Fall TV 2011

Fall TV 2011 : By the numbers
The 9.2 million viewers who tuned in for the "New Girl" season premiere would not have been enough to keep the critically acclaimed Claire Danes' series "My So Called Life" alive in 1994.

Why today's TV hits would once have been considered bombs

With 9 million viewers, New Girl is considered a success — but not long ago, those numbers would have got it cancelled. A guide to the ratings-standard shift

Fall TV 2011 : Best Column
Prime time shows like "2 Broke Girls" are already trafficking in explicitly sexual material, points out Gavin Polone at New York.

Why the f-word belongs on TV

The forbidden four-letter word is far less offensive than the risqué language already permitted on air, argues Gavin Polone at New York

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Tessa (Jane Levy, right) is the new girl in town and Dalia (Carly Chaikin) is the resident mean girl in ABC's "Suburgatory," a new sitcom either smart or unwatchable, depending on which critic you ask.

Suburgatory: Fall's most divisive new comedy?

ABC's new family sitcom sends up life in the cul de sac, and critics can't agree if it's among the best shows of the new season — or the worst

Fall TV 2011 : Winners and Losers
"New Girl" Zooey Deschanel and her fellow TV funny women come out on top after a big week of fall premieres.

Fall TV premiere week: Winners and losers

Following TV's flurry of season premieres and series debuts, a look at which shows broke out — and which flopped spectacularly

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Fox's new time-traveling drama, "Terra Nova," may include eye-popping CGI dinosaurs, but some critics say it's otherwise flat.

Does the $20 million Terra Nova live up to its hype?

The pilot for the Fox drama — rumored to be the costliest in TV history — boasts CGI dinosaurs, Steven Spielberg, and more buzz than any other new series

Fall TV 2011 : Analysis
ABC's glossy and glamorous retro-drama "Pan Am": As evocative as "Mad Men," if more superficial.

Pan Am: A 'Mad Men ripoff' done right?

ABC's new drama premiered Sunday night, offering a lush look at the young, independent women who worked the airline's jet-age flights

Fall TV 2011 : Burning Question
James Spader joined "The Office" on Thursday night's season premiere, but critics are still divided on whether the show can thrive without Steve Carell.

Does The Office work without Steve Carell?

The hit NBC sitcom begins life without Michael Scott, and hopes to prove that it doesn't need the Golden Globe-winning star to bring the laughs

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Minka Kelly (center) stars as one of three butt-kicking agents in "Charlie's Angles," a classic TV remake that some say is already doomed.

Can Charlie's Angels escape the remake curse?

Will ABC's update of the kitschy '70s hit repeat the success of CBS' Hawaii Five-O reboot — or go the way of Bionic Woman 2.0?

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Ashton Kutcher's curiosity-provoking debut helped earn "Two and a Half Men" 28 million viewers, but some critics credit lingering fascination with Charlie Sheen.

Two and a Half Men's record ratings: Is Charlie Sheen 'still winning'?

Not only did an astounding 28 million viewers tune in for Ashton Kutcher's debut on the CBS sitcom, but Comedy Central's roast of Sheen was its highest-rated ever

Fall TV 2011 : Slideshow
The Playboy Club

The fall's worst TV shows: A slideshow

Tim Allen's castrated comedy and a "dismal" take on the Playboy Club's 1960s roots are among the lowlights of the upcoming TV season

Fall TV 2011 : The List
The fall line-up features two related trends: Confused men ("Last Man Standing") and empowered women ("Whitney").

Fall TV's gender wars: 6 talking points

From an emasculated Tim Allen on Last Man Standing to an unromantic Whitney Cummings, the upcoming TV season promises to be a battle of the sexes

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
"2 Broke Girls," starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behr, shows a lot of promise, though some critics hope the show's writers veer away from cheap shock-laughs.

2 Broke Girls: A 'modern day Laverne and Shirley'?

Kat Dennings' acid-tongued waitress and Beth Behrs' Manhattan princess may be the next great female comedy duo — if their new  writers rise to the occasion

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Ashton Kutcher made his debut as sad-sack billionaire Walden Schmidt on "Two and a Half Men" Monday, getting most of his laughs by repeatedly disrobing.

Two and a Half Men premiere: How did Ashton Kutcher do?

The actor sheds his clothes — repeatedly — in an attempt to win laughs in his first go as Charlie Sheen's replacement on the hit CBS sitcom

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
NBC's 'The Playboy Club': Sigh.

NBC's The Playboy Club premiere: Scandalously dull?

Forget accusations that NBC's new drama may be too steamy for TV. According to some critics, its real offense is being plain old "dismal"

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Will Arnett and Christina Applegate star in "Up All Night," an NBC sitcom in which the comedic vets play newbie parents.

Up All Night: TV's 'funniest family sitcom'?

Watch out, Modern Family? In NBC's rival sitcom, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett play new parents rattled by their impolite baby's nocturnal demands

Fall TV 2011 : Opinion Brief
Hardcore "Buffy" fans may be celebrating Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV, but her new CW drama "Ringer" isn't exactly winning over critics.

Ringer: Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'disappointing' return to TV

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star tackles the roles of identical twins — a socialite and a stripper — in The CW's melodramatic new nighttime soap

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