Penn State Scandal

Penn State Scandal : Opinion Brief
Penn State students react to the NCAA punishment which includes a $60 million fine and a four-year ban from post-season bowl games. 

The NCAA's Penn State punishment: Too harsh?

The university's storied football program may have a hard time recovering from the penalties imposed on Monday over the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal

Penn State Scandal : Analysis
Workers wrap the state of late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno as they prepare to remove it July 22.

Penn State takes down the Joe Paterno statue: 6 takeaways

In a controversial move, crews remove the legendary coach's likeness from outside the university's football stadium, more fallout from the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case

Penn State Scandal : Opinion Brief
The fate of a bronze statue of the late Joe Paterno outside Penn State's Beaver Stadium remains in limbo following new revelations in the Jerry Sandusky child-sex abuse scandal.

Should Penn State take down Joe Paterno's statue?

After a damning report leaves little doubt that JoePa helped cover for Sandusky, many question why Penn State is still honoring the late football coach

Penn State Scandal : Fact Sheet
A damaging new report on the Penn State sex-abuse scandal seems to confirm that legendary coach Joe Paterno was involved in covering up Jerry Sandusky's crimes.

The Jerry Sandusky cover-up: 4 takeaways from a damning new report

After a seven-month investigation, Penn State releases a blistering report detailing how top officials failed to punish Jerry Sandusky for his sexual abuse of young boys

Penn State Scandal : The List
Jerry Sandusky leaves court in handcuffs after being convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse on June 22.

The Sandusky verdict: 6 lessons

Disgraced Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is now in jail, probably for life. What can this case teach us about thwarting other child predators?

Penn State Scandal : Instant Guide
Former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky leaves the Centre County Courthouse after the first day of his trial in Bellefonte, Pa., on June 11. Sandusky is expected to take the stand in his trial, which will likely last about three weeks.

The Jerry Sandusky trial's opening day: 6 revelations

The former Penn State football defensive coach is in court fighting charges that he sexually abused 10 boys. On the first day, one accuser detailed his story

Penn State Scandal : Opinion Brief
The late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno after a 1974 win: Despite his record-setting 409 victories, the beloved coach's reputation may be forever tainted by a sex-abuse scandal that unfolded on his watch.

Remembering Joe Paterno: Will Penn State's sex-abuse scandal ruin his legacy?

JoePa may be the greatest college football coach ever, but will the "sordid" controversy that defined his final months overshadow his glory?

Penn State Scandal : Burning Question
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested on new charges Wednesday, including that he sexually abused a young boy who frequently spent the night in Sandusky's basement.

How bad are the new charges against Jerry Sandusky?

Just as the ex-Penn State assistant coach tries to clear his name, two more accusers say Sandusky sexually abused them as children

Penn State Scandal : Opinion Brief
Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky tries to explain away the sexual abuse charges against him in a lengthy New York Times interview, but he still looks and sounds guilty, critics say.

Jerry Sandusky's 'creepy' New York Times interview

The ex-Penn State football assistant's latest rebuttal to the allegations that he sexually abused children may damage his credibility even more

Penn State Scandal : Essay
Penn State's college football program is still grappling with the fallout from revelations that a former assistant coach allegedly molested several young boys.

Jerry Sandusky: The 'great pretender'

Before the former Penn State assistant coach was accused of molesting children, he boasted of living in a make-believe world

Penn State Scandal : Best Column
Penn State cheerleaders pass out anti-child-abuse placards: Had the alleged sex-abuse victims been girls instead of boys, Jerry Sandusky would have been stopped sooner, argues Daniel Mendelsohn in The New York Times.

The Penn State cover-up: Is homophobia to blame?

If the alleged sex-abuse victims had been girls instead of boys, says Daniel Mendelsohn in The New York Times, the whistle would have been blown much sooner

Penn State Scandal : Analysis
In the latest episode of "South Park," Kenny and his siblings are removed from their drunk parents' custody, and their social worker is quick to "joke" that maybe the kids should seek foster care at Penn State.

South Park skewers the Penn State scandal: Too soon?

A character on the animated hit rattles off one-liners about the sex-abuse controversy — and many critics aren't laughing

Penn State Scandal : Fact Sheet
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, accused of sexually assaulting several children, said in an interview Monday that while he enjoys the company of children, he is not a pedophile.

Jerry Sandusky's 'damning' NBC interview: 5 takeaways

The former Penn State assistant coach publicly defends himself against allegations that he sexually abused children. Many critics simply don't believe him

Penn State Scandal : Forecast
A statue of Joe Paterno outside Penn State's Beaver Stadium: Allegations that ex-assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was a serial child molester cost Paterno his job and are devastating the school.

Penn State's unfolding sex abuse scandal: 5 predictions

Coach Joe Paterno is sacked for failing to report an ex-assistant accused of child molestation. But JoePa's firing is hardly the final blow

Penn State Scandal : Burning Question
Penn State University students drew criticism Wednesday after their protest over the firing of football coach Joe Paterno edged into anarchy.

Joe Paterno's firing: Are Penn State students wrong to protest?

College football fans riot after the legendary coach is fired for failing to report an ex-assistant who allegedly molested kids

Penn State Scandal : Opinion Brief
Penn State coach Joe Paterno has won more games than any coach in college football history, but he'll retire amid scandal after an ex-assistant was arrested on child molestation charges.

Sex abuse scandal: Should Joe Paterno resign immediately?

The Penn State coach, dogged by child molestation charges against an ex-assistant, will retire at season's end. That's not soon enough for some critics

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