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Syria's Uprising

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrians who have fled their country get medical help on the Turkish side of the border: Some wonder whether President Assad's latest military crackdown will trigger his eventual downfall.

3 signs Syria's Assad can't hold on

President Bashar al-Assad is threatening a major assault on one Syrian town, as his people's discontent continues to mount. Is he losing his grip?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian children carry images of a 13-year-old boy whose death by torture invigorated a protest that may be morphing into an armed rebellion.

Is civil war breaking out in Syria?

The government vows to retaliate after claiming that armed gangs killed dozens of security personnel, raising fears that Syria's uprising may turn into a war

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
A protester burns a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on May 13: The embattled leader issued a nationwide pardon for crimes committed during the protests, but public anger has only risen.

Can a 'general amnesty' save Syria's Assad?

Syria's embattled president pardons his political opponents in a new bid to cool protesters' anger. But is it already too late for Assad?

Syria's Uprising : In-depth briefing
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was going to be an ophthalmologist until the death of his older brother thrust him into the family business.

The ophthalmologist dictator: Syria's Bashar al-Assad

Until his troops fired on protesters, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was considered a moderate. What happened?

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
A Syrian protester living in Jordan: The Obama administration is enforcing new sanctions on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, in the wake of a crackdown that killed 900 demonstrators.

Syria sanctions: Will they work?

After two months of protests and brutal repression in Syria, the U.S. (finally) targets embattled leader Bashar Al-Assad's personal finances 

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may be getting help from Iran in his increasingly violent fight to extinguish the country's ongoing protests.

Syria: Should the West oust Assad?

Syria's president is using increasingly brutal tactics to stamp out protests, and some say it's time for the U.S. and its allies to demand that he relinquish power

Syria's Uprising : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad went on the attack this week, sending tanks into the protest-filled city of Dara'a but lost several units of his own army to defection.

Syria: Did Assad's latest crackdown backfire?

After Bashar Al-Assad sent in tanks to quell the Syrian uprising at its root, his own military reportedly suffered considerable defections. What's next?

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