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The Tax Battle

The Tax Battle : Analysis
Jeffrey Immelt's General Electric keeps only $30.7 billion of its $85.5 billion in cash reserves in the U.S.

How the high corporate tax rate pushes U.S. companies to stash their cash overseas

General Electric, Whirlpool, and other mega-companies are sitting on gigantic piles of money. And they're storing those piles in other countries

The Tax Battle : Instant Guide
Many of Mitt Romney's fellow Republicans, including one Ronald Reagan, have long supported government programs to offer tax credits to low-income families.

The 47 percent debate: Do tax credits encourage the poor to work?

Mitt Romney says 47 percent of Americans are "dependent on the government." But the tax code is at least meant to help poor families become financially independent

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
Democrats take a good hard look at Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)'s tax plan, and conclude that the only way the numbers work out is if middle class families are deprived of key deductions... and end up paying more.

Would the GOP raise taxes... on the middle class?

Republicans want to cut taxes, but won't say how they'll pay for the lost revenue. Democrats have numbers to show that the middle class will be forced to pony up

The Tax Battle : By the numbers
The Obamas will get a $24,515 refund check from the IRS this year, after slightly overpaying their six-figure federal tax bill.

Presidential tax refunds: By the numbers

Obama is getting a big fat check from the IRS this year — and in the Oval Office, that's the rule, not the exception

The Tax Battle : Burning Question
The typical American family of four spends about 40 hours a year filling out and filing their tax return.

Should the government do your taxes for you?

The IRS already has all your financial information, and could theoretically just send you a bill every April for what you owe

The Tax Battle : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: The Buffett Rule is a drop in the ocean

America faces a true financial crisis. The president has responded with a hackneyed political gimmick

The Tax Battle : Controversy
Standing with millionaires and their assistants, President Obama makes a statement about the "Buffett Rule" on April 11.

Is the Buffett Rule fair?

The proposal to impose a minimum 30-percent tax rate on the super-rich stalls in the Senate, with some arguing that passing the bill would only make matters worse

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
President Obama's Buffett Rule, which would tax incomes of $1 million or more at a rate of 30 percent, would raise an extra $47 billion over the next decade.

Obama's Buffett Rule: Just a political gimmick?

The president passionately argues that we ought to hike taxes on the very richest Americans — which, if nothing else, is a handy campaign talking point

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
President Obama wants to cut the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent, but increase corporate tax revenue by closing loopholes.

Would Obama's corporate tax cut speed the recovery?

The president wants to slash the tax rate on businesses — but raise corporate tax revenue by eliminating loopholes

The Tax Battle : Analysis
A Joos Van Cleve painting of Christ: Quoting scripture in a recent speech, President Obama said that the blessed should give more than the less fortunate.

Would Jesus raise taxes on the rich?

Yes, He would, suggested Obama at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast. Is the president playing politics with scripture?

The Tax Battle : By the numbers
Lobbyists walk past the U.S. Capital last year: Nearly 700 congressional staffers owe a combined $10.6 million in unpaid 2010 taxes.

Tax dodgers on the federal payroll: By the numbers

Nearly 100,000 government workers owe a collective $1 billion in unpaid 2010 taxes — including employees at the Treasury Department and Government Ethics Office

The Tax Battle : Instant Guide
Liberals, Occupy Wall Streeters, and President Obama have all called for millionaires to pay more in taxes.

Taxing the rich: A guide to the controversy

The wealthiest Americans are flourishing, while the middle class falters. Are the rich paying their fair share?

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
Warren Buffett has bemoaned that he is taxed at a lower rate than his secretary, but the AP finds that most millionaires actually pay higher tax rates than ordinary Americans.

Do millionaires really pay lower taxes than their secretaries?

Not necessarily, according to an AP "fact check" that's being embraced by the Right

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
President Obama wants to take billionaire Warren Buffett up on his suggestion that super-wealthy Americans pay higher taxes, and the GOP is crying "class warfare."

Obama's 'Buffett Rule': Is hiking millionaires' taxes 'class warfare'?

The president wants a new tax rate for wealthy Americans — inspired by billionaire Warren Buffett, who pays a lower tax rate than his secretary

The Tax Battle : In-depth briefing
Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric: GE pays little to no federal taxes because it has one of the best and biggest teams of lawyers in the world.

The controversy over taxing corporations

No one is happy with how the U.S. taxes corporations. But do major companies pay too much, or too little?

The Tax Battle : Analysis
Tea Party members rally outside the U.S. Capitol in April: Despite a growing cry for cutting taxes, some experts say federal taxes are at their lowest rate in six decades.

Are taxes actually too low?

Many Americans routinely insist that taxes are too high. But by some measures, they are at their lowest rate in decades

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