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Syria's Uprising

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian police stand in front of the U.S. embassy in Damascus in 2008: The Obama administration closed the embassy on Monday and ordered all of its diplomats to leave the country.

Closing the U.S. embassy in Syria: Will it help?

As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces shell dissenters, Washington summons its diplomats home

Syria's Uprising : Analysis
Syrian protesters living in Lebanon burn Chinese and Russian flags in Beirut on Sunday, after the two nations vetoed a U.N. resolution condemning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Why Russia won't take a stand against Syria: 4 theories

Moscow and Beijing block a United Nations effort to condemn Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What is Russia hoping to gain?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian protesters cover their faces as tear gas is fired by the regime's soldiers, who are continuing their crackdown despite the presence of Arab League observers.

Has the Arab League failed in Syria?

The organization concedes that Syrian forces have continued killing protesters, despite the presence of foreign observers 

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
A damaged vehicle at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Damascus, where dozens of Syrians, mostly civilians, were killed Friday.

Syria's twin suicide bombings: Who's to blame?

The state media says al Qaeda was behind two deadly blasts that killed dozens Friday. Others think the Assad regime may have orchestrated the attacks

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
A protester stands in front of an oversized poster of President Bashar al-Assad: Opposition leaders say Monday's municipal elections were "utterly meaningless."

Is Syria's election a sham?

President Bashar al-Assad lets Syrians vote in local elections. But what good is that when security forces are still killing opposition activists?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
During an interview with Barbara Walters, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad took a defiant stance against allegations that he ordered a bloody crackdown on protesters.

Bashar al-Assad's 'pathetic' Barbara Walters interview: 4 takeaways

In a rare interview, the isolated Syrian leader denies a lot — and convinces almost no one

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Arab League leaders held an emergency meeting Wednesday about Syria, warning embattled President al-Assad that his country will face serious sanctions if he did not cooperate.

Will Syria heed the Arab League's 3-day ultimatum?

The pressure on the Assad regime increases dramatically as his neighbors demand an end to the deadly repression of protesters. Is the tide turning?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
After nearly eight months of protests, Syrians may finally see an end to President Bashar al-Assad's brutal crackdown, as a peace deal with the Arab League has reportedly been reached.

Can the Arab League contain Syria?

President Bashar al-Assad's regime reportedly agrees to a deal to end its deadly crackdown on protesters. But can Assad be trusted?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaks on state television on Aug. 21: Assad has lost the support of neighboring Turkey, and some say the despot will soon be toppled.

Turkey abandons Syria's Assad: Proof he's doomed?

Bashar al-Assad suffers a major blow when regional ally Turkey announces it has "lost confidence" in Syria's government

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian protesters hold a sign featuring President Bashar al-Assad: Will he be the next domino to fall?

After Gadhafi's fall, is Syria's Assad next?

The success of Libya's rebels raises hopes for a similar push against Bashar al-Assad

Syria's Uprising : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: America's limited leverage in Syria

The U.S. is finally telling Bashar al-Assad to leave power. But we're not the ones he'll listen to

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
President Obama ordered a freeze on all Syrian assets and banned American business prospects with the country in an attempt to force President Bashar al-Assad to end his deadly reign.

Obama's call for Syria regime change: Good move?

  President Obama and a host of key allies called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. But after Libya, will anybody make Assad leave?  

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has gone too far, according to Arab leaders who are calling for an immediate end to the government crackdown that has killed more than 2,000 civilians.

Can Arab leaders pressure Syria to stop the killing?

The Arab world takes an extraordinary stand by condemning Bashar al-Assad's violent crackdown on peaceful protesters

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
A view of the city of Hama, Syria, shows smoke rising as pro-government army tanks firing shells and machine guns storm the city Sunday killing at least 45 civilians.

Has Syria's civil war finally begun?

A group of army officers abandon President Bashar al-Assad. Will their "Free Syrian Army" help civilian protesters topple the regime?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pledged Monday to commit to political reforms, while blaming saboteurs for his nation's unrest.

Assad's 'delusional' speech: Is Syria's leader in denial?

The Syrian president blames "saboteurs" for his country's uprising, and pro-democracy protesters denounce him as a liar

Syria's Uprising : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: The West's helplessness in Syria

The U.S. should ignore calls from Congress and the media to take action against Bashar Al-Assad's bloody crackdown, because sadly, there's nothing we can do

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