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The New Egypt

The New Egypt : World
Anti-Morsi protesters shout slogans in front of the presidential palace in Cairo on Feb. 1.

Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt's president is under attack from all sides

Goodbye, consensus. Hello, violence

The New Egypt : World
Protesters attack a police barricade in Cairo.

Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt on the brink

As violence spreads across the country, the government faces grim choices

The New Egypt : Analysis
Protesters throw stones at riot police during clashes near Tahrir Square in Cairo on Jan. 28.

Is Egypt headed for another revolution?

President Mohamed Morsi faces his biggest challenge yet as violent protests spread in the days following the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak

The New Egypt : Analysis
Hosni Mubarak lays on a gurney inside the police academy courthouse in Cairo on June 2, 2012.

Dispatch from Cairo: Will Egypt let Hosni Mubarak off the hook?

The ousted despot gets a retrial — disappointing people across all walks of Egyptian life

The New Egypt : Analysis
An Egyptian protester chants slogans against President Morsi outside the presidential palace in Cairo on Dec. 18.

Dispatch from Cairo: Is Egypt ready for a return to normalcy?

Islamist President Mohamed Morsi succeeded in getting his new constitution passed by popular vote. But will the secular opposition back down?

The New Egypt : Analysis
Graffiti depicting Mohamed Morsi covers an outer wall of the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt.

Can Egypt's opposition defeat Morsi's constitutional referendum?

Secularists, liberals, and Mubarak-era re-treads are joining forces against Morsi and his fellow Islamists. Do they stand a chance?

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Egyptian riot police stand guard as protesters demonstrate in front of the presidential palace in Cairo on Dec. 7.

Mohamed Morsi's concessions: Crisis averted in Egypt?

Egypt's president gives up newly declared powers to pacify his liberal-secular opponents, but it may not be enough

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Morsi delivers a televised statement in Cairo on Dec. 6.

Is Mohamed Morsi losing control of Egypt?

Egypt's president pours rhetorical gas on the fiery confrontations rocking his country, prompting worries that it's too late to save Egypt's fledgling democracy

The New Egypt : Analysis
An Egyptian woman holds a national flag as she listens to speakers in Tahrir Square on Dec. 4.

Dispatch from Cairo: How Egypt's revolution turned on itself

An escalating conflict is threatening to turn a nasty parliamentary debate into something more akin to a civil war

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi rally in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Maadi, south of Cairo, on Dec. 2.

Have Islamists derailed Egypt's fledgling democracy?

The country's courts shut down, intensifying their power struggle against President Mohamed Morsi and his Islamist allies

The New Egypt : Photos
Tens of thousands of Egyptians crowd into Tahrir Square to once again protest a power-hungry president.

Egypt's deja vu revolution: Side-by-side photo comparisons

Just as they did in 2011, angry Egyptians are taking to the streets. And the whole scene is looking very familiar

The New Egypt : Analysis
Anti-judicial graffiti in Cairo — presumably painted by leftist protesters

Dispatch from Cairo: What's really happening in Tahrir Square

Egypt's secularists, unable to counter the Muslim Brotherhood's impressively powerful political machine, are turning increasingly violent

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
A protester in Cairo holds up a poster with the faces of current Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and former President Hosni Mubarak as public anger mounts that Morsi is seizing too much power.

Is Egypt's Mohamed Morsi turning into Hosni Mubarak?

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president just gave himself potentially dictatorial powers, prompting fears that history might be repeating itself

The New Egypt : Instant Guide
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi swears in newly appointed Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, Aug. 12.

Morsi's power play in Egypt: Will the military fight back?

Egypt's Islamist civilian president forces out the armed forces' top brass. Has he won the power struggle that followed the fall of Hosni Mubarak?

The New Egypt : Fact Sheet
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepares to leave Egypt on July 15, after a weekend visit in which she was met with protests that could point to Egyptian suspicion of American meddling.

Hillary Clinton's rough reception in Egypt: What it means

The secretary of State faced protests and insulting taunts on the street during her weekend trip to Egypt. Here, 3 theories on the real message behind the jeers

The New Egypt : Forecast
Egypt's disbanded parliament meets Tuesday, intensifying tensions between the military and President Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt's political standoff: 4 possible outcomes

Egypt's disbanded parliament meets at the urging of the country's new president, Mohamed Morsi. Will the military stand for such open defiance?

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