Fall TV 2011

Fall TV 2011 : Slideshow
Dennis Quaid and Roseanne Barr

The 10 most exciting fall TV castings (so far): A slideshow

Dennis Quaid as a rodeo cowboy turned sheriff, the return of Roseanne Barr, and 8 more pilot castings generating unbridled enthusiasm

Fall TV 2011 : The List
The only redeemable or relatable thing about Fox's newest sitcom "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" is the title, critics say.

5 reasons critics hate I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Piling on, TV reviewers find Fox's new sitcom mean-spirited, clichéd, "icky," and — worst of all — not funny

Fall TV 2011 : Analysis
Former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) is hellbent on avenging his wife's death in AMC's new western drama "Hell on Wheels."

Hell on Wheels: Can AMC revive the TV western?

The network that brought back the '60s with Mad Men, and fueled a zombie resurgence with The Walking Dead, turns its sights on the Old West

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Brian Williams' primetime news magazine show, "Rock Center," debuted on Halloween night, and featured an interview with guest Jon Stewart.

Rock Center: Can Brian Williams make hard news a primetime hit?

NBC's attempt at reviving the news magazine genre rests on the shoulders of its venerable (and jocular) Nightly News anchor

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Allen Gregory is a Louis-Vuitton-toting, Pinot-Grigio-sipping seven-year-old without, some critics say, any redeeming qualities.

Allen Gregory: Jonah Hill's 'snotty' new animated series

Fox's latest cartoon comedy introduces audiences to the world's most pretentious 7-year-old. Not everyone is enchanté to meet him

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Heh-heh-heh: Returning morons Beavis and Butt-head now direct their derision at MTV's reality shows instead of music videos.

The 'superfluous' comeback of Beavis and Butt-Head

MTV's snickering duo returns after a 14-year absence, aiming their snark at Jersey Shore instead of music videos. Will audiences welcome them back?

Fall TV 2011 : Burning Question
"Two and a Half Men," which won record ratings for Ashton Kutcher's debut, has since seen millions of viewers flee.

Is Ashton Kutcher to blame for Two and a Half Men's ratings drop?

The CBS sitcom is averaging fewer viewers under Mr. Demi Moore than it did when Charlie Sheen was the star. Who's winning now?

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Fairy-tale-inspired shows square off on prime time this weekend with "Grimm" (pictured) airing Friday and "Once Upon a Time" debuting on Sunday.

Grimm vs. Once Upon a Time: Which new fairy-tale TV show is better?

Two new dramas debuting this weekend borrow heavily from classic fairy tales. Will either live happily ever after?

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Guest judge Rihanna meets with some "X Factor" contestants during a new phase of the reality singing competition in which singers break into bootcamp-style groups.

The X Factor: Uniquely satisfying, after all?

Despite a disappointing debut and unfavorable comparisons with American Idol, Simon Cowell's new reality show may finally be finding its voice

Fall TV 2011 : The List
"Modern Family" and other primetime sitcoms are fueling a comedy renaissance because they are short, easy to watch, and innovative, say critics.

The comeback of the sitcom: 6 theories

As dramas and reality TV struggle to find viewers, comedy series are more popular than ever. Here, critics ponder why 2011 is the Year of the Comedy

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Season two of "The Walking Dead" premiered Sunday in all its gory glory, but critics debate whether the show is delivering more than gross-out thrills.

The 'poignant and gory' Walking Dead premiere

AMC's hit zombie apocalypse drama launched its second season Sunday night. Will season two be as successful as the first?

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Tim Allen's new sitcom "Last Man Standing" is off to a controversial start, facing a critical backlash for its "irresponsible" anti-gay humor.

Last Man Standing's 'offensive' gay joke: The uproar

In the new sitcom, Tim Allen's character warns that a young boy taught tolerance will likely end up dancing on a gay pride parade float — a joke many critics think goes too far

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Tim Allen returns to TV with "Last Man Standing," and while critics bash the predictable plot, some say the 58-year-old actor saves the show.

Last Man Standing: How bad is Tim Allen's new sitcom?

As critics almost uniformly pan the Home Improvement star's new man-championing comedy, others find a kernel of promise in Allen's performance

Fall TV 2011 : The List
Sorry, Free Agents, but you might be the next unlucky contender on the fall TV cancelled list, which already includes NBC's The Playboy Club.

The Playboy Club cancellation: What TV show is next?

NBC's critically reviled look at the early days of Hugh Hefner's bunnies is the first fall series to get the axe. Here are five more that could soon follow

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Dylan McDermott plays a psychologist who moves his family into a haunted L.A. mansion in FX's new psycho-sexual thriller "American Horror Story."

American Horror Story: The 'scariest thing on television'?

Glee creator Ryan Murphy's new psycho-sexual thriller — packed with disturbing imagery and graphic spooks — seems to be the exact opposite of Glee

Fall TV 2011 : Burning Question
Claire Danes plays CIA operative Carrie Matheson in the spectacularly tense new Showtime drama "Homeland."

Homeland: The 'next great cable drama'?

In Showtime's new series, Claire Danes is earning raves as a conflicted CIA operative who suspects that a returning soldier may have been turned by terrorists

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