Reality TV : Controversy
On Sunday's season premiere, the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" discussed the recent suicide of cast member Russell Armstrong.

The 'grotesque' Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere

Following the suicide of cast member Russell Armstrong, Bravo re-edits the season premiere. Did the network do enough to address the tragedy?

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
Kim Kardashian: Legendary or just famous?

Should Kim Kardashian be banned from the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

When asked if reality TV stars should get a spot on the hallowed promenade, one of the attraction's producers responds: "Hell to the No!"

Reality TV : By the numbers
Kim Kardashian wore three different Vera Wang gowns, worth a total of $60,000, during her wedding this weekend at a sprawling private estate in California.

Kim Kardashian's $10 million wedding: By the numbers

$10,000 for invitations? $2 million for floral arrangements? Apparently nothing's too pricey for the reality star and her new NBA husband

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
The suicide of Russell Armstrong, husband of Taylor Armstrong of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," has ignited an online debate over the dangers of reality TV.

Real Housewives suicide: Has reality TV become dangerous?

After tragedy strikes the family of a Bravo TV reality star, critics debate whether the genre's cynically exploitative nature has become truly harmful

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
Heidi Klum returns as host and judge of "Project Runway" for season nine, but critics say it might be time to send the fashion-reality competition packing.

Project Runway: Time to say auf wiedersehen?

The fashion-design reality series premieres its ninth season, hoping to prove that it hasn't gone out of style

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
Bravo's Real Housewives of New York: A new Austrian studies suggests that TV viewers who empathize with onscreen characters absorb their attitudes.

Is Real Housewives making us stupid?

A new study confirms that the culture we consume — including that 10-hour marathon of Jersey Shore — affects our thinking and actions

Reality TV : The List
"Dancing With The Stars" winners Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson celebrate Tuesday night: The 12th season averaged 22.5 million viewers, the show's best season ever.

Dancing with the Stars' ratings triumph: 4 theories

Without big names like Bristol Palin, many speculated that this season, the show's 12th, would be a total dud. Instead, its season was the highest rated yet

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
The new Dancing with the Stars cast includes reality show fame (Kendra Wilkinson bottom, right) and sports stars (boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, top right)

'Dancing with the Stars:' The most 'underwhelming' cast yet?

While the show has never pulled in A-listers, some say the new season's group of hoofers feels particularly short on star power

Reality TV : Best Video
"America's Next Top Model" winner Ann Ward: "Ethereally gawky."

'America's Next Top Model': 'Disturbingly thin'

Ann Ward, a model with what Tyra Banks called "the smallest waist in the world," was crowned the "ANTM" winner. Is she deserving or just distressing?

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