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The Tax Battle

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
Roughly 45% of American households wound up owing no federal income tax in 2010.

Half of Americans pay no income tax?

Tax day has come and gone, and 69 million households didn't end up owing the federal government a single penny. Should those who paid be angry?

The Tax Battle : Controversy
Six in ten Americans think the rich should pay higher taxes, according to a recent poll.

Do the super rich have a 'duty' to pay higher taxes?

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne says it's only fair that America's most affluent pay a larger share. The wealthy, and some commentators, disagree

The Tax Battle : Slideshow
The Osbournes owe the government $1.7 million in back taxes, but that's pocket change compared to Nicolas Cage's IRS bill.

Hollywood's million-dollar tax-evaders: A slideshow

When the time came to pay up, these stars decided they had better things to do. Bad idea...

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
Online retailers aren't keen to bow to states' request for an e-commerce tax, and Amazon has even severed ties with affiliates in states requiring such charges.

Is it finally time for an internet sales tax?

States are increasingly requiring online retailers to collect sales tax. Should the federal government make it official?

The Tax Battle : Opinion Brief
Rockefeller Center is General Electric's New York home, but the company concentrates much of its profit offshore, giving it a huge tax advantage.

Why doesn't General Electric pay taxes?

GE made $14.2 billion in worldwide profits last year. Its U.S. corporate tax bill? Zero

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