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Syria's Uprising

Syria's Uprising : Analysis
Traffic barriers stand at the entrance of King Hussein Air Base in Mafraq, Jordan, where Syrian fighter pilot Col. Hassan Hammadeh landed his MiG-21 warplane and asked for political asylum.

Syria's defector pilot: 4 takeaways

The unprecedented, high-profile escape is a huge embarrassment for President Bashar al-Assad. What does it mean for Syria's pro-democracy uprising?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Free Syrian Army fighters patrol a street near Homs on May 5: The U.N.'s 300-person observer mission has been suspended due to increased violence.

Is the U.N. abandoning Syria's rebels?

Hundreds of United Nations monitors halt their mission as Bashar al-Assad and Syrian rebels flout the U.N.'s ceasefire deal, raising fears of all-out civil war

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
With hundreds of advisers refurbishing a Russian base in Syria, some analysts believe that Vladimir Putin still hopes to prop up Bashar al-Assad.

Russia's attack helicopters: Did Putin outfox the U.S. in Syria?

America accuses Moscow of providing Syria with deadly weaponry, and critics say the U.S. was foolish to believe Russia would ever turn on Assad

Syria's Uprising : Burning Question
The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has killed thousands in its crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising that began nearly two years ago.

Should the U.S. assassinate Syria's Assad?

Bashar al-Assad's efforts to crush the opposition are getting bloodier by the day, fueling chatter that extreme measures are needed to stop the killing

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivers a speech at the parliament in Damascus on June 3: Russia may very well be tiring of Assad's tactics, and has indicated that the situation in Syria is increasingly worrying.

Is Russia abandoning Syria's Assad?

Moscow says it will accept Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's resignation, if that's what Syrians want. But Russia might just be thinking of its own interests

Syria's Uprising : Instant Guide
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime has reportedly been stockpiling chemical weapons including anthrax, mustard gas, and sarin in six underground bunkers.

Could Syria's WMDs fall into terrorists' hands?

Syria reportedly has one of the world's biggest stockpiles of chemical weapons — and, in the chaos of the country's current mess, extremists may try to grab them

Syria's Uprising : Analysis
Members of the Free Syrian Army prepare to fight on February 23, 2012: The anti-Assad group has taken up arms once again because, it says, the Assad regime had never taken the April 12 ceasefire seriously.

Is Syria's ceasefire officially dead?

Anti-government forces resume attacks, saying the Assad regime never respected the peace deal, leaving little hope for an end to the fighting

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
UN envoy Kofi Annan meets with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikddad in Damascus: The U.S. and 10 other nations expelled top Syrian diplomats Tuesday to increase pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.

America expels Syria's top diplomat: Will it do any good?

With Kofi Annan's ceasefire failing, the U.S. joins an international push to pressure Syria after a gruesome massacre leaves more than 100 villagers dead

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the 2010 Arab League Summit: With escalating atrocities in Syria it seems clear that Assad isn't willing to stand by a peace plan.

Syria's Houla massacre: Has the time for intervention finally come?

After dozens of women and children are killed, allegedly by government forces, pressure mounts for the West to oust Bashar al-Assad

Syria's Uprising : Fact Sheet
Members of the Free Syrian Army celebrate after defeating government troops in Rasten on Monday: The U.S. is reportedly helping shipments of weapons get into rebel hands.

America's increasing support for Syria's rebels: 5 takeaways

With a U.N.-backed peace plan in tatters, America gingerly cooperates with opposition forces fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad

Syria's Uprising : The List
Two large explosions ripped through the Syrian capital Thursday, heavily damaging a military intelligence building and leaving blood and human remains in the streets.

The Syria car bombings: 3 repercussions

Horrific, deadly blasts trigger renewed protests and push an already shaky ceasefire deal to the brink of collapse. What's next for Syria?

Syria's Uprising : The List
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime had to approve each of the 7,000 candidates who ran in a widely-derided parliamentary election this week.

Syria's 'sham election': 3 takeaways

The opposition dismisses the vote as a joke, even as the Assad regime touts it as proof that the government is moving toward democracy

Syria's Uprising : Instant Guide
A view of the damage where two bombs detonated near state buildings in Idlib, Syria: The war-torn country has suffered eight suicide attacks since December.

Are terrorists hijacking Syria's uprising?

A string of suicide bombings raises fears that Islamist extremists are exploiting the chaos to extend their reach into Syria

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Damaged vehicles in Homs on Tuesday: Despite a U.N. peace agreement, President Bashar al-Assad's forces keep shelling Syrian citizens.

Time for the West to intervene in Syria?

With Bashar al-Assad's forces continuing to kill civilians despite the peace plan, France says it might be time to reconsider military strikes

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Kofi Annan's Syrian peace plan calls for a dialogue between President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition, but stops short of demanding that Assad give up power.

Is Kofi Annan's peace plan for Syria naive?

A tenuous ceasefire is in effect, but fears linger that Syria will quickly resume its assault on the opposition

Syria's Uprising : Instant Guide
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reportedly agreed to pull his troops out of battered rebel strongholds like Homs (pictured) and Idlib.

What would a Syrian peace look like?

Bashar al-Assad pledges to pull out of opposition strongholds by April 10. But will a U.N.-brokered ceasefire will really take root?

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