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The Occupy Movement

The Occupy Movement : Opinion Brief
New York police arrest a bloodied protester Tuesday: More than 50 people were reportedly apprehended for disorderly conduct during May Day demonstrations in cities across the country.

The ho-hum May Day protests: Is the Occupy movement dead?

It was the 99 percent's largest show of force since last fall, but the group is still struggling to recapture the national spotlight

The Occupy Movement : By the numbers
Georgia Pearce smokes a cigarette at the Occupy D.C. encampment: The movement's funds have been spent on posters, tea, and subway fair.

Occupy Wall Street's dwindling funds: By the numbers

The group says it could run out of money by the end of the month — potentially spelling the end of the Occupy movement

The Occupy Movement : The List
The Occupy movement got hit with a wave of eviction notices across the country, but its activists are still working behind the scenes.

What happened to Occupy Wall Street? 4 talking points

The anti-corporate movement may be out of the headlines, but it's keeping itself busy

The Occupy Movement : Instant Guide
The Occupiers' rallying cry has been named the best quote of 2011, according to Yale University.

'We are the 99 percent': The quote of the year?

Occupy Wall Street's famous catch phrase has been singled out by Yale University as the most enduring quote of 2011

The Occupy Movement : Wit
Occupy Wall Street is spreading outside of Zuccotti Park: The anti-bank movement will occupy classrooms at NYU next fall, thanks to two courses focused on the grassroots protest.

NYU's Occupy Wall Street class: The wisecracks

The notoriously pricey Manhattan university will offer two courses on the anti-capitalist movement next fall

The Occupy Movement : Slideshow
7 Occupy Wall Street anthems

7 Occupy Wall Street anthems

Protesters transcend the drum circle as musicians from Miley Cyrus to Jackson Browne interpret the movement in song

The Occupy Movement : Instant Guide
Robin Hood notoriously stole from the rich and gave to the poor, which is what some hacking groups are planning to do with banks and the Occupy movement.

'Operation Robin Hood': The hacker scheme to fund Occupy

Anonymous and Team Poison are planning to steal from rich banks and give the proceeds to the 99 percent

The Occupy Movement : Burning Question
UC Davis Occupiers: Only 1.6 percent of New York's Occupy Wall Street movement are black, according to a recent survey.

Why is Occupy Wall Street 'overwhelmingly white'?

Occupiers claim to represent the "99 percent" — but the movement's demographic makeup isn't exactly a reflection of our multicultural nation

The Occupy Movement : The List
Biggest Occupy controversies: A slideshow

The 9 biggest Occupy controversies: A slideshow

From aggressive pepper-spraying to sex at Zuccotti Park, a look at the 2-month-old movement's headline-making scandals

The Occupy Movement : Best Video
Occupy protesters hold signs during a demonstration at UC Davis: New footage of the now-infamous pepper spray incident reveals that protesters knew the assault was coming well in advance.

Did the UC Davis protesters agree to be pepper sprayed?

New footage hints that the students who were controversially doused by police may have actually been willing participants

The Occupy Movement : Opinion Brief
As part of a photoshopping trend sweeping the internet, one Flickr user introduced pepper-spraying Lt. John Pike into Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks."

The 'Pepper Spray Cop' meme: Silly, offensive, or important?

An image of a paunchy cop casually pepper-spraying protesters is being photoshopped into everything from Manet paintings to Beatles album covers

The Occupy Movement : Fact Sheet
Occupiers face off with police during a Portland, Ore., demonstration: To control the crowds, some cops have used pepper spray, which can cause intense skin and eye pain.

Police vs. Occupiers: How dangerous is pepper spray?

The controversial crowd-control weapon is dozens of times hotter than a jalapeno, and can cause temporary blindness for up to 30 minutes

The Occupy Movement : Timeline
Big Labor gave an Occupy Wall Street rally in Manhattan a big boost this week, bringing the estimated number of participants in New York alone to roughly 15,000.

Occupy Wall Street: A protest timeline

A relatively small gathering of young anarchists and aging hippies in lower Manhattan has spawned a national movement. What happened?

The Occupy Movement : Opinion Brief
A California cop pepper sprays peaceful protesters at the University of California, Davis, on Friday: The two police officers involved have been placed on leave.

The 'shocking' UC Davis pepper-spray outrage

Police and administrators on a California campus face the scorn of students and faculty after video of a controversial confrontation goes viral

The Occupy Movement : Instant Guide
The LRAD cannon fires a high-decibel, high-frequency noise that can cause extreme pain.

Police vs. Occupiers: The controversial 'sound cannon' weapon

Forget tear gas and mace. The cops' LRAD sound cannon is really making some noise

The Occupy Movement : Winners and Losers
A masked Occupy Wall Street protester walks across the Brooklyn Bridge Thursday night: Hundreds of Occupiers were arrested during the two-month-old movement's "Day of Action."

Occupy's 'Day of Action': Winners and losers

Across the country, embattled Occupiers make an obstreperous stand — and run into police making a stand of their own

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