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The New Egypt : Analysis
Mohamed Saad Katatni, an Islamist leader in Egypt's parliament: The U.S. has warned that Egypt must make democratic reforms or risk losing more than $1 billion in aid.

Time to cut off aid to Egypt?

As tensions rise between Egyptian authorities and U.S. pro-democracy groups, Cairo risks losing the Western aid its military depends on

The New Egypt : Instant Guide
The head of Egypt's ruling military council during a televised address Tuesday: Egypt has prevented six Americans, including Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's son, from leaving the country.

Why is Egypt barring 6 Americans from leaving?

Egypt clamps down on U.S. groups promoting democratic reforms — potentially endangering the $1.3 billion in U.S. aid the Egyptian army gets each year 

The New Egypt : The List
Demonstrators mark the first anniversary of Egypt's uprising: With Islamist parties gaining the vast majority of parliamentary seats in recent elections, Egypt's future remains very much in doubt.

The future of Egypt's 'unfinished' revolution: 4 predictions

A year after the Tahrir Square protests began, the uprising's end game is still in doubt. What's next for Egypt?

The New Egypt : The List
Egyptians protest the election of an Islamist-dominated parliament, though the legislative body's power will likely be limited by the country's muscular military.

4 reasons to view Egypt's Islamists without fear

Religious parties overwhelmingly dominate the country's new parliament — but the West shouldn't panic quite yet

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Egyptian election officials count ballots in Cairo this week: Religious parties are emerging as the victors in the country's first election since Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office.

Egypt's vote: A mandate for Islamists?

Religious parties trounce the secular groups that helped spearhead the country's revolution. A triumph for democracy — or the beginning of a 'grand jihad'?

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
A policeman fires a shotgun with rubber bullets at protesters during clashes in Tahrir Square: Egyptians continue to demand that the country's military leaders hand over power to civilians.

Chaos in Egypt: Is democracy doomed?

Egypt's military rulers promise to transfer power to civilians by June 2012. But that's unlikely to satisfy fed-up protesters amassing in Cairo

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
An Egyptian protester throws a tear gas bomb at riot police during deadly clashes between protesters and security forces over the weekend.

Can protesters oust Egypt's military leaders?

Violence breaks out again on the streets of Cairo. But these demonstrations are quite different from the February gatherings that led to Mubarak's departure

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Protesters run near a line of fire during demonstrations in Cairo Sunday where 25 people were killed in the biggest clash since the Hosni Mubarak rallies in February.

Has Egypt's revolution unraveled?

Protesters die defending Egypt's Coptic Christian minority. Is the army turning back the clock?

The New Egypt : Fact Sheet
Egyptians watch Hosni Mubarak's trial unfold Wednesday: One lawyer requested a DNA test of the former president, saying the man lying in the hospital bed was not Mubarak.

The Mubarak trial: 4 strange facts

Egypt's future may hinge on its former leader's trial. But this week, the importance of the proceedings was briefly overshadowed by oddity and spectacle

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak lies in a hospital bed in the defendant's cage of a courtroom in March 2011.

The Mubarak trial: Justice or revenge?

Egypt's ailing former leader is finally going to court for corruption and the killing of protesters — and his nation's future may ride on the trial's outcome

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
A protester chants in Cairo's Tahrir Square: Egyptians are rallying once again, but, this time, against the ruling military council.

Why Egypt's revolution stalled: 3 theories

Protesters are back on the streets of Cairo, demanding faster democratic reforms. How did they go from jubilation to frustration so quickly?

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
An Egyptian protester wipes his eyes after police fired tear gas at hundreds of young Egyptians demanding faster trials for members of Hosni Mubarak's regime.

Egypt: Is the new regime as bad as the old?

The tear gas and rubber bullets flew again in Tahrir Square, as thousands of protesters of Egypt's new government clashed with police this week

The New Egypt : Instant Guide
Egyptian soldiers stand guard as Tahrir Square is reopened to the public: An anonymous general admitted that the military subjected arrested women to "virginity checks" after the protests in Cairo.

Egypt's 'revolting' forced 'virginity tests'

The African nation's new military regime comes under fire after an Egyptian general admits that female protesters were subjected to degrading exams

The New Egypt : Forecast
Egyptians protesters, who took to the streets demanding their ousted president be put on trial, got what they wanted with Tuesday's announcement that Hosni Mubarak would face an Egyptian court.

Mubarak's 'pivotal' murder trial: 4 predictions

Egypt's 83-year-old deposed president could potentially face the death penalty on charges that he murdered protesters and stole from the public

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Protesters make their feelings known about former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, who wants to apologize in exchange for amnesty.

Will Egyptians forgive Mubarak?

Deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak wants to apologize and hand over some of his wealth — in exchange for amnesty

The New Egypt : Opinion Brief
Coptic Christians chant pro-Christian slogans during the funeral for victims of Saturday's religious clashes in Cairo, Egypt, that killed 12

Will religious violence tear Egypt apart?

Clashes between conservative Muslims and Coptic Christians are becoming one of the biggest threats to national unity in post-Mubarak Egypt

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