care Reform : Analysis
Gov. Kasich speaks during the Republican National Convention on Aug. 28 in Tampa.

Gov. John Kasich's Medicaid flip: Are conservatives embracing ObamaCare?

Why did the Tea Party–backed governor of Ohio just say yes to a key part of President Obama's health care law?

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
ObamaCare supporters react to the Supreme Court decision to uphold President Obama's health care law on June 28.

Counting down to ObamaCare: What's coming in 2013?

Most Americans still don't know what to expect from President Obama's health-care overhaul, and the big changes are yet to come

Health Care Reform : The List
House Speaker John Boehner has suggested that Republicans will require changes to ObamaCare as part of a debt deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

3 ways Republicans can still dismantle ObamaCare

The law has survived the Supreme Court and a presidential election, but it has a few more hoops to jump through

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Everything you need to know about palliative care

It's the best solution for people facing serious, painful diseases, and introduces the very real possibility of living comfortably with such diseases for a very long time

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Why President Obama (or Romney) must tackle Alzheimer's

Here's a Big Idea: America's leader — whoever he is — ought to call on the country to tackle this painful, debilitating disease of the mind

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: More knowledge + less government = A healthier you

A vast reservoir of digital data combine with incredible biosensor tools promise a health-care future driven by smarter individual engagement

Health Care Reform : Analysis
"We don't have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don't have insurance," Mitt Romney said in a recent interview.

Mitt Romney says Americans don't die for lack of health insurance: Is he right?

"You go to the hospital," the GOP nominee says. "You get treated, you get care, and it's paid for, either by charity, the government or by the hospital."

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Why Medicare is the defining issue of the 2012 race

Taxes, foreign policy, immigration, Afghanistan, abortion — none are as important to voters as Medicare is

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Why America can never give up on medical research

Medical research is expensive — but it also makes Americans and the rest of the world healthier, grows our economy, and produces valuable jobs here at home

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: How do you want to die?

It's a fraught question, but unless we move beyond caricatured "death panels" and deal with grim realities thoughtfully and responsibly, we're all in trouble

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: What my doctor thinks of ObamaCare

Lawmakers in D.C. may truly be committed to improving America's health-care system. But according to actual physicians, our leaders are going about it all wrong

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Mitt Romney: On the offensive in the intentionally muddied battle over who's doing the most damage to Medicare.

Who cuts Medicare more — Romney or Obama?

After picking a running mate with an unpopular plan to overhaul Medicare, Mitt Romney turns the tables — declaring that Obama is the one who's gutting the program

Health Care Reform : Fact Sheet
As of Aug. 1, insured American women have access to eight new health services at no out-of-pocket cost, including basic physicals, diabetes screenings, and birth control.

5 ObamaCare provisions you can already take advantage of

Many of the controversial law's rules have quietly gone into effect, giving insured Americans free mammograms, colonoscopies, HIV tests, and more

Health Care Reform : Burning Question
By the year 2025, the U.S. could have a shortfall of 100,000 doctors.

Is America running out of doctors?

ObamaCare is set to expand the number of insured Americans, but an apparent shortage of doctors could make it difficult to treat them all

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
Supporters of President Obama's health care law celebrate outside the Supreme Court in Washington on June 28: According to the Congressional Budget Office, the court's ruling, which allows states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, will save about $84 billion.

ObamaCare's new price tag: A guide

The Congressional Budget Office says the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act will lower the cost of the law... but also make it less effective

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Why both parties should embrace ObamaCare's state exchanges

Largely lost in the fight over ObamaCare is a worthy provision that lets states develop insurance systems that are right for them — but they must act soon

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