The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games : The List
It's a battle of swoon-worthy good looks for the part of Finnick in the "Hunger Games," with the endearingly gruff Taylor Kitsch (pictured) taking seeming to lead the pack -- despite two recent box-office bombs.

Hunger Games: Who should be cast as Finnick?

A trio of studly actors — Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, and Armie Hammer — are on the shortlist to play the Adonis-like character in the sequel Catching Fire

The Hunger Games : The List
"Think Like a Man," which dominated the weekend box office with a $33 million haul, benefitted from strong word of mouth and the burgeoning popularity of star Kevin Hart (left).

How Think Like a Man dethroned The Hunger Games: 5 theories

Despite middling reviews, the romantic comedy banks a surprisingly strong $33 million at the box office, ending Katniss' four-week reign

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
Gary Ross on the set of "The Hunger Games": The director, credited for much of the movie's record-breaking success, is not signing on for the franchise's sequel.

The Hunger Games sequel loses its director: A major blow?

Fans of Gary Ross' blockbuster adaptation lament that the director won't be back for the franchise's second installment, Catching Fire

The Hunger Games : Burning Question
Complaints about "The Hunger Games" books' objectionable content and their place in school libraries have only increased since the popular movie's release.

Should school libraries ban The Hunger Games?

Suzanne Collins' hit novels rank third on the list of 2011's most-challenged books, reflecting a surge in parent complaints over the arguably objectionable content

The Hunger Games : Controversy
"EWW rue is black?? I'm not watching," reads one controversial tweet sent by a "Hunger Games" fan who apparently didn't pay close attention to the book, in which Rue is described as dark-skinned.

The Hunger Games' 'stomach-turning' racist tweet scandal

"Why does Rue have to be black?" wonders one fan, arguing that the ethnicity of the child actress playing the pivotal role "ruined the movie"

The Hunger Games : By the numbers
"The Hunger Games" fans show off memorabilia: The film made $155 million in America during its opening weekend, good for the third-best movie debut ever.

The Hunger Games' historic box-office take: By the numbers

Katniss Everdeen blows past industry expectations, raking in $155 million over the weekend — the highest debut ever for a non-sequel film

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
Jennifer Lawrence: Winningly cast, after all?

The Hunger Games: Is Jennifer Lawrence the 'perfect' Katniss?

When the 21-year-old Oscar nominee was cast as the teenage heroine, passionate fans of Suzanne Collins' book thought she was all wrong. Now critics think she's all right

The Hunger Games : The List
The wait is over: "The Hunger Games" opens Thursday at midnight, and is poised to shatter box office records.

The Hunger Games finally hits theaters: 5 burning questions

At long last, audiences will feast their eyes on the big-screen adaptation of the blockbuster novel. Here's what critics are buzzing about

The Hunger Games : Analysis
"The Hunger Games" movie opens at midnight on Thursday, and the 2008 book on which it's based tops Amazon's list of best-sellers.

The Hunger Games: 'Everything you hoped for and more'?

Earning raves for its intense action sequences and Jennifer Lawrence's performance, the much-anticipated film may be living up to mountains of hype

The Hunger Games : Slideshow
The Hunger Games Snuggie and 8 other dubious tie-in products

The Hunger Games Snuggie and 8 other dubious tie-in products

Frenzied fans clamoring for this weekend's big movie can temporarily satisfy their Hunger Games fix with a slew of Katniss-inspired merchandise

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
The brutal battle scenes from "The Hunger Games" are shot documentary-style, with a shaky camera, which helps tone down the graphic violence, critics say.

Is The Hunger Games too violent for kids?

Though young teens and tweens have devoured the book, seeing its grisly story unfold on the screen is a different experience

The Hunger Games : Instant Guide
Girls cheer at the premiere of "The Hunger Games": While the books drew plenty of male fans, only 48 percent of young men are reportedly interested in seeing the movie.

Will guys go see The Hunger Games?

Next week's big release is poised to eclipse Twilight's impressive box office haul. But The Hunger Games' Twilight-like female fans may be scaring boys away

The Hunger Games : Best Video
The first full-length trailer for "The Hunger Games" renews debate about whether Jennifer Lawrence is simply too old to play 16-year-old heroine Katniss Everdeen.

The 'intense' Hunger Games trailer: 5 talking points

The book became a phenomenon and now drooling critics are dissecting the first full-length preview of the ultra-buzzy film adaptation

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in "The Hunger Games": A poor tease?

The 'underwhelming' Hunger Games preview

Early footage of the much anticipated film based on the best-selling novel arrives — and may leave the book's fans less than satiated  

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
The suits behind "The Hunger Games" film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, will hit theaters in March 2012, are positioning it as a big-event movie and the anchor for a franchise.

The 'fierce' Hunger Games poster burning up the internet

The first promotion for the buzzed-about movie literally crackles with anticipation — and ambition

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
After an editorial in The Wall Street Journal claimed that books like the popular "Hunger Games" trilogy were too dark, fans of young-adult fiction staged a Twitter protest.

Is The Hunger Games corrupting kids?

Has young-adult fiction become harmfully dark as a whole — or have teens always had to sift through subpar books to find enduring literature?

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