Russia's Evolution

Russia's Evolution : The List
Just riding this horse topless, NBD.

8 ridiculous Vladimir Putin publicity stunts

Ever the showman, Russia's president has done everything from shooting a whale with a crossbow to riding a horse... without a shirt

Russia's Evolution : Analysis
Vladimir Putin was Russia's prime minister from 1999 to 2000, president from 2000 to 2008, and prime minister from 2008 to 2012. Now he's president again.

Why Obama must get tougher on Putin

The Russian president has eaten too many American carrots. It's time for Obama to use the stick

Russia's Evolution : Opinion Brief
Russian President Vladimir Putin (foreground) is seen flying a motorized hand glider to guide Siberian white cranes through their migration.

Vladimir Putin's flight with migratory birds: Has he become a laughingstock?

Russia's infamously rugged, often bare-chested president tries to help save some endangered Siberian cranes. This is funny?

Russia's Evolution : By the numbers
Vladimir Putin enters St. Andrew's Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace to take the oath of office on May 7, 2012: The Russian president reportedly has 43 planes and 15 helicopters at his personal disposal.

Vladimir Putin's insane riches: By the numbers

The super-private Russian president paints himself as a humble public servant — but he doesn't live that way

Russia's Evolution : Analysis
Members of the Russian female punk band Pussy Riot sit in a glass-walled cage before their Aug. 17 court hearing. They were sentenced to two years in jail.

All-girl punk band sentenced to two years in Russian jail: Too harsh?

The verdict is in: Pussy Riot will face 19 more months in prison on charges of "hooliganism" for storming a church in Moscow and protesting Putin's rule

Russia's Evolution : Instant Guide
Three members of the punk band Pussy Riot — Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (left), Yekaterina Samutsevich (center), and Maria Alyokhina (right) — attend a court hearing July 30.

The greatest threat to Putin's rule: A feminist punk band?

Three young women could face years in jail for their political protest, and the trial has turned the musicians into the face of dissent in authoritarian Russia

Russia's Evolution : Burning Question
Communist leader Vladimir Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square: At least one pundit suggests it be replaced with a museum.

Is it time for Russia to finally bury Lenin?

Absolutely, says Vladimir Putin's new culture minister: Let's take the long-dead Bolshevik leader out of his glass coffin and put him in the ground

Russia's Evolution : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: Why America shouldn't panic over Putin

Russia's strong-willed leader is back for a third term as president. And as long as Mitt Romney cools the "number one geopolitical foe" talk, we'll be just fine

Russia's Evolution : The List
President Vladimir Putin speaks after he was sworn in on May 7: Although he promised wider freedoms during his third presidential term, hundreds of protesters were being arrested as he spoke.

Vladimir Putin's third term as president: 6 ominous signs

Putin returns to his old job as protests simmer and critics warn of trouble ahead. Here, a guide to why things don't look good for Russia

Russia's Evolution : In-depth briefing
At 59, Vladimir Putin is in terrific shape: He doesn't drink, is a former judo champion, and routinely publicizes manly pursuits like racing cars and riding bare-chested on horseback.

Vladimir Putin: Russia's once and future president

The former KGB agent is elected to his third term as Russia's president. But do Russians really respect him?

Russia's Evolution : Opinion Brief
Vladimir Putin claimed victory in Russia's presidential election Sunday, reassuming an office he held from 2000 to 2008.

Vladimir Putin: Russia's 'greatest leader' in centuries?

The newly re-elected autocrat is still provoking protests. But thanks to his success steering Russia's economy, many view their heavy-handed leader as a savior

Russia's Evolution : Forecast
Graffiti in Yekaterinburg, Russia: Vladimir Putin is poised to win an outright majority in Sunday's presidential election.

The imminent return of President Putin: What will it mean for Russia?

Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's Sunday election is considered a foregone conclusion. But can he survive what comes next?

Russia's Evolution : Opinion Brief
Vladimir Putin is expected to win 60 percent of the vote in next week's Russian presidential election, and some analysts say the Kremlin's claims of a foiled assassination plot could boost Putin's numbers.

The alleged Putin assassination plot: A campaign trick?

Kremlin critics are skeptical of the claim that Chechen bombers planned to blow up Vladimir Putin — who is hoping to reclaim Russia's presidency next week

Russia's Evolution : Analysis
An anti-Putin banner: A growing opposition movement might erupt in a so-called "Russian Spring" if Vladimir Putin regains the presidency.

Could Vladimir Putin really face a 'Russian Spring'?

Though the resilient Russian leader is still a near-lock to win back the presidency next month, anti-Putin protests are growing

Russia's Evolution : Opinion Brief
A Russian protester holds an anti-Putin sign that reads "Get Tired! Leave!"

Will Vladimir Putin be pushed out?

Could the biggest anti-Putin demonstrations yet signal the end of the Russian strongman's domination of his country's politics?

Russia's Evolution : Fact Sheet
New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made billions in Russia's metals markets, and now wants to relieve the country of its Putin problem by running for president.

Mikhail Prokhorov: The NBA owner who wants to oust Putin

The third richest man in Russia — and owner of the New Jersey Nets — vows to run against Vladimir Putin in 2012. Does Prokhorov stand a chance?

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