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Health Care Reform : Burning Question
Demonstrators protest against President Obama's health care reform law: A new poll suggests two-thirds of Americans want all or part of the law overturned.

Why is ObamaCare so unpopular? 4 theories

Even many Americans who stand to benefit from President Obama's health-care law want the Supreme Court to overturn it. What gives?

Health Care Reform : Analysis
The Obama campaign is officially embracing the "ObamaCare" label, printing it on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and all manner of campaign swag.

Why Obama is finally embracing the 'ObamaCare' label: 4 theories

Republicans use "ObamaCare" as shorthand for everything people don't like about the president's health care overhaul. Can Obama turn that around?

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: Premium support is the only way to fix America's Medicare mess

To save Medicare — and rein in our national debt — we must transform the entitlement program into a defined-contribution system

Health Care Reform : Fact Sheet
People march in favor of President Obama's Affordable Care Act on the first day of Supreme Court hearings weighing the constitutionality of the law.

'ObamaCare' on trial: 4 takeaways from Day 1

The Supreme Court opens arguments over the constitutionality of the controversial law — and suggests that it won't shrink away from issuing an inevitably divisive ruling

Health Care Reform : Burning Question
The fate of President Obama's health care law may all come down to one vote by one man: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Will the Supreme Court's 'personal politics' kill 'ObamaCare'?

A majority of Americans believe the fate of the law will come down to the personal beliefs of Anthony Kennedy and Co., not just the legal arguments

Health Care Reform : Forecast
Should the Supreme Court strike down President Obama health care reform, is the health care industry in for chaos?

What happens if the Supreme Court strikes down 'ObamaCare'?

The fate of Obama's biggest domestic achievement is in the court's hands  — and its supporters are bracing for the possibility of defeat

Health Care Reform : Instant Guide
President Obama applauds after signing the Affordable Care Act in 2010: The Supreme Court will assess, among other things, the controversial individual health insurance mandate.

Can 'ObamaCare' survive the Supreme Court?

The president's signature domestic achievement is about to face the ultimate test. A concise guide to the ins and outs of the case

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
President Obama's Affordable Care Act turns two years old on March 23, and a few days later, the Supreme Court will consider the landmark law's constitutionality.

Doubling down on 'ObamaCare': A 'political nightmare' for Democrats?

The White House is once again talking up the benefits of President Obama's health-care overhaul, and Republicans are licking their chops

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: How the Supreme Court's 'ObamaCare' ruling will affect you

The nation's highest court is about to judge the president's signature legislative achievement — and it's not just politicians who are invested in the outcome

Health Care Reform : By the numbers
The cost of the pill ranges widely: Generic varieties can cost $9 per month, while brand-name versions can top $90 per month.

The cost of birth control: By the numbers

The burning birth-control controversies boil down to two seemingly simple questions: How much does contraception cost, and who should pay for it?

Health Care Reform : Analysis
The Senate voted 51-48 on Thursday to table Sen. Roy Blunt's (R-Mo.) contraception amendment, which would have allowed employers to forgo birth-control coverage requirements if they objected on moral grounds.

The failed Blunt amendment: Is the contraception fight finally over?

In Washington's latest culture war battle, the Senate scraps a GOP attempt to let employers ignore birth-control coverage mandates they disagree with

Health Care Reform : The List
President Obama's health-care reform law mandates that all Americans have health insurance, a provision that 72 percent of adults believe is unconstitutional, according to a new poll.

3 reasons voters have soured on 'ObamaCare'

A new poll reveals that nearly three-fourths of Americans believe Obama's health-care reform law is unconstitutional — including 56 percent of Democrats

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The arrogance of Obama's 'accommodation'

No one elected Barack Obama to be pope. So why on earth is he forcing Catholics to violate their religious doctrines?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Catholic bishops furious over a federal birth-control mandate want President Obama to offer an exemption to any American who objects to the rule on religious grounds.

Will Obama's contraception compromise help his campaign?

The president tries to appease Catholic leaders by revising a controversial birth-control mandate — and may have won over independent voters in the process

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
President Obama announces changes to his birth control mandate Friday: The rule change has failed to satisfy some Catholic leaders.

Obama's birth control compromise: 'Still unacceptable'?

The president offers an olive branch on his new contraception law — but Catholic bishops aren't exactly thrilled by his overture

Health Care Reform : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Obama's boneheaded health-care fight with Catholics

The president desperately needs to woo Catholic voters in key swing states. So why on Earth is he picking a culture-war fight with them?

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