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Amazon's Empire

Amazon's Empire : Instant Guide

Amazon coins: The online retailer's brilliant first stab at digital currency

Kindle Fire owners will soon be able to purchase apps using virtual coins, and the company plans to give "tens of millions" of them away

Amazon's Empire : Burning Question
An Amazon employee sorts packages in Arizona: The online retailing giant's deep discounts may be problematic to its bottom line.

How long can Amazon go without making money?

The online retailer posts a loss for the third quarter, but investors are utterly unfazed by the company's consistently poor earnings

Amazon's Empire : Analysis
Jeff Bezos' rocket makes a successful launch on Oct. 19.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' next conquest: Outer space?

The billionaire's secretive aerospace company, Blue Origin, tests a new pusher rocket system

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up a Kindle Paperwhite during an event on Sept. 6: The new e-reader is winning (mostly) rave reviews from tech critics.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite: The new must-have e-reader?

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Seattle-based e-tailer rolls out an impressively beautiful new reading device

Amazon's Empire : Fact Sheet
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils the new Kindle Paperwhite, which features a high-contrast text display allowing users to read in the dark without straining their eyes.

Amazon's cheap and amazing new Kindles: 5 talking points

Overwhelmed by the bookseller's avalanche of announcements? Rest easy. Here's exactly what you need to know about the new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
After securing the rights to stream hits like The Hunger Games, Amazon may now be a legitimate competitor to Netflix.

Amazon's Epix movie deal: Is Netflix doomed?

The e-tail giant buys the rights to stream more than 3,000 new movies that were once exclusive to Netflix — including some of 2012's biggest hits

Amazon's Empire : Controversy
In the face of public scrutiny over Amazon's warehouse conditions, CEO Jeff Bezos announced a new corporate-sponsored education program.

Amazon's worker-education program: A 'sweatshop' cover-up?

The company launches a generous program to help new employees pick up high-demand skills, but some doubt that Amazon is doing it out of the goodness of its heart

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Amazon is rumored to be moving to near-instant gratification: Order something in the morning and get it that afternoon with same-day delivery.

Will Amazon's same-day delivery destroy retail stores?

The Financial Times says the online giant is rolling out a faster delivery service, undercutting one of the last advantages of a physical store: Instant gratification

Amazon's Empire : The List
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos presents the Kindle Fire in September 2011: The tablet's popularity doesn't guarantee Amazon success in the volatile smartphone market.

4 reasons Amazon's Kindle Phone is a bad idea

The Kindle Fire made a splashy entrance and even managed to eat into the iPad's wide lead. Could Amazon do the same with a smartphone?

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Amazon's Kindle Fire has done so well carving out a niche in the tablet market that the company is reportedly going to try its hand at smartphones next.

Can Amazon crack the smartphone market?

Bloomberg stokes rumors that the etailer behind the Kindle Fire tablet is hard at work developing an iPhone competitor

Amazon's Empire : Instant Guide
Local residents of Falls Church, Va., take in the damage Sunday morning after a powerful weekend storm left 2.1 million people from Virginia to Illinois without power.

How a thunderstorm knocked out Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix

Severe weather left Amazon's cloud storage centers in northern Virginia without power, crippling large segments of the web that rely on its digital architecture

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Anna Wintour, Miuccia Prada, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Carey Mulligan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2012 Costume Institute Gala, an event that was sponsored by Amazon.

Can Amazon break into the fashion business?

Watch out, Saks: In its latest attempt to dominate the entire retail economy, Amazon is selling high fashion alongside its paperbacks, pet toys, and frying pans

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Target has booted Amazon's Kindle Fire off its shelves while finalizing plans to open mini-Apple stores, selling the rival iPad tablet, in 25 Target locations.

Is Target going to war against Amazon?

The retail giant is dumping Amazon's Kindle products, in the latest round of an increasingly bitter battle between the online retailer and brick-and-mortar stores

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
Amazon recently slashed its e-book prices to as low as $9.99, which a CEO of a major publishing house once allegedly called "the wretched $9.99 price point."

Cheaper e-books: Where's the downside?

Amazon is dropping prices for e-books to as little as $9.99. For some, the move raises concerns that the discounts could decimate the rest of the publishing industry

Amazon's Empire : Forecast
The orange Kiva Systems robots will help Amazon reduce labor costs and make its distribution centers more efficient as the e-commerce king expands its domain.

Will Amazon crush its rivals with an 'army of robots'?

In a bid to streamline its operations, the online retail giant staffs its warehouses with a fleet of "speedy cyber-mules"

Amazon's Empire : Opinion Brief
"Jersey Shore": Soon to be available to Amazon Prime subscribers, thanks to a new streaming video deal with Viacom.

Does Amazon's Viacom deal make it a real competitor to Netflix?

The e-tail giant tries to woo streaming video fans by signing a deal for dozens of TV shows, including Jersey Shore and Dora the Explorer

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