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Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Republican committee chairmen are already at work drafting a new health care bill.

What the GOP's health care vote achieved

In their first big victory since taking control of the House, Republicans passed a bill to repeal the Democrats' health-care reform law. Did they really accomplish anything?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
John Boehner will attempt to lead the House in a repeal of Obama's health care legislation.

Is the Democrats' health-care reform law 'killing' jobs?

That's the GOP's story, and they're sticking to it. Do Republicans have a persuasive case?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) says it may take time to replace "Obamacare," but "we will get this done."

Should Republicans back down on health care?

With the public's opposition to the health-care law waning, pushing repeal could get risky for the GOP

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and House Republican leaders still have the health-care repeal bill at the top of their agenda.

The GOP's health-care repeal: Tactless timing?

With the nation craving civility after the Arizona shootings, should House Republicans be pushing the divisive health-reform repeal bill?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
GOP House Speaker John Boehner says that "common-sense reforms" will ultimately save more money than the Democrats' "job-killing health care law."

Health care reform: Is repealing it worth $230 billion?

A congressional agency says the GOP proposal to scrap the Affordable Care Act would add to the deficit. So are Republicans being hypocritical by pushing for repeal?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) says he is confident that a Republican repeal of the health reform law would pass in the House with a veto-proof majority.

Health reform repeal: Realistic GOP goal or 'reckless stunt'?

While some commentators see House Republicans' plan to push through a repeal of "ObamaCare" as smart politics, others call it delusional

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
The health care legislation that Obama signed into law in March did not include a specific provision for end-of-life planning.

The return of 'death panels'?

The Obama team is enacting government-funded end-of-life counseling, even after Congress dropped the provision from the health-care reform law. Cue the outrage

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
In March, Obama signed the first health care bill that required Americans to purchase insurance.

Health care ruling: Could it be a victory for Obama?

A federal judge in Virginia says a key part of Obama's health care reform is unconstitutional. So why aren't reformers more upset?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
As recently as the 1990s many health insurance plans did not cover birth control. Today, almost all plans, including Medicaid, cover prescription contraceptives.

Should birth control be free?

Under health-care reform law, women could get the morning-after pill free of charge  — if the government decides it qualifies as preventive medical care

Health Care Reform : In-depth briefing
America spends $7,681 per person on health care, more than double what European nations and Japan spend.

Cutting the cost of health care

The price of medical care keeps rising. Why are costs so high and how will they ever come down?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Nearly 30,000 McDonald's workers could lose their insurance if the fast-food chain has to comply with new health-care reforms.

Are McDonald's employees being squeezed by health care reform?

The fast-food giant warns it might have to drop limited insurance plans for hourly workers. Does this point to a fatal flaw in the reform law?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
John Boehner, likely the next speaker of the House, is determined to keep 'Obamacare' out of legislation.

Will Boehner be able to block 'ObamaCare'?

Even if repealing health care reform is all but impossible for now, the House Republican leader hopes that withholding its funding will have the same effect

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Would the public option improve the prognosis for U.S. deficits?

Return of the public option?

Some House Democrats are trying to revive the contentious public option, this time as a deficit fix. Could they succeed?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Conservatives are locked in a new battle against free birth control.

Health care reform: 'Free' birth control for all?

Conservatives are preparing for another battle over Obama's health care plan — this time on the question of whether birth control ought to be free. Is that a winning fight?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama.

Obamacare sticker shock: $115 billion more?

The CBO says the 10-year cost of health care reform could rise above $1 trillion. Why is the bill getting more expensive?

Health Care Reform : Opinion Brief
Did Obama turn a blind eye to the costs of health care?

Did Obama bury bad health care estimates?

Conservative blogs claim the White house hid a damaging report on the costs of health reform. A new scandal, or a fake controversy?

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