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2012 Oscar Race

2012 Oscar Race : Analysis
The "Bridesmaids" stars at the Oscars: Some critics say Kristen Wiig and Co. would be far better hosts than the aging Billy Crystal.

7 ways to fix the Oscars

Another year, another Academy Awards telecast trashed by critics. From scrapping the host to serving cocktails to celebs, a collection of proposed Oscar improvements

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Hosting his ninth Oscars telecast Sunday night, Billy Crystal was an over-familiar presence.

Billy Crystal's Oscar hosting: A 'disaster'?

For his ninth outing as Oscar host, the comedian dredged up his safe, classic bits — underwhelming critics who yearned for an edgier, funnier telecast

2012 Oscar Race : The List
Chris Rock, presenting Best Animated Feature, delivered the zingiest lines in a Oscar telecast that was hit-or-miss at best.

2012 Oscars: 10 best and worst moments

Chris Rock slays, Emma Stone delights, and Robert Downey Jr. crashes and burns. Critics break down the highs and lows from Sunday night's Academy Awards telecast

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Veteran Oscar host Billy Crystal returns to the show Sunday to usher in a few shoo-ins, but, perhaps, a few wild cards too (and we're not just talking awards).

2012 Oscars: What to watch for

Will anything unexpected happen during Sunday's Academy Awards telecast? Well, let's hope so...

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Critics agree "The Artist" is a near sure-fire win for Sunday's Best Picture Oscar, with "Hugo" being its closest competition.

Oscars 2012: Is there any way The Artist could lose?

The black-and-white silent film has been steamrolling through awards season, racking up nearly every trophy enroute to the Academy's Best Picture honor

2012 Oscar Race : Burning Question
PricewaterhouseCoopers partners and Academy president Tom Sherak (center) attend the final Oscar ballot mailing on Feb. 1: A new study shows that 94 percent of Oscar voters are white.

Are Oscar voters too 'old, white, and male'?

A new study breaks down the demographics of Academy Awards voters, revealing that they are far more homogeneous than previously thought

2012 Oscar Race : Entertainment
Legend has it that Oscar got its name when a librarian saw the statuette and said, "Gee! He looks just like my Uncle Oscar."

Oscar night: How are the winners picked?

The world's biggest awards ceremony, unfolding this year on Feb. 24, has a history of playing it safe

2012 Oscar Race : Petty Controversy
The charm of the Muppets, though ample, failed to woo the Academy into granting them a live performance at this year's Oscars.

Petty controversy: The Oscars diss singing Muppets

Academy Awards producers outrage Kermit lovers with a proposal to shorten the telecast by scrapping Best Original Song performances

2012 Oscar Race : Fact Sheet
George Clooney receives a double Oscar honor this year with nominations for his role in "The Descendants" (pictured) as well as for his "Ides of March" screenplay.

7 curious facts about the 2012 Oscar nominees

As George Clooney and Meryl Streep gear up for Hollywood's biggest night, here's a sampling of intriguing trivia and tidbits about the year's major contenders

2012 Oscar Race : Analysis
Critics point to the "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" Oscar nod as proof the Academy's new rules for best picture didn't work.

Oscars 2012: Are the new Best Picture rules a failure?

A retooled nominating system yielded nine contenders, including the divisive Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close but not the universally beloved Bridesmaids

2012 Oscar Race : Slideshow
Martin Scorsese's "Hugo

2012 Oscar nominations: The biggest snubs and surprises

As Martin Scorsese cheers Hugo's 11 nominations, Shame's Michael Fassbender and the cast of Bridesmaids are smarting from their Academy snubs

2012 Oscar Race : The List
Out of his three 2011 performances, Ryan Gosling's best chance of an Oscar nod is his turn in "The Ides of March."

2012 Oscar nominations: 5 burning questions

Ahead of Tuesday's unveiling of this year's Academy Award nominees, Oscarologists debate Bridesmaids' Best Picture hopes, Ryan Gosling's odds, and more

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Oscar hopeful Michelle Williams shows a whole lot of skin in a GQ cover shoot that some consider strategically timed for Hollywood's awards season.

Will Michelle Williams' 'sexy' GQ cover help her Oscar chances?

The My Week With Marilyn star and Best Actress hopeful turns her demure "pixie-mom persona" on its head with an arguably strategic cover shoot

2012 Oscar Race : Winners and Losers
George Clooney's political thriller "Ides of March" garnered a surprising four Golden Globe nods Thursday, making the film Oscar-relevant again.

The Golden Globe nominations: How they affect the Oscar race

Which actors and films just saw their stock change thanks to nods — or snubs — from the Hollywood Foreign Press?

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Cheers! The "Bridesmaids" comediennes are earning Oscar buzz.

Bridesmaids: An Oscar contender?

Though Academy voters typically eschew raunchy R-rated comedies, Kristen Wiig's hit film is emerging as a dark-horse awards season contender

2012 Oscar Race : Controversy
Uggie, the breakout canine star of "The Artist," is see with his fellow actors at a special screening of the likely Best Picture nominee.

The Artist: Does a dog deserve an Oscar?

Man's best friend arguably delivers Hollywood's best performance this year — but Academy rules prevent him from taking home a trophy

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