U.S. Military : Opinion Brief
A U.S. Air Force MQ-1 Predator drone flies over Nevada: President Obama's new defense strategy calls for reducing ground troops while increasing unmanned drone fleets.

Obama's defense cuts: Can drones really keep us safe?

The president wants to downsize and modernize the mighty U.S. military to fit the nation's fiscal and tactical realities — and it's making some experts nervous

U.S. Military : Opinion Brief
U.S. Marines work to open a door while searching for explosives: The Pentagon's proposed budget cuts mean the U.S. military could not fight two ground wars at once.

Will the Pentagon's $450 billion budget cut 'decimate' the military?

Can we afford to adopt the Defense Department's new strategy for slashing spending on weapons and troops? Can we afford not to?

U.S. Military : By the numbers
A Department of Labor sponsored Veterans Employment Expo: The unemployment rate for veterans aged 20 to 24 is about 30 percent or more than double that of others the same age.

The 'bleak' glut of unemployed veterans: By the numbers

Americans returning from war are far more likely to be jobless — and eventually homeless — than their civilian counterparts

U.S. Military : Fact Sheet
The military is packing sandwiches now that will still taste fresh when soldiers open them ... in late 2013.

The sandwich with a two-year shelf life

The U.S. Army is rolling out a "cutting edge" line of take-anywhere sandwiches

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
Aloysius Erker, a WWII vet, received long-overdue accolades this past August 10 thanks to the interventions of his soldier-grandsons.

The WWII vet honored… after 66 years

One soldier's touching story reminds us what Veterans Day is all about

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
Thanks to a new muscle-repairing treatment that relies on pig cells, thousands of injured soldiers might be able to regrow portions of their damaged limbs.

The 'tantalizing' plan to regrow soldiers' flesh with pig cells 

Can a groundbreaking new procedure help the human body rebuild lost limbs much like a lizard regrows its tail?  

U.S. Military : Controversy
A U.S. military funeral in Arlington, Va.: The main military mortuary in Delaware has allegedly lost body parts, and worse, before transferring the dead soldiers to their families.

The Air Force's 'appalling' mishandling of America's war dead

The remains of fallen soldiers were lost, dumped in a landfill, and in one case, dismembered. A guide to the disturbing revelations

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
Beef jerky is already a handy on-the-go snack, and soon, it may be packed with caffeine, too, in order to keep sleepy soldiers alert.

The Army's newest grub: Caffeinated beef jerky?

Our soldiers may soon be chowing down on caffeine-laced meats with a side of "Zapplesauce"

U.S. Military : Burning Question
A U.S. Navy officer holds his 3-year-old daughter before deployment: A new study finds that children of military parents are at risk for violent behavior in middle and high school.

Are children of military parents more violent?

Teens with a parent deployed overseas may be more likely than their peers to get into fights, join a gang, or carry a weapon

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
U.S. soldiers train in a street scene: An MIT invention brings the army a step closer to being able to see through concrete walls.

Will MIT’s 'x-ray vision' help soldiers see through walls? 

A complex new machine could help soldiers target unseen enemies — even if they're hiding in a concrete building

U.S. Military : Wit
Are there some nicely shaped brows hiding behind this Army man's muddy cover? A new craze is cleaning up the usually rugged looks of some U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

The military's eyebrow-shaping craze: The wisecracks

Soldiers at a base in Afghanistan have taken to having their brows shaved and threaded into precise arches. Commentators have taken to mocking them

U.S. Military : Instant Guide
A U.S. Air Force Reaper drone: A virus that records computer keystrokes has infected a fleet of military drones, and some suspect that secret data may have been captured.

The 'nasty' computer virus infecting U.S. military drones

Unmanned aircraft used by the Air Force for espionage and combat have been stung by malware. Should we be worried?

U.S. Military : Opinion Brief
A U.S. soldier in Afghanistan: As the war draws to a close, the defense budget will shrink by at least $350 billion over the next ten years.

The Army's 'alarming' cuts: Too drastic?

America's military is planning sizable reductions in troop levels — and fueling concern that we may be sacrificing safety for austerity

U.S. Military : By the numbers
A U.S. marine patrols in southern Afghanistan: The U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to cost, on average, $9.7 billion per month.

What U.S. war expenditures could have bought instead: By the numbers

The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are costing, on average, $9.7 billion a month — roughly the equivalent of six space shuttle flights

U.S. Military : Best Video
Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson shows off powerful vocals that rival even Adele's talent.

A U.S. Air Force band's 'awesome' Adele cover

Military musicians become YouTube darlings with their impressive take on "Rolling in the Deep"

U.S. Military : By the numbers
A U.S. army soldier in an Afghanistan housing tent: One expert's estimate says the U.S. military's air conditioning bill for Afghanistan and Iraq will exceed NASA's 2011 budget.

The military's $20 billion air conditioning bill: By the numbers

A former U.S. military logistician calculates the staggering cost of keeping soldiers from broiling in the desert

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